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I Lost My Gig Canada’s 2nd COVID-19 Impact Survey for Organizations (ArtsPond)

“Have you lost staff and more due to the COVID-19 pandemic?

I Lost My Gig Canada, a project of ArtsPond in collaboration with Hill Strategies Research and community partners, is pleased to announce the release of the 2nd COVID-19 Impact Survey for Organizations.

Open until February 28, 2021, the goals of this survey are to help better understand the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on the Canadian arts and culture industry, to share stories on how diverse arts and culture organizations are responding, and to identify what is needed to help the sector continue to thrive in an uncertain future.

Small to medium enterprises, and large organizations, companies, and collectives from the arts, culture, heritage, tourism, and creative industries from across Canada are invited to respond to this short, 10-minute, bilingual survey which includes options for storytelling or multiple choice questions.

COVID-19 Impact Survey for Organizations builds upon the lessons and insights of I Lost My Gig Canada’s First COVID-19 Impact Survey for Individuals which launched in March 2020.

With more than $20 million in lost income reported to date by 800+ respondents (estimated $1.5 to $1.9 billion economic impact Canada-wide), the First COVID-19 Impact survey has helped capture personal stories and economic impacts of the pandemic on individual gig economy workers in arts, culture, heritage, tourism, and creative industries from all 13 provinces and territories across Canada.

The launch of COVID-19 Impact Survey for Organizations will help provide a more detailed understanding of the impacts of the pandemic on the whole arts and culture industry in Canada.”

Take the survey at

-from ArtsPond

Survey: Reimagine the Arts / Sondage : RĂ©imaginer les arts (Canada Council for the Arts / Conseil des arts du Canada)

“Help us reimagine the arts

Provide your input to our 5-year strategic plan

As Canada’s public arts funder, the Canada Council for the Arts is proud to support the creation and sharing of the arts through our investments in Canadian artists and arts organizations.

As we embark on a new 5-year strategic plan we want to hear from you, to shape a plan that reflects the arts sector’s current reality and looks ahead to how the Council can continue its support and also help to reimagine the arts for the benefit of all Canadians. We invite all Canadians to participate and share their ideas.

Please visit by August 21 to share your ideas.

Aidez-nous à réimaginer les arts

Contribuez à notre plan stratégique quinquennal

En tant qu’organisme public de soutien aux arts, le Conseil des arts du Canada est fier d’appuyer la crĂ©ation et la diffusion des arts grĂące Ă  des investissements auprĂšs d’artistes et d’organismes artistiques du Canada.

Nous sollicitons aujourd’hui votre avis pour nous aider Ă  prĂ©parer notre nouveau plan stratĂ©gique quinquennal. Votre participation nous donnera un reflet de la rĂ©alitĂ© actuelle du secteur artistique. Elle nous permettra de prĂ©ciser nos façons de continuer d’appuyer les arts et de contribuer Ă  les rĂ©imaginer au profit de l’ensemble de la population du pays. Nous invitons toutes les Canadiennes et tous les Canadiens Ă  partager leurs idĂ©es avec nous.

Visitez le d’ici le 21 aoĂ»t pour partager vos idĂ©es.”

-source: Canada Council for the Arts / Conseil des arts du Canada

Call for Donations (Sudbury Street Arts)

Sudbury Street Arts launched in the fall of 2019 as a weekly arts drop-in space reserved for low-income folks and homeless and/or street involved people. Each Wednesday we’d gather as community members with mixed and shared experiences of homelessness, extreme poverty, immigration, queer identity, gender-based violence, disability, Indigeneity and racialization, to create a space of cultural production, gift giving, and knowledge exchange.

Unfortunately, Covid-19 has interrupted this work and left many without access to the supports and services necessary to meet their basic needs. To this end, we are seeking the following items to be redistributed to community members.

Items can be dropped off at 139 Durham St. – 2nd floor on Tuesdays between 10am-5pm. Please contact mythsandmirrors[at] or (249) 979-1795 to make arrangements or to set up an alternative drop-off time. (*Please note, physical distancing and other public health measures to prevent the spread of Covid-19 will be enforced.)

If you’re unable to donate items, we’re also accepting monetary donations. From now until August 31st, 100% of all money raised will go towards the purchase of food and other supplies to be redistributed to community members in need. DONATE HERE!

For more information, please visit Myths and Mirrors’ website

-from Myths and Mirrors

Sharing An Open Letter from SKETCH: ensuring that we stay accountable to our Black youth artists, staff and the Black community at large

“You really want that utopian ideal of what our world could be? You want to be proudly and ACTIVELY anti-racist, more than fearing being called a racist? I want that for you too.⁣ If so, then do the work, educate yourself and others stand by us loudly, consistently, FOREVER.” – Clara Amfo, BBC 1 Radio Host

The last two weeks have been yet another reminder that the Black community continues to be under attack by white supremacist systems. SKETCH’s board of directors and staff sends their deepest sympathies to the families and friends of those who we have most recently lost including Regis Korchinski-Paquet, George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Tony McDade, and D’Andre Campbell and all those whose deaths have not been televised.

It is in our grief and anger at these senseless murders committed by the police, SKETCH is ensuring that we stay accountable to our Black youth artists, staff and the Black community at large by taking swift action to ensure that folks are supported, uplifted, taken care of and their voices amplified as they continue to organize and march on the front lines for justice.

As an organization that is led by mainly white leadership, we are deeply committed to examining and activating our role as an accomplice to address violence, racism, oppression, and discrimination in our sector, in Toronto and in society generally.

This Means:

  • We will continue to look within and address our own biases and the ways that systemic and structural racism plays itself out in SKETCH;
  • We will increase investment and resources to young Black Artists;
  • Endorse Black leadership in SKETCH and in arts and culture;
  • We will support self-care and resources for our Black staff;
  • Our leadership will connect with other white leaders of arts and culture organizations to support Black leadership in the sector with resourced opportunities to lead in meaningful ways.

We want to acknowledge the trauma and grief of those who create with and work at SKETCH, who are Black. We know you endure violence on a daily basis. We want to reach out to support you, stand and work together with you, to fight for justice, for your health, and for your futures.

We seek to learn daily, with you, how to enact a more just present and future. Thank you for your leadership. Thank you for calling us to be better. All of our liberations depend on it.

We join the movements for prison abolition, and for strong redirection of funding for policing to go toward community-based transformative justice efforts.

We call on the Arts Councils to create a Black Artists Fund to support Black Artists and Black Arts and Culture Organizations recognizing and investing in their leadership in arts and culture, and in building fair and inclusive communities.

We encourage the non-Black community members of SKETCH to stand with us and take action by: 

  • Educating yourself on the issues;
  • Support your Black staff with personal time for self-care;
  • Support the community by buying from Black-owned business (which include Black artists at SKETCH);
  • Donate to organizations that are directly supporting Black folks;
  • Reposting and re-sharing information on your social media feeds;
  • Having constant conversations with your peers, families, and friends;
  • Sign petitions that call for justice

With so many ways to actively support the dismantling of systems that continue to oppress the Black community, silence is not an option.

We welcome you all to join SKETCH in allying yourselves with the Black community in the fight for liberation for all, not as a token event but one that actually leads to a re-education, re-evaluation, and unbiased and selfless action.

In solidarity,

SKETCH Working Arts”

-posted with permission from SKETCH Working Arts

Creative Isolation (MARCH Network)

Covid-19 and Social Isolation

“As a mental health network (MARCH Network) focused on the power of bringing people together with social, cultural and community assets, Covid-19 has thrown us a unique challenge.  With more people socially and physically distancing themselves, we want to share some home-based, creative ways to support mental health during these unique and uncertain times.”

Check MARCH Network’s website to learn about different creative initiatives taking place now.

-from MARCH Network

ArtBridges Update/Mise Ă  jour d’ArtBridges /ToileDesArts

Dear friends, community partners, and all of us active in community-engaged arts initiatives,

We hope that you are staying healthy and safe, and keeping your spirits up.

Since we wrote just over four weeks ago, ArtBridges has shared daily posts about how people have moved community-engaged arts initiatives online and from home while staying as connected as ever with communities.

So many great ideas have been shared and circulated! From Guelph’s Focus on Nature: Elements of Design Challenge, to Vancouver’s Reel Youth – Together Apart: free online film program in response to COVID-19.

Please see the ArtBridges Community Blog and Twitter for inspiration, and please keep sending ideas in. Sharing great ideas inspires us all during these incredibly challenging and unprecedented times.

Many organizations have been compiling lists which include emergency funding and resources for COVID-19 such as Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity, Canada Helps, Creative Users Projects and ArtReach to help us navigate through the many information sources. Their newsletters are worth subscribing to.

Financially, we are seeing more communication from funders (including arts councils, foundations) indicating deadline extensions, funding opportunities, campaigns, etc. As community-engaged artists and initiatives, let’s keep communication lines open with our funders and patrons about the difficulties we’re going through. We need guidance and support to get through the immediate funding concerns and decisions, and working together can help.

Certainly decisions about organizational sustainability are becoming more complex – there is a lot to navigate through. Accountants and bookkeepers can help make sense of our options and boards can help advise. However, not every initiative has these supports in place. LEAN Canada (Leadership Emergency Arts Network) is an “immediate, ad hoc, pro bono response network to help arts organizations, big and small, deal with what is coming at them.”

We also suggest consulting the Government of Canada’s CRA COVID-19 Economic Response Plan and the Public Health Agency of Canada for important information.

Please continue to share stories, ideas and inspiring art about what you and the community-engaged arts initiative that you’re connected with are going through, how you’re coping or how you’re reaching out.

ArtBridges needs volunteers to help connect with community arts initiatives across Canada in FR, EN, and within FNMI communities through this period. Please contact

Take care and stay well!

The ArtBridges team

Mise Ă  jour d’ArtBridges/ToileDesArts

À tous nos amiEs, aux organismes avec qui nous collaborons et à toutes les personnes qui font de l’art en milieu communautaire,

Nous espérons que ce message vous trouve en bonne santé et que vous gardez le moral!

Depuis le dernier courriel que nous avons envoyĂ© il y a quatre semaines, ArtBridges/ToileDesArts a publiĂ© chaque jour des exemples de projets d’art communautaires qui ont pris un virage en ligne afin de rester en contact avec les populations qu’ils desservent tout en restant Ă  la maison.

On a vu circuler tant d’excellentes idĂ©es, du projet de Focus on Nature, de Guelph (Elements of Design Challenge) Ă  celui de Reel Youth, de Vancouver, (Together Apart: free online film program in response to COVID-19)!

Pour nourrir votre inspiration, nous vous invitons Ă  consulter le blogue communautaire d’ArtBridges/ToileDesArts ou notre compte Twitter! Merci de continuer Ă  nous envoyer vos bonnes idĂ©es, car elles inspirent tout le monde pendant cette pĂ©riode d’épreuve sans prĂ©cĂ©dent.

Plusieurs organismes, notamment le Centre for Arts and Creativity de Banff, CanaDonCreative Users Projects et ArtReach, ont publiĂ© des listes de ressources (comprenant les fonds d’urgence liĂ©s Ă  la COVID-19) pour nous aider Ă  dĂ©mĂȘler les renseignements qui circulent. Nous recommandons de vous inscrire Ă  leurs infolettres.

Finalement, les communications venant des bailleurs de fonds (conseils des arts, fondations) signalent le report de certaines dates limites ainsi que diverses campagnes et possibilitĂ©s de financement. Nous croyons qu’il est important que nous, artistes qui Ɠuvrons dans le milieu communautaire et organismes qui utilisons l’art comme moyen d’intervention, dialoguions avec nos subventionnaires et mĂ©cĂšnes au sujet des difficultĂ©s auxquelles nous faisons face. Nous avons besoin de guidance et de soutien pour rĂ©gler les problĂšmes financiers immĂ©diats et prendre des dĂ©cisions Ă©clairĂ©es. La collaboration est la meilleure avenue.

Peut-ĂȘtre que vous vous trouvez face Ă  des enjeux complexes et que vous vous questionnez sur la poursuite de vos activitĂ©s. Demandez conseil Ă  votre comptable et Ă  votre conseil d’administration pour envisager diffĂ©rentes possibilitĂ©s. Si vous n’avez pas accĂšs Ă  ces ressources, vous pourriez faire appel au RĂ©seau d’entraide mutuelle dans les arts (REMA), une initiative bĂ©nĂ©vole et ponctuelle visant Ă  aider les organismes artistiques de toutes tailles Ă  surmonter l’épreuve actuelle.

Nous vous suggĂ©rons Ă©galement de consulter le Plan d’intervention Ă©conomique du Canada pour rĂ©pondre Ă  la COVID-19 et le site de l’Agence de la santĂ© publique du Canada, qui donnent des renseignements importants.

Merci de continuer Ă  partager vos histoires, vos idĂ©es et vos Ɠuvres! Nous gagnons Ă  mettre en commun ce que nous et nos organismes vivons, comment nous nous en sortons et comment nous restons en lien!

Enfin, ArtBridges/ToileDesArts est Ă  la recherche de bĂ©nĂ©voles pour entrer en communication avec diffĂ©rents projets d’art communautaires un peu partout au Canada, en français, en anglais et au sein des communautĂ©s des PNMI. Merci de nous Ă©crire Ă

Prenez soin de vous!

L’équipe d’ArtBridges/ToileDesArts

-photo : Pixabay / Pexel

Stay Home Music Activities

Louise Campbell, in Montreal, shares with us a curated list “of links to music activities that are adaptable for 2-5 people in our Stay Home new normal.” Follow the links below for the lists!:

Stay Home Music Activities

At a time when we’re all being asked to Stay Home, I’m sending good vibes in the form of music activities for you and the people you are staying home with. Most of these activities refer to groups of people, but the activities work equally as well with 2-5 people, roughly the number of people in one household. Adapt by reducing the number of parts, and putting one person to a part.


Musique Ă  la maison

À un moment oĂč on nous demande tous de rester Ă  la maison, j’envoie de bonnes vibrations sous forme d’activitĂ©s musicales pour vous et les gens avec lesquelles vous restez Ă  la maison. La plupart de ces activitĂ©s se rĂ©fĂšrent Ă  des groupes, mais les activitĂ©s fonctionnent Ă©galement avec 2 Ă  5 personnes, Ă  peu prĂšs le nombre de personnes dans un logement. Adaptez les activitĂ©s en rĂ©duisant le nombre de parties et en mettant une personne sure chaque partie.

Les activités:

GeriActors Theatre during COVID-19

GeriActors Theatre shares with us how they’re handling changes to their day-to-day operations and finding ways to continue their work:

GeriActors Theatre in Edmonton, Alberta has postponed all rehearsals, workshops, and performances until further notice. Last Thursday (March 12) our performance company, the GeriActors & Friends had their last in-person rehearsal until further notice. Of course, we didn’t want to fall behind on script development and rehearsing our new plays! Today we organized a Zoom meeting using everyone’s computers, iPads, and iPhones and had our first video rehearsal. It was so lovely to see everyone after a long week, and many of us took a moment to introduce their pets to the group!

For the next few weeks we will meet twice a week for an hour at a time and read through scripts, share stories, and continue editing our new plays. Our rehearsals usually involve an elaborate snack break, so everyone is bringing a treat (though we can’t share through our screens) next week. We are still figuring out the logistics of it all, but it’s been a blessing to still meet regularly and gather as a group.” 

For more information on GeriActors Theatre, please visit:


Sandi got in touch with us as she found a great idea on Facebook that we’d love to share. Thanks Sandi!

“In Spain there is a movement #frommywindow (#desdemiventana) and all kids are encouraged to put all their arts and crafts in the windows so when they go out for a walk (not in groups) they can look at the work of the other children and keep up the good spirit. The message behind the crafts is “Everything will be ok”

This would be a lovely idea to do with your children over the few weeks. Imagine how proud they would be hanging up their creations in the window for everyone passing by to see.”

In Spain there is a movement #frommywindow (#desdemiventana) and all kids are encouraged to put all their arts and…

Posted by Language Clubs Ireland on Saturday, 14 March 2020

-from Facebook

Mise Ă  jour d’ArtBridges/ToileDesArts

À tous nos amiEs, aux organismes avec qui nous collaborons et à tout le monde qui fait de l’art communautaire,

Quelle pĂ©riode intĂ©ressante vivons-nous. L’art communautaire, c’est directement liĂ© Ă  l’engagement dans un milieu avec des groupes de personnes, et voilĂ  qu’avec le COVID-19, nous devons tous adopter la distanciation sociale et parfois l’isolement ou la quarantaine. ArtBridges/ToileDesArts reçoit de nombreux courriels d’organismes qui suspendent ou annulent leurs activitĂ©s pour quelques semaines ou pour une pĂ©riode indĂ©terminĂ©e.

DiffĂ©rentes populations ont besoin des services offerts par les projets d’art communautaires. Le personnel, les bĂ©nĂ©voles, les stagiaires Ă©tudiantEs et les personnes contractuelles qui travaillent dans ces organismes voient leurs postes en suspens ou compromis par la situation.

Pour les prochaines semaines, pouvons-nous trouver des maniĂšres innovantes de participer Ă  des activitĂ©s d’art communautaires en ligne ou Ă  la maison?

ArtBridges/ToileDesArts veut savoir comment ça se passe pour vous! Nous voulons connaĂźtre et diffuser vos idĂ©es pour crĂ©er de l’art communautaire et maintenir vos rĂ©seaux vivants pendant la pandĂ©mie.

Pensons aux personnes plus vulnĂ©rables de nos milieux et trouvons des moyens de favoriser l’inclusion en offrant une programmation ou des projets de rechange. Nous sommes face Ă  un gros problĂšme qui demande de la crĂ©ativitĂ© et c’est en plein dans nos cordes, Ă  nous les artistes! Merci de nous envoyer vos idĂ©es originales et nous les diffuserons. Ça pourrait inspirer d’autres personnes!

Pour des mises Ă  jour importantes sur l’Ă©volution de la situation, consultez l’Agence de la santĂ© publique du Canada et l’Organisation mondiale de la santĂ©.

Prenez soin de vous!

L’Ă©quipe d’ArtBridges/ToileDesArts

-photo par Pixabay / Pexels