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Newsletter: Video Resources / Des ressources vidéos

If you haven’t seen ArtBridges’ latest newsletter yet, have a look! This edition was compiled by Lisa Tran, ArtBridges’ Content Coordinator:

The ArtBridges Learning and Resources section includes toolkits, research, and reflections from community-engaged arts initiatives across Canada. In our Resource & Tools section, we also have video resources from the field. In this newsletter, we share a few video highlights from the section that are toolkits and talks. Visit our Resource section to watch more! Happy New Year!

Read ArtBridges’ full latest newsletter here.

Des ressources vidéos

La section Formation et ressources de ToileDesArts propose des outils, des recherches et des réflexions issus du milieu de l’art communautaire un peu partout au Canada. Dans cette infolettre, nous mettons de l’avant certaines vidéos qui présentent des outils et des entretiens pertinents. Visitez la sous-section « Portail de ressources » pour en voir plus ! Bonne année !

Lire la suite : Infolettre : Des ressources vidéos

Resource Highlight – Making Art Work: A Labour Arts Manual


The ArtBridges Resource Portal connects you to community arts toolkits and research, reflections and stories, program ideas, and much more. These resources have been developed and generously shared by artists and cultural workers in Canada through the course of their work.
Making Art Work: A Labour Arts Manual takes a detailed look at creative collaborations involving artists and Labour Arts across Canada.

Commissioned by the Workers Arts and Heritage Centre, and compiled by Hamilton-based artist Ingrid Mayrhofer, the manual is designed as a source of instruction and inspiration for artists and activists undertaking collaborative art projects specifically with labour communities. Making Art Work includes project descriptions, including a listing of materials, people, skills and time. It also contains stories and reflections on the processes, power dynamics and ideas surrounding the work. The manual also includes sample forms, questions to consider, and other interactive tools for planning a project and making it happen.

From editor Ingrid Mayrhofer’s introduction:

“At the centre of arts and labour collaboration are shared struggles, common goals and a spirit of solidarity. The compilation of examples in this ‘kit’ is not intended to function as a list of ‘models’ or ‘best practices.’ The projects simply offer a few ideas and tools, and confirm that creative collaboration is mutually educational, rewarding and empowering. Each project featured as a ‘case study’ involved one or more professional artists working with participants who brought many different skills, insights, experiences, issues and interests to the partnership. The work plans and illustrations are informed by principles of community art practice, where the creative process is considered equally important as the outcome, and collaboration is inherent to both process and result….”   

To find out more about Making Art Work and the Workers Arts and Heritage Centre, visit the ArtBridges Resource Portal.

-Skye Louis, ArtBridging Ontario Resources Developer

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