PerSIStence Theatre: Paid Theatre Mentorship Opportunity – BIPOC (St. John’s)

Have you always had an interest in theatre, but perhaps don’t like getting up in front of people as a performer?
PerSIStence Theatre is looking to hire an interested person for an entry-level production mentorship for our Fall 2020 season who identifies as Black, Indigenous, or a Person of Colour. 
Our season will consist of the production and digital recording of four (4) one-woman shows and we’d love to have you involved!
Our intention is to give the successful applicant a supportive opportunity to be mentored in professional theatre production with multiple departments over the course of the Fall season. 
We’ll work with you to determine the exact details of work and assignments, which we’ll develop together with you as a match of your interests and skills with the production requirements of the season. 
Department we can provide access to may include areas such as: Production Management, Stage Management, Costumes, Lighting, Sound, and/or Props.”

For more information, please visit:

-from PerSIStence Theatre

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