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The Gathering: Online – Anti-Black Racism in the Arts session (Cultural Pluralism in the Arts Movement Ontario, July 16)

The Gathering: Online

Anti-Black Racism in the Arts
July 16, 2020 | 1-4pm via Zoom 

“As a follow-up the panel on Navigating Precairty and ongoing inequities in arts funding for Indigenous, racialized, the deaf and disabled and other marginalized artists and arts organizations, and in this time of seeing the impacts of COVID-19 and police brutality against black bodies – queer, transgendered and straight, we are now convening a session to put forward the challenges of anti-Black racism in the arts.  The session will feature Black artists from diverse disciplines and focus on the extraordinary challenges such artists and arts organizations face, how they are dealing with them and what needs to be done to ensure anti-Black racism initiatives in the arts are focused, meaningful and aimed at bringing about societal and systemic change in the arts.

(If you registered for the ticket “Registration for all dates” you will receive the Zoom link for the new session on July 16 and do not need to register again for this session).

– Kevin A. Ormsby
– Coco Murry
– Randell Adjei
– Itah Sadu
– Gordon Shadrack
– Syrus Marcus Ware
– Pamela Edmonds
– Mark V. Campbell
– Onika Powell”

For more information, please visit CPAMO’s website

-from CPAMO

Livestream Series: On Mental Health & Creativity

“An interview series investigating the intersections of mental health and creativity through the lens of artists. Hosted by Twentytwenty Arts’ founder, Megan Kee.

Combining the creative process and psychotherapy, art therapy facilitates self-exploration and understanding. Whether artists utilize their artistic practice as a form of therapy or use it to convey complex ideas about mental health, the mutually beneficial relationship between mental health and creativity is undeniable. In this series, we will explore how art can be beneficial as a medium of mental health expression, the impact it can have on yourself and others, and where to begin.

JUL 10, 5:00 PM EDT

On Art, Activism, and Mental Health, with Megan Kee

JUL 17, 5:00 PM EDT

On Self Care and Creativity, with Megan Kee

JUL 24, 5:00 PM EDT

On Art as Therapy, with Megan Kee

JUL 31, 5:00 PM EDT

On Reducing Stigma Through Art, with Megan Kee

-from Made of Millions Foundation

Journée nationale des Autochtones : Courts métrages & discussions /National Indigenous Day: Short Films and Q&A (Wapikoni mobile)

“Kwé, Kuei, Bonjour, Hello!

À l’occasion de la Journée nationale des Peuples autochtones, ce 21 juin, le Wapikoni mobile vous invite à une célébration EN DIRECT !

Venez découvrir une programmation spéciale des œuvres de notre collection, développée par Marie Kristine Petiquay (Atikamekw, Manawan), cinéaste et membre du collectif Wapikoni ! Des échanges et discussions sur la souveraineté narrative, la fierté et la beauté des cultures autochtones auront également lieu en compagnie de Maïlys Flamand, artiste et membre du collectif Wapikoni !

La culture a le pouvoir de rassembler les gens, et ce même à distance. Joignez-vous à nous !

QUAND : Dimanche 21 juin à 19h
OÙ : EN DIRECT sur notre page Facebook

*** Le visuel de cet événement est inspiré de la toile réalisée par l’artiste innu Ernest Dominique / Aness de Wapikoni Awashish, cette étincelle qui nous inspire et à qui nous rendons hommage ***

For National Indigenous Peoples Day, this June 21st, Wapikoni mobile is inviting you to an ONLINE celebration!

Discover a special screening of the works from our collection curated by Marie Kristine Petiquay, Atikamekw from Manawan, a filmmaker and member of the Wapikoni collective. A Q&A on narrative sovereignty, empowerment, the beauty and richness of Indigenous cultures will also take place with a special guest.

Culture has the power to bring us together, even while socially distancing. Join us for this joyful celebration!

WHEN: Sunday, June 21
WHERE: LIVE on our Facebook page

*** The visual for this event is inspired by the painting made by Ernest Dominique / Aness of Wapikoni Awashish, the spark that inspires us and to whom we pay tribute ***”

-source: Wapikoni mobile

COMMUNITY+Connects: Online (Scarborough Arts)

Scarborough Arts Presents: 
COMMUNITY+Connects: Online 
“Community is what you make it.” 

“As a community we are currently experiencing physical distancing, and community is also what you make it. Community exists in the people and environment you have around you, always, and there are many ways to access community and to support one another even when we are not able to gather together. 

For the past 42 years, community has been at the heart of Scarborough Arts. As an organization, we are committed to bringing community to the arts and art to the community for all in Scarborough. We, as an organization, remain committed to our mandate of serving the people and communities of Scarborough during these precarious times through new online and accessible programming. Scarborough Arts is pleased to present, COMMUNITY+Connects: Online,a new online platform for facilitated workshops, mentorship, artist talks and tours, professional development opportunities, and most importantly, connection. 

Although these are uncertain times, one thing that remains the same is our commitment to the people of Scarborough. With our new online roster of programs, COMMUNITY+Connects: Online brings community to you and let’s you explore creatively in the comfort of your own home. 

Please see the following infographic for the current COMMUNITY+Connects: Online line-up of upcoming programs. And, stay tuned to Scarborough Arts’ Instagram: [@scarborougharts], Facebook: [Scarborough Arts], and website [] for added programs and opportunities. We’re in this together, and we’re here, together. 

We as an organization are learning how to be accommodating to our community while we continue to isolate at home. If you have any questions, concerns, or feedback we are here for you. Please feel free to direct your correspondence to us at hello[at]”

For more information, please visit:

-from Scarborough Arts

OLI Summer Challenge for Indigenous Youth: a virtual summer program

“The OLI Summer Challenge is a free 10-week virtual summer program that is open to Indigenous youth across Canada. The program offers weekly classes from topics ranging from photography, to technical design to culinary arts and more! The OLI Summer Challenge is designed so that it can be taken at your pace with reflective exercises completed after each class.

All classes will be broadcasted live on our YouTube channel at 3pm EST every Tuesday. The classes will then also be available to be view anytime after throughout the duration of the Summer Challenge.

  • Tuesday, June 16: Photography and Videography
  • Tuesday, June 23: Engineering Challenge
  • Tuesday, June 30: Drama and Improv **
  • Tuesday, July 7: Culinary Arts
  • Tuesday, July 14: Organizational Skills **
  • Tuesday, July 21: Music
  • Tuesday, July 28: Teach Someone Something **
  • Tuesday, August 4: Creative Choreography
  • Tuesday, August 11: Budgeting **
  • Tuesday, August 18: Visual Art

For more information, please visit:

-from Outside Looking In

Webinar: Digital Adaptation Initiatives for Artists and Organizations

“June 10, 10AM EST
Register here!

Canada Council for the Arts and the City of Toronto host a webinar on digital adaptation initiatives including the Digital Strategy Fund.

Join us for an interactive session with Canada Council for the Arts and City of Toronto staff on their digital adaptation initiatives including Canada Council’s Digital Strategy Fund – a grant program designed to help Canadian artists, groups, and arts organizations understand and engage with the digital world; and the City’s new shopHERE initiative, which is helping independent businesses and artists set-up online stores to start selling their goods and services right away.”

For more information and to register, please visit:

-from City of Toronto

DAWN : L’Art et le handicap / Art & Disability – Panel & Performances

“Du 31 mai au 6 juin, c’est la Semaine Nationale de l’accessibilité (SNA). C’est une semaine dédiée aux Canadiens et Canadiennes pour promouvoir l’inclusion et l’accessibilité dans nos communautés et lieux de travail, pour célébrer notre progrès, et pour être inspirées pour détruire les barrières d’accessibilité. Nous avons besoin de changer notre manière de penser, de parler et d’agir à propos des obstacles à la participation et à l’accessibilité; et nous avons besoin de le faire du début et non après coup. Un Canada inclusif, c’est un où tous les Canadiens et toutes les Canadiennes peuvent participer et avoir des opportunités égales pour réussir dans leurs lieux de travail et dans leurs communautés. Le but de la Semaine Nationale de l’accessibilité c’est d’amener ces perspectives au premier plan pour les Canadiens et Canadiennes, et mettre en évidence les initiatives importantes que le gouvernement et ses partenaires entreprennent pour le changement.

Le 5 juin, pour culminer les événements de la semaine, DAWN Canada accueillera des artistes en situation de handicap pour un panel Zoom sur l’Art et le handicap suivi par des performances. S’il vous plaît, Joignez-vous à nous !

Notre panel va accueillir en conversation 4 artistes en situation de handicap suivi par une heure de performances. Nous mettons en vedette le travail de poètes, de scénaristes, de danseurs, et de musiciens formidables.  

Véronique Leduc, Musicienne et professeure dans le Département de communication sociale et publique de l’UQAM
Juanita Marchand-Knight, d’audio et professeur.e au Schulich School of Music de McGill
Tara McGowan Ross, Poète
Corrina Hodgson, Scénariste
Modéré par Nelly Bassily de l’équipe de DAWN Canada


Noël Vezina, Danseuse contemporaine
Malek Yalaoui, Poète
Bára Hladik, Poète
Blxck Cxsper, Pappeur.e
Renée Yoxon, Auteur.e-compositeur.e-interprète
Et une lecture de la pièce de théâtre, “Sex Garage”, de Corrina Hodgson avec acteurs Willow Tioti et Karuna Vellino

Le panel et les performances auront des interprètes ASL et LSQ et du sous titrage en français et en anglais.

Inscrivez-vous maintenant :

Pour en savoir plus : DAWN Canada

“From May 31 to June 6 is National AccessAbility Week. It is a week for Canadians to promote inclusion and accessibility in our communities and workplaces, to celebrate our progress and to be inspired to further break down accessibility barriers. We need to change the way we think, talk and act about barriers to participation and accessibility and we need to do it right from the start, not as an afterthought. An inclusive Canada is one where all Canadians can participate and have an equal opportunity to succeed in their workplaces and communities. National AccessAbility Week aims to bring this perspective to the forefront for Canadians, and highlight some of the important initiatives the government and its partners are undertaking to bring about this change.  

On June 5th, DAWN Canada will be hosting a Zoom panel on Art & Disability and performance showcase to culminate the weeks’ events. Please join us! Register now!

The panel will feature four artists living with disabilities and be followed by an hour of live performances over Zoom! We will be showcasing the work of incredible poets, playwrights, dancers, and musicians.


Véronique Leduc, Musician & Professor at UQAM’s Département de communication sociale et publique
Juanita Marchand-Knight, Audio Technician & Professor at McGill’s Schulich School of Music
Tara McGowan Ross, Poet
Corrina Hodgson, Playwright
Moderated by DAWN’s Nelly Bassily


Noël Vezina, Contemporary Dancer
Malek Yalaoui, Poet
Bàra Hladik, Poet
Blxck Cxsper, Rapper
Renée Yoxon, Singer/songwriter
And a reading from a work by Corrina Hodgson featuring actors Willow Tioti and Karuna Vellino

The panel and performances will both feature ASL and LSQ interpretation and French and English closed captioning. English to French and French to English translation will be provided.

Register Now:

For more information: DAWN Canada

-from DAWN Canada

The Gathering: Online (Cultural Pluralism in the Arts Movement Ontario)

Cultural Pluralism in the Arts Movement Ontario (CPAMO) is launching a series of conversations exploring frameworks for understanding how Artists and Arts Organization are thinking about their work and programming given the COVID-19 pandemic and it’s ongoing impact on the Arts Sector.  We are committed to being a supportive convenor of arts practitioners from the Indigenous, racialized, deaf, disabled and mad, women and other historically-marginalized artists and communities.

The Gathering: Online invites artists and organizations to speak about their work and the viewers to engage with the artists while having a forum for asking questions in real time.

We hope you can join us. It is our intent to offer further space for networking with artists and organizations, asking the same questions about IBPOC visibility, inclusion and their intersections with artistic/organizational practices while speaking to many perspectives in the arts and the changing demographics of audiences and participation within the Arts sector.


All sessions are 1-4 pm EST

June 4: Importance of Digital Research and Prototyping: CPAMO IBPOC Digital Strategy report launch

June 11: Navigating Precarity and the Impact of COVID-19 on Arts Administration

July 2: A Boards Perspective: Leading an Organization Focussed Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

July 23: Arts in the Reflection to Our Time: Creation in Response to and with Community

August 13: Diversity in Indigeneity and its Representation in the Arts

September 3: Arts Practice vs. Queer Arts Practice: Emergence, Similarities and New Realities

September 24: Visual Representation: The Problematic Nature of the Gaze for IBPOC Visual Artists

October 15: Writing Narratives: Diverse Lens of Canadian Experiences

November 5: What Have We Learnt?: Developing Policies for Mitigating Organizational Instability  in Crisis Situations

November 26: Festival Planning /Crisis and the implications on Programming  for Equity Seeking Arts Organizations


-source: CPAMO

Engaging Communities Remotely: Addressing Barriers to Access

Engaging Communities Remotely: Addressing Barriers to Access

A Gathering by Neighbourhood Arts Ottawa

Thursday May 28 2020 | 2:00 – 3:30pm | Register on Eventbrite for Zoom URL

In response to the COVID-19 crisis, community engaged-artists have been devising new ways of bringing communities together in remote time and place. For some, these virtual channels for participatory art-making have made programming accessible where it wouldn’t have been before. For others, these changes present new barriers to participation, amplifying and compounding existing ones. What resources, tools and processes can artists build into their practice to better address access barriers, including how to help mitigate learning curves associated with shifting to digital platforms? Panelists will share key learnings and reflections from their recent experience adapting their programming. We will also discuss and explore the opportunities in all of this to address issues of accessibility, equity and inclusion within the field of community-engaged art which pre-date this crisis.

A panel discussion with Rachel Gray and Stephanie Nadeau (BEING Studio); Emily Jones Joanisse (Connected Canadians); and Seanna Connell (ArtBridges & ArtHeart Community Arts Centre)

About the panelist organizations:

BEING Studio is a community of artists with developmental disabilities. At BEING, artists have access to the space, the tools, and the representation to create and commercialize their visual art and creative writing. BEING has been continually adapting to the challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic, and recently launched a virtual program called BEING Home. The virtual program offers facilitated chat sessions, home art supply deliveries and video prompts to inspire art projects from home.  What felt at first like a lifeline for our community has begun to open a world of possibility and expanded connection that we never thought possible.

Connected Canadians is a federally incorporated non-profit organization established in 2018 to help connect older adults with free technology training and support. Many Connected Canadians volunteers are new Canadians who are highly skilled technology workers, collectively they speak 12 languages. Volunteers benefit from the cultural awareness and conversational practice opportunities that come from their interaction with clients, and clients feel a sense of pride and connection in helping to welcome newcomers into the community.

ArtBridges is a hub and forum for connection for anyone interested in or active in community-engaged arts and arts for social change in Canada. Find out about affordable and accessible community-engaged arts initiatives. Learn about what’s going on, opportunities, workshops and resources. Share information about a community arts initiative that you know about!

The year 2020 marks ArtHeart Community Art Centre (ArtHeart)’s 29th year of providing free visual arts programs in Regent Park! Since its opening, ArtHeart has engaged thousands of children, youth, adults and seniors in community-engaged arts programs, worked with three generations of Regent Park residents, and been an anchor in a changing community.

Neighbourhood Arts Ottawa is a community-engaged arts program by Arts Network Ottawa / Réseau des arts d’Ottawa, and is made possible through the generous financial support of the Ontario Trillium Foundation and Ottawa Community Foundation.

Original print used in graphic by Melanie Yugo

Arts Network Ottawa acknowledges that the land on which we gather is the traditional and unceded territory of the Algonquin nation.

Engagement communautaire à distance : remédier les obstacles liés à l’accessibilité

Un rassemblement d’Art des quartiers d’Ottawa

Jeudi 28 mai 2020 | 14h | Inscrivez-vous sur Eventbrite pour l’URL Zoom

En réponse à la crise de COVID-19, les artistes d’art communautaire engagé ont développé de nouvelles méthodes pour rassembler les communautés à distance. Pour certains, ces voies virtuelles de création artistique participative ont rendu des programmes accessibles là où ils ne l’auraient pas été auparavant. Pour d’autres, ces changements présentent de nouveaux obstacles à la participation, aggravant et compliquant ceux qui existent déjà. Quels sont les ressources, les outils et les processus dont les artistes peuvent se servir dans leur démarche pour mieux répondre aux barrières d’accès, notamment en ce qui concerne les courbes d’apprentissage associées à la transition vers les plateformes numériques ? Les panélistes feront part des principaux apprentissages et réflexions de leur récente expérience à adapter leur programmation. Nous discuterons et explorerons également les possibilités, dans tout cela, d’aborder les questions d’accessibilité, d’équité et d’inclusion dans le domaine de l’art communautaire engagé, qui sont bien antérieures à cette crise actuelle.

Une table ronde avec Rachel Gray et Stephanie Nadeau (BEING Studio); Emily Jones Joanisse (Connected Canadians); et Seanna Connell (ArtBridges et ArtHeart Community Arts Centre).

Les présentations auront lieu en anglais, suivies d’une séance de questions et réponses organisée en anglais et en français. Une “fiche-conseils” sera disponible dans les deux langues après l’événement.

L’Art des quartiers d’Ottawa est un programme d’art communautaire mis en place par Arts Network Ottawa / Réseau des arts d’Ottawa, et est rendu possible grâce au généreux soutien financier de la Fondation Trillium de l’Ontario et de la Fondation Communautaire d’Ottawa.

Impression originale utilisée dans le graphique par Melanie Yugo

Le Réseau des arts d’Ottawa reconnaît que la terre sur laquelle nous nous rassemblons est le territoire traditionnel et non cédé de la nation algonquine.”

-source : Arts Network Ottawa / Réseau des arts d’Ottawa

Virtual Collaborative Art Project: She is Awakening – Emerging through Art + Sound

“As the world slows and quiets during this time of physical distancing, we’re able to listen more intently. Step outside and into nature – what do you hear?

Myths and Mirrors, in partnership with Coalition for a Liveable Sudbury and artists EMILIO PORTAL, WILL MORIN, and DARLENE, invite you to take part in a virtual art project exploring art, sound, and collaborative creation as we celebrate Mother Earth and the changing of the seasons.


1. Using your phone or digital audio recorder, record a sound from nature (45 sec max) and submit by email to Deadline to submit is SUNDAY, MAY 24th.

2. Then join us online SATURDAY, JUNE 6th, 1-3PM, for a virtual workshop with EMILIO PORTAL and WILL MORIN as we share and weave sound to create a collaborative soundscape.

3. On SATURDAY, JUNE 13th, 1-3PM, join DARLENE for a vocalization/choral workshop and find out how you can add your voice to the project.

4. Artists are also invited to submit works of art inspired by the sounds of nature and/or the collaborative soundscape (once it’s available online). Submissions can be shared in the Facebook event page or submitted by email to mythsandmirrors[at]

5. On SATURDAY, JULY 4TH, 1-3PM, hear the final collaborative soundscape and share your own artwork inspired by the sounds of nature and this project.

For more information, contact mythsandmirrors[at]”

-from Myths and Mirrors Community Arts