Call for Creative Connect Mentors (Nia Centre for the Arts)

“Designed with the needs and lifestyles of artists in mind, Creative Connect is a FREE art-based mentorship program that offers new opportunities to expand your knowledge, develop your artistic skills, and be part of a community that is dedicated to helping you carve your own path in the creative sector!

Supporting one another is one of the bedrocks of Black community. Navigating life, artistic pursuits, and careers can be difficult. Mentorship helps you find the resources, gain the skills, and open the doors to help you navigate your way to success.

Mentorship plays a key role in developing and shaping careers within the arts, from meeting the right people and building connections, gaining resources, opportunities, and more. A rich and longstanding tradition, mentorship is a great way to share knowledge, form healthy and supportive relationships, and empower you to visualize, pursue, and secure a path forward to success.

Call for Creative Connect Mentors

Becoming a supportive ally in the lives of youth empowers them to access the pathways to success, accomplish their goals, and become agents of change within their lives and community.

The Creative Connect program provides you with opportunity to support, share your knowledge, and expand the minds and skills of young artists and creatives through the transformative power of mentorship!”

For more information and to apply, please visit:

-from Nia Centre for the Arts

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