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Stay Home Music Activities

Louise Campbell, in Montreal, shares with us a curated list “of links to music activities that are adaptable for 2-5 people in our Stay Home new normal.” Follow the links below for the lists!:

Stay Home Music Activities

At a time when we’re all being asked to Stay Home, I’m sending good vibes in the form of music activities for you and the people you are staying home with. Most of these activities refer to groups of people, but the activities work equally as well with 2-5 people, roughly the number of people in one household. Adapt by reducing the number of parts, and putting one person to a part.


Musique à la maison

À un moment où on nous demande tous de rester à la maison, j’envoie de bonnes vibrations sous forme d’activités musicales pour vous et les gens avec lesquelles vous restez à la maison. La plupart de ces activités se réfèrent à des groupes, mais les activités fonctionnent également avec 2 à 5 personnes, à peu près le nombre de personnes dans un logement. Adaptez les activités en réduisant le nombre de parties et en mettant une personne sure chaque partie.

Les activités:

Community Engagement in the Arts – Couch Conference Edition (Rotary Arts Centre, Corner Brook)

“Join artists/community leaders Jane Walker (Union House Arts), Sally Wolchyn-Raab (Eyelevel Gallery), and Melissa Tremblett (Visual Artist) for a Community Engagement in the Arts event hosted via the online platform: BlueJeans. The event will take place on (Day 1) Thursday March 26th from 1:30 – 3:30pm and (Day 2) Friday March 27th from 1:30 – 3:30pm.

Day 1: Thursday March 26, 2020 (1:30 – 3:30pm)
What does community engagement in the arts look like?
How can we/you foster sustainable and mutual community based arts initiatives?
What does community engagement look like in a time of social distancing and isolation?

Day 2: Friday March 27, 2020 (1:30 – 3:30pm)
Day 2 will be a ‘best practices/tool-kit building workshop’ where participants will develop upon the previous day’s discussion to think through how one participates/collaborates/initiates such community-engagement opportunities.”

For more details and to register:

-from Rotary Arts Centre

Together Apart: free online film program in response to COVID-19 (Reel Youth)

What is Together Apart?

“We may be in self-isolation, but we are in this together. The Covid-19 pandemic is distancing us, so Reel Youth brings you a fun & creative way to get together and make films. Community will never be cancelled. Connections will continue to grow! Lets discover how art can transform our social distancing into social solidarity.”

Together Apart includes four online sessions (90 mins each) for participants of all ages to gather with Reel Youth facilitators over ZOOM and create community through the media arts. You will be introduced to principles of filmmaking as a tool for social change, and practice media production skills by shooting an original short film in self-isolation. You will need access to a smart phone or a video camera and computer in order to participate.

Online Gatherings will happen from 10:30am to 12pm PST on March 30th, March 31st, April 2nd, & April 6th

Once you sign up, we will email you the link for joining the first gathering. This is a FREE program! For more information and to register, visit:

-from Reel Youth

Call to Independent INDIGENOUS Curators and Arts Creatives (Aboriginal Curatorial Collective) : Curating Care project honorariums

“In response to gallery and museum closures and program suspensions due to COVID-19 across the world, the Aboriginal Curatorial Collective / Collectif des commissaires autochtones is inviting Independent INDIGENOUS Curators and Arts Creatives to join our Curating Care project in order to receive a small honorarium.

As we near the end of the fiscal year, we have a small pocket of money that we would like to use to support Independent INDIGENOUS Curators and Artists who have been financially affected by global responses to COVID-19. We are able to offer $100 honorariums to eligible participants, all you need to do is submit a 2-minute video outlining who you are, what your practice is, and how you locate care throughout your practice. These videos will be posted publicly on our Website and on our Vimeo account.

This small pocket of money is based on a first come first serve basis, we will do everything we can to make sure it is as fair and ethical as possible, and in saying this we must state that this opportunity is for INDIGENOUS CURATORS AND ARTS CREATIVES ONLY.

Please consider these funds are limited and on a first come first serve basis and be mindful of applying if you have access to other financial opportunities or privileges.

Deadline: March 27, 2020″

For more information, please visit:

-from Aboriginal Curatorial Collective / Collectif des commissaires autochtones

GeriActors Theatre during COVID-19

GeriActors Theatre shares with us how they’re handling changes to their day-to-day operations and finding ways to continue their work:

GeriActors Theatre in Edmonton, Alberta has postponed all rehearsals, workshops, and performances until further notice. Last Thursday (March 12) our performance company, the GeriActors & Friends had their last in-person rehearsal until further notice. Of course, we didn’t want to fall behind on script development and rehearsing our new plays! Today we organized a Zoom meeting using everyone’s computers, iPads, and iPhones and had our first video rehearsal. It was so lovely to see everyone after a long week, and many of us took a moment to introduce their pets to the group!

For the next few weeks we will meet twice a week for an hour at a time and read through scripts, share stories, and continue editing our new plays. Our rehearsals usually involve an elaborate snack break, so everyone is bringing a treat (though we can’t share through our screens) next week. We are still figuring out the logistics of it all, but it’s been a blessing to still meet regularly and gather as a group.” 

For more information on GeriActors Theatre, please visit:

Staying Connected during the Pandemic – Roundtable Discussions (Canadian Network for Arts and Learning)

“As we watch the entire world closing down, we can have no doubt that we are living through a time of extraordinary challenge.  No one is more adversely affected by the necessary social distancing measures than practitioners and learners in the arts and learning sector.  Many professionals find themselves unable to earn a living; long planned for events and programs have been cancelled or postponed – often after significant expenditures have already been committed; learners have seen their connection with the arts abruptly severed. 

The Board of Directors and Staff of the Canadian Network for Arts and Learning (CNAL) are acutely aware of these painful interruptions.  We deeply empathize with your distress and share with you our heartfelt concern. We have faced our own difficult decisions, including the postponement of Eduarts Hubs planned for Windsor, Whitehorse and Regina.  In this evolving context, we intend to make use of the electronic resources at our disposal to take concrete action in support of the sector.

Over the coming days and weeks, CNAL will host a pan-Canadian series of on-line roundtable discussions with arts and learning professionals and learners, supported by a robust social media presence.  In Hubs held across the country, we have heard time and again how isolated many in our community feel in the course of their daily practice. How much more isolated will we all feel considering the current need for social distancing?  Our on-line roundtables will provide an opportunity for you to compare the realities you are facing and to share measures you are taking through digital media and other points of contact to sustain your work. We are also interested in how the arts are being applied to help communities deal with the social and emotional impact of COVID-19.  We hope to learn from you how CNAL, as a network, can further address the current situation.

The schedule for regional roundtable discussions is listed below, in local time:

British Columbia and Yukon: Monday, March 23 at 11am
Alberta and NWT: Tuesday, March 24 at 1pm
Saskatchewan: Wednesday, March 25 at 1pm
Manitoba: Thursday, March 26 at 1pm
Greater Toronto Area: Friday, March 27 at 2pm
Non-GTA Ontario: Monday, March 30 at 2pm
French language discussion: Tuesday, March 31 at 2pm
Atlantic provinces: Wednesday, April 1 at 2pm
English Quebec & Nunavut: Thursday, April 2 at 2pm
National (bilingual): Friday, April 3 at 2pm ET

In order to allow for genuine conversations, we will limit registration in each roundtable to 20, with added capability for those who would just like to listen in. 

We have also constructed a page on our website with resources for the arts and learning sector during the pandemic, which will we continue to update as the situation unfolds. You can visit the page here:  We also encourage you to join us on any of the social media platforms listed below to continue the conversation.

Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

We are able to offer this service to the sector thanks to a Digital Strategies grant from the Canada Council for the Arts.”

-from Canadian Network for Arts and Learning (CNAL)

Call to Indigenous artists, authors, and media makers: Create to Learn at Home (imagineNATIVE & TakingITGlobal)

“Create to Learn at Home: Indigenous Content Providers are invited to share their digital skills!

TakingITGlobal’s Create to Learn program is launching an at-home training initiative in partnership with imagineNATIVE to support students unable to attend school because of closures for COVID-19 social distancing.

We are looking for Indigenous artists, authors, and media makers who have skills related to creativity and/or digital content production to share in tutorial videos! We are offering a stipend of $250 per video for an individual video or a series of 4 or 8 videos sharing your skills with students and youth who will be inspired by your talents!

Videos will remain your property, but by participating in this initiative you also give TakingITGlobal and imagineNATIVE perpetual, royalty-free rights to reproduce and share your video(s) free of charge with youth across Canada for learning purposes. By participating, you agree to post/share your videos on Instagram and/or Facebook using the #CreateToLearn hashtag and tag @create2learn + @takingitglobal + @imaginenative. You can create and share tutorial videos as soon as you receive an acceptance e-mail, and all videos must be posted/shared by March 31, 2020.”

For more information and to apply, please visit the Create To Learn online form.

-from imagineNATIVE

The Social Distancing Festival

We hope this has strengthened your sense of community. You are not alone! Creators unite!

The Social Distancing Festival is an online artist’s community made to celebrate and showcase the work of the many artists around the world who have been affected by the need for social distancing that has come about due to the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19).

I have three main goals with this project:

  1. It helps to get some of the great work that you’ve done out to the world, and projects that were cancelled get the word of mouth that they missed out on;
  2. We are able to keep feeling a sense of artistic community, even from our living rooms, and;
  3. Artists are able to continue to engage with their projects by making videos, sharing work, and celebrating the work of others.”

-from The Social Distancing Festival


Sandi got in touch with us as she found a great idea on Facebook that we’d love to share. Thanks Sandi!

“In Spain there is a movement #frommywindow (#desdemiventana) and all kids are encouraged to put all their arts and crafts in the windows so when they go out for a walk (not in groups) they can look at the work of the other children and keep up the good spirit. The message behind the crafts is “Everything will be ok”

This would be a lovely idea to do with your children over the few weeks. Imagine how proud they would be hanging up their creations in the window for everyone passing by to see.”

In Spain there is a movement #frommywindow (#desdemiventana) and all kids are encouraged to put all their arts and…

Posted by Language Clubs Ireland on Saturday, 14 March 2020

-from Facebook

Mise à jour d’ArtBridges/ToileDesArts

À tous nos amiEs, aux organismes avec qui nous collaborons et à tout le monde qui fait de l’art communautaire,

Quelle période intéressante vivons-nous. L’art communautaire, c’est directement lié à l’engagement dans un milieu avec des groupes de personnes, et voilà qu’avec le COVID-19, nous devons tous adopter la distanciation sociale et parfois l’isolement ou la quarantaine. ArtBridges/ToileDesArts reçoit de nombreux courriels d’organismes qui suspendent ou annulent leurs activités pour quelques semaines ou pour une période indéterminée.

Différentes populations ont besoin des services offerts par les projets d’art communautaires. Le personnel, les bénévoles, les stagiaires étudiantEs et les personnes contractuelles qui travaillent dans ces organismes voient leurs postes en suspens ou compromis par la situation.

Pour les prochaines semaines, pouvons-nous trouver des manières innovantes de participer à des activités d’art communautaires en ligne ou à la maison?

ArtBridges/ToileDesArts veut savoir comment ça se passe pour vous! Nous voulons connaître et diffuser vos idées pour créer de l’art communautaire et maintenir vos réseaux vivants pendant la pandémie.

Pensons aux personnes plus vulnérables de nos milieux et trouvons des moyens de favoriser l’inclusion en offrant une programmation ou des projets de rechange. Nous sommes face à un gros problème qui demande de la créativité et c’est en plein dans nos cordes, à nous les artistes! Merci de nous envoyer vos idées originales et nous les diffuserons. Ça pourrait inspirer d’autres personnes!

Pour des mises à jour importantes sur l’évolution de la situation, consultez l’Agence de la santé publique du Canada et l’Organisation mondiale de la santé.

Prenez soin de vous!

L’équipe d’ArtBridges/ToileDesArts

-photo par Pixabay / Pexels