Urgent Request for Art Supplies (The Art For Aid Project)

“If folks are in the Toronto area and are looking to support this work, we would be able to pick up supplies at the local bus terminal in Smiths Falls if they could be boxed and shipped. We have a very modest budget for shipping, but if collectively, folks could pool money to help get it here, that would be terrific! We’ll make sure it reaches a remote school. Thanks so much!” -from The Art for Aid Project

The Art For Aid Project’s Mission Statement:
“The Art For Aid Project works to support Canadian First Nations, Inuit and Metis art education programs through art supplies, awareness and fundraising efforts in order to connect Indigenous youth to the endangered teachings, traditional techniques and knowledge of their culture through teachers, Elders and community. We seek to accomplish this by ensuring art supplies are in remote schools and communities.”

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  1. Hero Van Harten says:

    I live in Stittsville and I am a member of a very active creative writing and art group that runs out of the Stittsville branch of the Ottawa Public Library. I’m sure we could get some donations together and perhaps get either the library or my neighbourhood school to host a donation box. Would it be possible for you to pick up the donations at some point? Thanks. Hero

    • ArtBridges/ToileDesArts says:

      Thanks so much for your message, Hero! We’ll make sure to pass along your message to The Art for Aid Project!


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