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Call for Artists: Fall 2018 Programming (Arts & Health: Healthy Aging Through the Arts, BC)

Arts & Health: Healthy Aging Through the Arts seeks artists (any discipline) interested in facilitating community-engaged arts practices with older adults.

2018/19 is Arts & Health’s 13th year of community-engaged arts programming for seniors and Elders in the Lower Mainland, on the traditional, unceded territories of the Musqueam, Squamish, Tsleil-Waututh Nations. At each project site, an artist works with a group of older adults to co-create art together. The creativity, knowledge and life experience of each participant is acknowledged and their contributions to the project develop through collaboration. The facilitating artist brings their arts expertise and facilitation training to this multitude of voices to challenge group members and to ‘lead from beside’ in a collaborative arts practice. To learn more and see examples of current and past projects visit

For more information, please visit: Arts & Health’s website.

-from Arts & Health website

Call for Proposals: FemFest 2019 (Sarasvàti Productions, Winnipeg)


Celebrating Winnipeg’s 17th Festival of Life-Changing Theatre for Everyone

Sarasvàti Productions is accepting submissions for its 17th annual FemFest, which will take place in September 2019.

We are currently seeking submissions of scripts for production, short performance pieces for various showcases and applications from storytellers interested in participating. Our focus this year is work that explores global connections. All submissions must be from Canadian women. We use an inclusive definition of “woman” and “female” and we welcome pieces created by all who fit under either of these categories/identifiers. Technical and set requirements must be minimal due to the festival setting. A reading committee will assess submissions in order to program a balanced festival.”

For more information please visit: Sarasvàti Productions’ website.

-from Sarasvàti Productions
Read Sarasvàti Productions’ profile in ArtBridges’ Community-Engaged Arts Directory and Map.

Apply Now: Talent To Lead program (Canada-wide)

DEADLINE EXTENDED – Apply Now! – A unique opportunity to accelerate your leadership skills!

CHRC is extending the application deadline for its Talent to Lead program Year 3 (T2L 3) to October 5, 2018.

20 cultural leaders from Indigenous, racialized and official language minority communities across Canada who are seeking to advance to the next level of leadership in Canada’s cultural sector, will be selected to participate in this third cohort of the program.

It’s easy and quick to apply! There’s no cost involved. The benefits can shape your career!

The goal of T2L is to develop and accelerate leadership skills and capacity and strengthen your networks through peer-group learning and one-on-one mentorship with an executive-level cultural leader.

The program offers a series of learning webinars that focus on leadership and HR management fundamentals and competencies. Alongside the webinar learning series, participants will work with their mentors over 8 months and gain insight into how to put their learning into practice to advance their careers.

As well as the mentorships and webinar training, this year there will be regional gatherings across the country to bring together participants from the three T2L cohorts for a one-day learning exchange. The gatherings will include training on harassment and discussions on key issues impacting the sector’s cultural leaders today.

Through mentorship, learning and networking, T2L is nurturing our cultural leaders of tomorrow! Apply now to be part of this unique opportunity.”

For more information, please visit:

-submitted by Talent To Lead

Call for Proposals: Community Artist Series (Art City, Winnipeg)

Ongoing Open Call for Proposals: Community Artist Series

Art City is hiring Winnipeg based artists to lead collaborative art workshops at our studio in West Broadway and at our Community Programs sites in Central Park, Daniel McIntyre, Elwick, Spence, Transcona, and West Alexander.

There is no deadline for submissions

Artists can submit workshop proposals using the application form, available for download here. Please attach a CV or Resume if available.

Things to keep in mind while writing an Art City workshop proposal:

-Workshops should be suitable for all ages
-Workshops can be for 1, 2, or 3 days, maximum once per year per artist.
-Artists are welcome to submit more than one workshop idea
-Workshops should be designed so that participants are able to express individual creativity”

For further information about Art City and the call please visit:

-from Art City Inc.

Artists are asked to submit artwork that reflects on the experience of mental health for TTC (Toronto)

Twentytwenty Arts is producing a mental health awareness campaign in collaboration with the Canadian Mental Health Association Toronto (CMHA Toronto) that will be displayed on the TTC Subway for November and December 2018. Artists are asked to submit artwork that reflects on the experience of mental health, in which selected works will be available for sale on the TTC shop website.”

For more information, please visit Twentytwenty Arts website

-submitted by Twentytwenty Arts

Call to artists / Appel aux artistes (Collectif BUS 1.2.3, Toronto)

“The BUS 1.2.3 collective is looking for artists for its new projects.

Whether you’re a singer, actor, musician or dancer, if you’re multilingual and multidisciplinary, if you like improvisation, contact with the public and new technologies, we’d be interested in meeting you!

Contact us at to express your interest. We’d be happy to meet you over coffee to explain our projects and see if a future collaboration is possible.

Que vous soyez chanteur(euse), comédien(ne), musicien(ne) ou danseur(euse), si vous êtes multilingue et multidisciplinaire, si vous aimez l’improvisation, le contact avec le public et les nouvelles technologies, votre profil nous intéresse !!

Contactez-nous à pour nous faire part de votre intérêt. Nous serions heureux de vous rencontrer autour d’un café afin de vous expliquer nos projets et voir si une future collaboration serait possible.”

-soumis par Collectif Bus 1.2.3
Lire le profil de Collectif Bus 1.2.3 dans notre répertoire et carte de l’art communautaire au Canada

Call for Facilitators: Scarborough Arts Suite of Programs 2018-19

“Are you an artist or educator interested in bringing your artistic and cultural activities to Scarborough? Scarborough Arts is looking for engaging individuals to be part of our artist roster and plan and lead enriching arts workshops, talks, and events in Scarborough as part of our annual SA Suite of Programs 2018-19!

This year, we are especially interested in proposals that plan on delivering a series of workshops that will allow participants to progressively build on their skills. 

Apply now!

DEADLINE: September 23, 2018 at 11:59 PM EST.

Throughout the year, Scarborough Arts offers a collection of creative, innovative and accessible workshops and events series in various locations of Scarborough. At low-cost, these workshops are accessible to people of all backgrounds, abilities, and ages and encourages individuals, friends, and families to explore their creative side. Workshops cover various art disciplines, including but not limited to visual arts, new media, literary arts, music, dance, photography, performance, crafts, and participatory arts. These workshops are categorized into five streams: SA CreatesSA MovesSA WritesSA Talks, and SA Kids.

We are looking for artists and arts facilitators who have had previous experience facilitating workshops and have had experience working with diverse communities.

We welcome new and unique ideas that explore different art forms, including but not limited to visual arts, crafts, dance, drama, music, creative writing, photography, and new media. We also welcome professional development opportunities geared towards artists, arts educators, and arts administrators.

If selected, artists and facilitators must participate in a mandatory Scarborough Arts training session sometime in September or October 2018. Details will be announced as soon as it becomes available.

If you are interested in this opportunity, you must fill out the application form and submit it on or before the deadline on September 23, 2018 at 11:59 PM EST.

For more information and to apply, please visit: Scarborough Arts’ website

-from Scarborough Arts website
Read Scarborough Arts’ profile in ArtBridges’ Community-Engaged Arts Directory and Map

Call for Applicants: VIBE Arts Emerging Arts Educator Program (Toronto)

Are you interested in becoming a VIBE Arts Emerging Arts Educator?

We are currently accepting applications to grow our Emerging Artist roster! To learn more about becoming an Arts Educator, read the eligibility guidelines here.

The VIBE Arts Emerging Arts Educator Program is a tiered, skill-building mentorship program in arts education facilitation.  Individuals participate in professional development workshops and gain hands-on experience facilitating youth arts programming in under-resourced communities throughout the GTA.

  • Learn how to become an arts educator through hands-on experience
  • Get paid to teach art to children and youth
  • Gain resources, skills and support to further your artistic practice

Emerging Arts Educators earn meaningful employment opportunities to learn alongside professional art educators and lead their own programs across a variety of artistic disciplines. They also benefit from various opportunities to further their artistic career, including mentorship, workshops, arts and networking opportunities.”

For more information, please visit:

-from VIBE Arts website
Read VIBE Arts profile in ArtBridges’ Community-Engaged Arts Directory and Map

Artistes autochtones en milieu communautaire et scolaire – projets (Conseil des arts de l’Ontario)

Artistes autochtones en milieu communautaire et scolaire – projets

Le programme appuie les projets qui rassemblent les artistes et les aînés autochtones de l’Ontario pour :

  • travailler avec des individus ou groupes de personnes d’une communauté sur des activités collaboratives qui créent une expérience artistique significative et transmettent des compétences et un savoir artistiques;
  • enseigner des ateliers artistiques dans les écoles pendant l’année scolaire suivante, en suscitant la participation des enfants et des jeunes à des expériences artistiques créatives, actives, pratiques et approfondies.

Le programme comprend cinq catégories de subventions :

  • Projets d’arts communautaires : servent à payer les coûts d’activités participatives favorisant l’apprentissage, la collaboration et l’implication dans les arts.
  • Transmission des langues autochtones par les arts : sert à payer les coûts des projets artistiques et communautaires dont le principal objectif est la transmission des langues autochtones par les arts.
  • Formation pour les artistes et les animateurs communautaires : sert à payer les coûts des artistes et animateurs autochtones travaillant en milieu communautaire et non artistique qui désirent se prévaloir d’une formation et d’un mentorat pour renforcer leur pratique des arts communautaires, de la formation artistique ou de l’éducation artistique.
  • Projets d’artistes autochtones en milieu scolaire : servent à payer les coûts d’activités de l’apprentissage, la collaboration et l’implication dans les arts.
  • Artistes autochtones dans les communautés du nord de l’Ontario accessibles uniquement par avion : projet qui appuie (a) les candidats de communautés accessibles uniquement par avion qui travaillent dans des écoles n’importe où en Ontario, et (b) les candidats de partout en Ontario qui travaillent dans des écoles situées dans les communautés accessibles uniquement par avion.

Remarque: Les candidats ne peuvent faire demande qu’à une seule de ces catégories.

Date(s) limite(s): 22 février et 29 août 2018, 13 h HE

  • Les formulaires de demande sont disponibles dans Nova environ deux mois avant la date limite.
  • Les candidats sont avisés des décisions en matière de subventions environ quatre mois après la date limite.

Important : Les particuliers peuvent présenter une demande verbale à ce programme. Pour de plus amples renseignements ou pour présenter une demande, téléphoner au 1-800-387-0058, poste 7401.”

Pour en savoir plus, consultez le site du Conseil des arts de l’Ontario.

-source : Conseil des arts de l’Ontario

Indigenous Artists in Communities and Schools Projects (Ontario Arts Council)

Indigenous Artists in Communities and Schools Projects

The program supports projects that bring together Ontario-based Indigenous artists or Elders to:

  • work with individuals or groups of people from a community on collaborative activities that create a meaningful arts experience and transmit artistic skills and knowledge
  • teach arts workshops in schools during the upcoming school year, engaging children and youth in creative, active, hands-on and in-depth arts experiences

There are five categories:

  • Community arts projects: to help cover the costs of participatory activities that promote learning, collaboration and/or engagement in the arts
  • Indigenous languages through the arts: to help cover the costs of artistic and community-engaged projects in which the primary purpose is the transmission of Indigenous languages through the arts
  • Training for community artists and animators: to help cover the costs of Indigenous artists and animators working in community and non-arts settings to seek training and mentorship opportunities that will strengthen their community arts, arts training or arts education practice
  • Indigenous artists in schools projects: to help cover the costs of activities that promote learning, collaboration and/or engagement in the arts
  • Indigenous artists in northern fly-in communities: supports (a) applicants from fly-in communities working anywhere in Ontario, and (b) applicants from anywhere in Ontario working in fly-in communities

Note: Applicants may apply to only one category.

Deadline Dates: February 22 and August 29, 2018, 1 p.m. ET

  • Applications will be available in Nova approximately two months before the deadline.
  • Grant notification approximately four months after the deadline.

Important: Individuals have the option to apply orally to this program. For more information or to apply, call 1-800-387-0058 ext. 7401.”

For more information on the grant programs, please visit Ontario Arts Council.

-from Ontario Arts Council website