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Multidisciplinary Youth Art Project (Kensington Community Centre, Vancouver)

“Multidisciplinary Youth Art Project: Collaborative Performance Creation Process & Workshop

A new performance process & workshop for youth ages 13-18 is starting at Kensington Community Centre this fall! No Experience Necessary!
Professional artists facilitate explorations in dance, theatre, film, writing, visual art, music & crafts to investigate themes related to the environment.”

For more information, please visit Made in BC’s facebook.

Read Made in BC’s profile in ArtBridges’ Community-Engaged Arts Directory and Map

ACTE 2018 – Festival de la collaboration (Saint Jérôme, QC)

Le Festival ACTE 2018 aura lieu les 27 et 28 septembre 2018 dans le quartier des arts et du savoir de la ville de Saint-Jérôme.
Nadia Duguay, cofondatrice et codirectrice d’Exeko, participera le 28 septembre de 10h30 à 11h15 à un panel de discussion sur les facteurs clés de leur enfance qui ont fait d’eux des innovateurs sociaux.

“ACTE | Festival de la collaboration a pour mission de contribuer à l’émergence d’organisations et de collectivités apprenantes, collaboratives et entreprenantes, par la mise en place d’espaces de dialogue, de co-création et d’apprentissages festifs, rassembleurs et accessibles à tous.

ACTE, c’est des rencontres improbables entre les différents acteurs de la société civile (entrepreneurs, décideurs, intervenants et citoyens) desquelles nait l’innovation !

Objectifs du Festival :

  • Créer un mouvement collaboratif entre les différents acteurs de la société civile (citoyens, organisations, institutions publiques, municipalités, etc.);
  • Offrir à ces acteurs des occasions d’échange et d’apprentissage susceptibles de transformer nos communautés;
  • Stimuler le passage de l’idée à l’action pour plus d’impact dans les territoires;
  • Contribuer au développement économique local et régional;
  • Contribuer au rayonnement et au positionnement de la région des Laurentides au niveau des collaborations.”

Information diffusée par ACTE le festival et par Exeko. Crédit poster et vidéo: ACTE.

Grant Writing and Community-Engaged Arts (Owen Sound, Sheatre & Ontario Arts Council)

“Join Sheatre, your local community-engaged arts organization, in hosting the Ontario Arts Council’s Arts Education Officer, Nas Khan, in a working session on grant-writing and community-engaged arts.

During this session, we will:
1) Learn about what makes a successful community engaged arts project from an expert
2) Network with others interested in community-engaged arts
3) Learn about Artists in Communities and Schools Project grants

This session is open to anyone hoping to apply to any of OAC’s project programs although, we will be focusing on the Artists in Communities and Schools Project program.”

For more information and to register, click here.

-submitted by Sheatre
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‘Mental Health’ Artist Roundtable (Artists’ Health Alliance, Jul 26)

MENTAL HEALTH Artist Roundtable
JULY 26, 2018
Explore the intersections of mental health and the arts in this roundtable with the artists and curator of MENTAL HEALTH and Artists’ Health Alliance. This is an invitation to hear from emerging queer, feminist, BIPOC artists with lived experience of mental health and mental illness.

Light snacks and drinks will be provided.

This event abides by the Artists’ Health Alliance Accessibility Policy. If you could benefit from additional support, please let us know and we will do our best to create a responsive learning environment.

Drop-ins welcome. Registration recommended. To register, email or call 416-351-0239 with your name, the event name, number of people coming and accessibility needs, if applicable.

MENTAL HEALTH is an arts exhibit that brings together new works by four emerging artists working in tkaronto/Toronto who take up issues related to mental health in their art practices. Through installation, sculpture, video, performance, and flash art, these artists reflect on what “mental health” means in relation to their own lived experiences. Often using humour, performativity, and play, the artists shake up the discourses and institutions of “mental health” and trouble the binary dividing mental health and mental illness through feminist, queer, non-binary, and BIPOC frameworks. The works in this exhibition are as material as they are conceptual, and engender new perspective on the place of mental health in contemporary art. At once tongue in cheek and sincere, MENTAL HEALTH makes space for a nuanced consideration of the intersections between life as a millennial artist and this often all-consuming thing called “mental health.”

MENTAL HEALTH is part of the “In Space” curatorial events organized by The White House, a thematic series of five exhibitions focusing on the experiences of disenfranchised peoples within social, political and physical spaces. “In Space” is conceived of by Sandra J. Manilla and co-produced with Nathaniel Addison, Stephanie Avery, and Leone McComas. MENTAL HEALTH is generously sponsored by Toronto Arts Council and the Ontario Arts Council.

For more on the exhibition, visit the facebook page.”

-from Artists’ Health Alliance website
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Cultural Hotspot: Modern Batik Fashion Workshops (Next Generation Arts, Scarborough)

“Presented in partnership with the City of Toronto – Cultural Hotspot SPARK Project and Agincourt Community Services Association – Dorset Park Hub, this workshop series explores the ancient African art of Batik, waxes, dyes and inks and applies it to fashionable fabric pieces which participants are free to alter. At the end of the workshop series, participants will show off their creations in a fashion show event.

The Modern Batik Fashion Workshops are FREE for all youth (individuals to the age of 29) but spaces are limited. The workshop begins July 20.

To register, complete the registration and consent form and submit to

Spaces are limited.

When: July 20 to August 31 (Fridays, 1-4:30PM)
Where: Dorset Park Hub (1911 Kennedy Road, Unit #105)”

For more information, please visit:

-from Next Generation Arts

Workshop: Financial Management 101 (ArtReach, Toronto)

Are you running a community project or involved with a larger organization? Already an ace at event management, social media, or youth engagement, but run in the other direction when you have to deal with money? Want to know how to manage grant funding when it affects your taxes?

As artists and community planners we are fiercely dedicated to mastering our creative practice which sometimes tends to leave us putting our administrative and financial organization on the back burner. In this workshop we will look at how to budget, keep track of your finances and what records you should be keeping for taxes. We will also look at what you need to claim for your taxes, which forms you need to fill out, and understanding how different sources of income (like receiving a grant) can impact your taxes.

Participants will also get hands-on time with Microsoft Excel spreadsheets and Google Sheets, supported by our expert facilitators who will show you how to get the most out of these powerful financial management tools!

Date: Wednesday, August 8th 2018
Time: Networking and food at 5:30pm, workshop runs 6:00pm-9:00pm.
Location: Urban Arts, 5 Bartonville Avenue East, Toronto ON, M6M 2B1
Facilitators: Robert Watterson and Patrick Warner
Details: This workshop is targeted to youth 13-29 years old. Space for this workshop is limited so register today! Food and refreshments will be provided. Participants are encouraged to bring their own laptops or tablets.”

For more information, please visit:

-from ArtReach

Project Management 101 Workshop (ArtReach, Toronto)

ArtReach Project Management 101 Workshop
Are you running a community project or are involved with a larger organization? Want to take your project management skills to the next level? Are you interested in learning more about being certified as a project manager and how your current experience can be transferred?

Many of us have become project managers by default as we are thrust into the field through creation of projects for our communities, often with little formal training ourselves. This Project Management 101 workshop will take participants through the basics of Project Management, as referenced by the Project Management Institute.

Participants will be introduced to project management language and concepts as used in the project management field in order to be able to transfer their experience into the larger field of project management. Tools and templates will be provided to support participants in running community projects more efficiently.

Date: Thursday, July 5th, 2018
Time: Networking and food at 5:30pm, workshop runs 6:00pm-9:00pm.
Location: Nia Centre for the Arts, 524 Oakwood Avenue, Toronto ON, M6E 2X1
Facilitators: Paulina O’Kieffe and Fonna Seidu
Details: Space for this workshop is limited so register today! Food and refreshments will be provided

This workshop is presented in partnership with Nia Centre for the Arts

For more information, please visit

-from ArtReach’s newsletter
Read ArtReach’s profile in ArtBridges’ Community-engaged Arts Directory & Map

Wall Art Learning Series (WALS): Graffiti Art (Scarborough, ON)

“Wall Art Learning Series (WALS): Graffiti Art

What: A full-day workshop including a theoretical overview of graffiti art style and culture, and time for hands-on practice and learning technique with aerosol spray paint.

Who: Instructor – Evond Blake is a Canadian multidisciplinary visual artist who has worked under the pseudonym MEDIAH for 21 years. An Internationally renowned visual artist, MEDIAH is a trendsetter sparking new ideas and originality inspired by blurring the lines between post-graffiti and dynamic abstraction.

When: Saturday, July 7th from 10am-4pm
Where: Mural Routes, 1859 Kingston Rd.
Cost: $40 for Mural Routes members, $50 for non-members.

Register here

For more information: 416-698-7995 or”

-submitted by Mural Routes
Read Mural Routes profile in ArtBridges’ Community-Engaged Arts Directory and Map

Guide pédagogique pour les écoles Unesco: Wapikoni mandaté

 “Le Wapikoni mobile est très fier d’avoir été mandaté par la Commission canadienne de l’UNESCO (CCUNESCO) pour la rédaction d’un guide pédagogique autochtone.

Mélanie Brière, coordonnatrice des ateliers de sensibilisation pour le Wapikoni mobile, planche actuellement sur la conception d’un guide pédagogique qui aura pour objectif d’offrir aux des écoles secondaires associées de l’UNESCO une sélection de 12 à 15 courts-métrages pouvant être visionnés en classe et permettant d’entamer des discussions avec leurs é sur différents sujets reliés aux réalités et aux cultures autochtones du Canada. On retrouve 23 Écoles UNESCO au Québec et un total de 87 au Canada.

L’objectif de ce guide est de devenir un outil pédagogique sur les réalités autochtones d’hier et d’aujourd’hui par l’entremise de courts métrages mettant de l’avant divers points de vue de jeunes autochtones de communautés situées partout au pays et de piquer la curiosité de jeunes allochtones dans le but de contribuer à la réconciliation.

Ce guide pédagogique sur la réconciliation a été réalisé en partenariat avec la Commission canadienne pour l’UNESCO. […]

Ce guide se veut simple d’utilisation et clé-en-main pour simplifier l’utilisation et assurer la prise en charge, l’aisance et l’autonomie de l’enseignant.e. Nous développons présentement le guide dans le but de le rendre accessible à partir de septembre 2018.”

Pour lire la suite de la nouvelle sur le site du Wapikoni, et pour en savoir plus au sujet du Réseau des écoles associées de l’UNESCO, cliquez ici



“Les studios ambulants de formation et de création cinématographique et musicale du Wapikoni mobile viennent de débuter leurs activités. Seize (16) communautés autochtones au Canada, dont trois en milieu urbain (Vancouver, Montréal et Thunder Bay) accueillent le Wapikoni cette année. En moyenne, plus de 300 jeunes participent annuellement aux ateliers de formation et de création. La première communauté au Québec, à recevoir le Wapikoni, est Mashteuiatsh, où les studios se sont arrêtés pour la dernière fois en 2006 ! À l’international, grâce au partenariat entre Oxfam-Québec et le Wapikoni, des jeunes en Jordanie et en Palestine pourront réaliser des courts métrages tout en développant leurs compétences créatives et leur leadership.

Encadrés par deux cinéastes-mentors, un assistant-formateur autochtone, un intervenant jeunesse et un coordonnateur issu de la communauté visitée, les participants sont initiés à la scénarisation, à la réalisation et aux nombreux aspects techniques du tournage (caméra, prise de son et montage) avec du matériel de qualité professionnelle. Chaque participant bénéficie d’un accompagnement adapté à son expérience et à son rythme d’apprentissage.”

Pour en savoir plus sur la saison 2018 du Wapikoni, cliquez ici.

Information diffusée par Wapikoni. Crédits images et logo: Wapikoni. Accédez à l’intégralité des informations sur

Workshop: Stories for the Next Generation (Scarborough)

Stories for the Next Generation is a free intergenerational storytelling workshop series for seniors ages 55 and older to share with their families and communities.

Over the course of the series, senior participants will work with a professional storyteller to create enticing creative writing pieces. Participants will record their stories with their children and grandchildren to create a collection of audio-stories and will also work with an artist to create a visual companion to their stories. All items will be published into a compilation of stories.

This free series is hosted every Wednesday (1-3PM) from June 13 to October 31 at ACSA – Dorset Park Hub (1911 Kennedy Road, Unit #105, Scarborough).

For more information or to register, visit:

-submitted by Next Generation Arts