Webinar: Get Creative, Get Well – New Research on Personal Well-being & Arts Participation (Culture Days)

Culture Days will be joined by BBC Arts Editor Stephen James-Yeoman and University College London (UCL) Senior Research Fellow Dr. Daisy Fancourt to discuss new research on the benefits of arts participation. A recent study conducted by Dr. Fancourt and UCL identified the different ways that people use creativity as a coping mechanism to control negative emotions, such as stress and anxiety, and how spending just a brief amount of time on artistic pursuits can have a direct impact on personal well-being.

The study is being released in connection with the Get Creative Festival – the UK-wide celebration of creativity taking place this year from May 11-19. Stephen James-Yeoman will speak about the festival, its audience, and ongoing research efforts, in addition to the many links between Get Creative and Culture Days.

Webinar – May 29, 2019 12:30 PM EST”

For more information and to register, click here.

-from Culture Days

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