GeriActors Theatre during COVID-19

GeriActors Theatre shares with us how they’re handling changes to their day-to-day operations and finding ways to continue their work:

GeriActors Theatre in Edmonton, Alberta has postponed all rehearsals, workshops, and performances until further notice. Last Thursday (March 12) our performance company, the GeriActors & Friends had their last in-person rehearsal until further notice. Of course, we didn’t want to fall behind on script development and rehearsing our new plays! Today we organized a Zoom meeting using everyone’s computers, iPads, and iPhones and had our first video rehearsal. It was so lovely to see everyone after a long week, and many of us took a moment to introduce their pets to the group!

For the next few weeks we will meet twice a week for an hour at a time and read through scripts, share stories, and continue editing our new plays. Our rehearsals usually involve an elaborate snack break, so everyone is bringing a treat (though we can’t share through our screens) next week. We are still figuring out the logistics of it all, but it’s been a blessing to still meet regularly and gather as a group.” 

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