Youth Volunteer Opportunity: Empathy Squad (FiXT POiNT, GTA)

Join the Empathy Squad!

Volunteer Opportunity (Future Leaders age 18 – 30)

Volunteer for the Empathy Squad to make a difference in your city. Investigate and share ideas on connection and growing empathy in the GTA. Give a voice to untold stories and celebrate unsung heroes in your community. You’ll have the chance to collect stories, learn podcasting skills, meet lots of new people, connect with your community and collaborate with future leaders across the city. Come spark change, one story at a time.

Participants will:

  • Learn interview and recording techniques, narrative shaping and audio editing skills
  • Gain skills in community engagement through oral-history collection
  • Enhance readiness for leadership roles and community participation
  • Grow empathy in the city through community building dialogue

Program details:
Approximately 12 hours a week of commitment for 12 weeks total. First group starts April 27, 2019.
See full program schedule

Application deadlines:
Group 1: March 26th 2019
Group 2 & 3: Ongoing until all positions are filled. Early applications are strongly encouraged.

This opportunity was made possible by Canada Service Corps”

For more information, please visit FiXT POiNT’s website

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