Open Door Granting Program (Toronto Arts Council)

Open Door is a funding opportunity designed to respond to timely and ambitious arts sector initiatives outside of the discipline-specific funding programs.

Toronto Arts Council’s Open Door granting program supports projects that demonstrate innovation, provocation, creative collaboration & partnership, artistry, risk-taking, experimentation, and the sharing of knowledge and leadership. Open Door provides catalyst funding for ideas with the potential to create transformative change in the arts sector.

1.  Big Ideas: ambitious, timely projects with the potential to transform an artistic discipline, inspire a community of artists or elevate the arts sector as a whole. Projects aligned with the Year of Public Art in 2021 are eligible to apply. Visit our Year of Public Arts page to learn more about Toronto Arts Council’s role in this City of Toronto initiative.

2.  Market Development: projects designed to grow or develop new markets for Toronto arts work. Projects taking place outside Toronto must explain the impact on the City’s artists and/or arts sector.

3.  New Models (formerly New Models and Innovations): projects with the capacity to solve sector-wide challenges in new or innovative ways.

The following activity is not eligible for funding through this program:

  • activities included in TAC operating grants
  • activities included in TAC project grants
  • capital projects or expenses
  • renovations or repairs
  • research, feasibility studies or training programs
  • projects previously funded through Open Door
  • print or online publishing.”

For more information, please visit:

-from Toronto Arts Council

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