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Unity Festival (July 13-15, Toronto)

Unity Festival is a FREE, youth-focused Hip Hop festival happening July 13-15, 2017 featuring some of the city’s top current and upcoming talent in beatboxing, spoken word, MCing, graffiti art, break dancing, all styles dance and more!

Day 1: The Unity MC/Spoken Word & Graffiti Exhibition

Tangerine presents Unity MC / Spoken Word & Graffiti Exhibition 2017 in partnership with R.I.S.E.
Thursday July 13th – 3-11pm • Free entry

The Unity MC /Spoken Word & Graffiti Exhibition is back for 2017 and we are celebrating 10 years of Hip-Hop, Dance, Spoken Word, MC’ing and Beatbox with special guests.

Unity Fetsival 2017 kicks off on Thursday, July 13th at Geary Lane with our annual MC / SPOKEN WORD & GRAFFITI EXHIBITION in partnership with R.I.S.E., SKETCH & VIBE ARTS. The night showcases som eof Toronto’s most prolific music and visual artists alongside the most promising youth performers selected form UNITY, VIBE ARTS, and SKETCH’S city-wide after school and drop-in programs.

This year we are very proud to host two of Canada’s leading artist educators who will lead the exhibition with presentations on how they empower and effect change in individuals and communities. STEPHEN “BUDDHA” LEAFLOOR is an internationally recognized and awarded social worker, celebrated dancer, and founder of BLUPRINTFORLIFE, which has brought empowerment, hope and real social change in Canada’s north and urban centers.

DR. AUDREY HUDSON, is an assistant professor at OCAD University where she has developed two courses on teh influence of Hip-Hop art and design practices who views teh arts as a tool to begin decolonizing education because of teh creative platform it provides for historically marginalized communities.

Day 2: Dance Exhibition & Beatbox Competition

Tangerine presents Unity Dance Exhibition & Beatbox Competition 2017.
Friday July 14th – 5-11pm • Free Entry

On Friday July 14th we are very excited to host our UNITY DANCE EXHIBITION & BEATBOX BATTLE at UNDERPASS PARK, under the Eastern Avenue, Richmond and Adelaide Overpasses. The DANCE EXHIBITION features Toronto’s top youth nand professional street dancers in a number of different battles highlighting hip-hop, breaking, popping, and house, Our first round will focus on the community youth and alumni who have developed their skills alongside the guidance of Unity’s program faciliatators.

For the second round, selected mentors from various established dance crews will battle alongside their top students against other mentor/student crews. And for our last round, a number of the most well-respected crews including CASINO BOYS, TENSE IMAGE, ALIBINO ZEBRAZ, WAREHOUSE JACKS, and many more will face off against each other for the first time on Unity’s dancefloor.

Once again, BEATBOX CANADA, the most respected champion of the beatbox community will showcase the underrated art of vocal percussion with an epic battle between Toronto’s top beatboxers in a 1 vs 1 musical battle for 20 years and under. Battle judges are Unity Alumni PARALLEL (Sparx & Psyriene) and WORDOFMOUF (Killabeatz & Subconcious) will represent this art as a part of the human narrative and beatboxers as true musicians while inspiring young talent to pursue new ways of artistic expression through their performances.

– Must be a Canadian Citizen 20 years of age or under
– Email with your name, age and city to register by June 1st, 2017
– Capped at 16 entries, first come first serve so email and contact ASAP!
– Open elimination at event, all participants will have 90 seconds to showcase their skills
– TOP 4 beatboxers will be chosen to battle for prizes
– Battles are 2 x 90 seconds rounds, 3rd place battle will happen as well

29 Lower River St.
Toronto, Ontario

Day 3: Unity Concert
Tangerine presents Unity Concert 2017
Saturday July 15th – 3-11pm • Free Entry

TORONTO!!!!! The Unity Festival is back for 2017 and we are celebrating 10 years of Hip-Hop, Dance, Spoken Word, MC’ing and Beatbox with a line up that includes the return of …

MAIN SOURCE celebrating the 25th Anniversary of their classic album “Breaking Atoms” with an all star line up that includes LARGE PROFESSOR, K-CUT, MIKEY D, NEEK THE EXOTIC & JOE FATAL.


Hosted by none other than:

215 King St. West @ John ST.
Toronto, Ontario
FREE ENTRY | #unitycharityTO”

-posted with permission from UNITY Charity
Read UNITY Charity’s profile on ArtBridges’ Community-Engaged Arts Directory & Map

Call for Emerging Artists / Appel aux artistes émergents : Elemental Festival 2017 (Manitoulin Island, ON)

Call for Emerging Artists – Elemental Festival 2017
Deadline: May 31st, 2017

4elements Living Arts welcomes proposals from emerging artists who would like to participate in this year’s Elemental Festival in Kagawong | Gaagigewang on Mnidoo Mnising |Manitoulin Island.

Elemental Festival is a site-specific multi-arts gathering that occurs annually during the salmon run in the fall. Our small village centers around the Kagawong River that runs over Bridal Veil Falls and empties into Mudge Bay at the northern side of the island. Billings Township has a population of approximately 500 year- round residents, living in a stunning northern Ontario location, on the North Channel of Lake Huron. Its closest neighbouring community is M’Chigeeng First Nation, one of six First Nation Territories on Manitoulin Island.

This year, we invite proposals for temporary sculptural installations, film/new media works and writing, that consider questions of land, and land-use history. We are particularly interested in the relations between the land, environmental change, and reconciliation given the impact of settlement, forestry, farming, and Treaty history, on Manitoulin Island in particular. How has colonization shaped how we understand the land? What are relations between environmental issues and Treaties? How do we re/claim land through land-based practices, art and art-making? Festival engagements will encourage consideration of the relations between land, environment/environmental change and reconciliation; they will acknowledge the important role of the many cultural communities within and adjacent to Billings Township: the French, the English, and the First Nations (Ojibwe, Odaawaa and Pottawottami).

With the support from federal Canada 150 funding, 4elements and Billings Township will see 7 permanent public sculptures and 40 heritage plaques installed throughout the Township this year, creating a ‘Billings Art and Heritage Trail’. Six artists have been chosen via an extensive community engaged selection process; the 7th sculpture will be designed via a 4elements’ facilitated community collaborative design process. All permanent works will be installed by end of summer 2017 and will be ‘unveiled’ during Elemental Festival.

The emerging artist(s) selected from this call are asked to enter into a dialogue with one of the new permanent works as well as the curatorial theme, to challenge the idea that permanent public installations are static. Rather, we propose that the permanent works present entry points into a complex, multi-layered discussion and should act as provocations for discussion to be picked up and carried forward by community members, and in this case, the selected emerging artist(s). For further information about our village, the curatorial theme, or the selected permanent sculptures to respond to email:

The selected emerging artists will receive an artist honorarium of $1000, plus accommodation if non-local. Artists must be able to attend the festival and arrive in time to complete installation a day prior to the festival opening. All applications are welcome and in particular, Francophone and First Nations artists are encouraged to get in touch.

Festival Dates: Sep 28 – Oct 1
Location: Kagawong | Gaagigewang, Manitoulin Island | Mnidoo Mnising

Application requirements:
Interested emerging artists can submit the following items attached as a single .pdf with the subject line ‘Emerging Artist Proposal – EF 2017’ to
1. Full name, address, and contact info; website if you have one
2. A brief project proposal (1 page or less).
3. A brief artist statement (1 paragraph).
4. Artist CV (2 pages or less)
5. Image list, stating title, date and any other relevant details.
Please also submit the following, separate from the .pdf:
6. Maximum of 5 good quality images or short video clip of your work with a corresponding image list (images should be no larger than 1MB)
7. $10 application fee via e-transfer or cheque mailed to the 4e office. This goes directly toward supporting the festival. If this is a barrier for you, please get in touch.

Appel aux artistes émergents – Elemental Festival 2017
Date d’échéance : 31 mai 2017

4elements Living Arts invite tous les artistes émergents qui désirent participer au Elemental Festival de cette année à Kagawong | Gaagigewang on Mnidoo Mnising |Île Manitoulin, à faire leur demande.

Elemental Festival est un rassemblement artistique annuel se déroulant à l’automne pendant la migration anadrome des saumons. Notre petit village se trouve le long de la Rivière Kagawong, connectée aux chutes Bridal Veil et se terminant dans la baie Mudge au nord de l’île. Le canton de Billings a une population d’environ 500 habitants permanents, vivant dans un lieu exceptionnel au nord de l’Ontario dans le chenal nord du lac Huron. La communauté la plus proche est la Première nation M’Chigeeng, un des six Territoires des Premières Nations sur l’Île Manitoulin.

Cette année, nous acceptons des propositions d’artistes pour des installations sculpturales temporaires ainsi que des œuvres cinématographiques/nouveaux médias et d’écriture, qui discutent de la terre et de l’historique de l’utilisation des sols. Nous sommes particulièrement intéressés dans les liens entre la terre, les changements environnementaux et la réconciliation, étant donné l’impact de la colonisation, de la foresterie, de l’agriculture et de l’historique des traités sur l’Île Manitoulin. Comment la colonisation a-t-elle façonné la manière dont nous voyons la terre ? Quels sont les liens entre les préoccupations environnementales et les Traités ? Comment pouvons-nous réclamer la terre par le biais de pratiques axées sur la terre, les arts et la création artistique ? Les engagements au Festival encourageront la prise en compte des liens entre la terre, les changements environnementaux et la réconciliation. Ils permettront de reconnaître l’importance du rôle des trois communautés culturelles présentes autour et à l’intérieur du canton de Billings : La communauté française, anglaise et des Premières Nations (Ojibwe, Odaawaa et Pottawottami).

Cette année, avec le soutien financier du Fonds Canada 150, 4elements et le canton de Billings pourront présenter 7 sculptures publiques permanentes et 40 plaques commémoratives installées dans tout le canton, créant ainsi un sentier artistique et du patrimoine. Six artistes ont été choisis à l’aide d’un processus de sélection communautaire approfondi; la septième sculpture sera conçue par un processus de conception collaborative et communautaire élaboré par 4elements. Toutes les œuvres permanentes seront installées avant la fin de l’été 2017 et seront révélées pendant le Elemental Festival.

Les artistes émergents choisis par le biais de cette invitation seront demandés de rentrer en contact avec les nouvelles œuvres permanentes et le thème de l’œuvre pour contester l’idée que les installations publiques sont statiques. Au lieu de cela, nous proposons que les œuvres permanentes contiennent des points d’entrée et puissent entraîner des discussions complexes suffisamment pertinentes pour permette de faire réagir les membres de la communauté et les artistes émergents. Pour en savoir plus au sujet de notre village, du thème de l’œuvre ou des sculptures permanentes choisies, veuillez-nous envoyer un courriel à

Les artistes émergents choisis recevront une récompense artistique et honorifique de 1 000 $, plus l’hébergement. Les artistes doivent être capables d’assister au festival et d’arriver à l’heure pour compléter l’installation une journée avant l’ouverture du festival. Toutes les demandes sont les bienvenues, et les artistes francophones et des Premières Nations sont encouragés à nous contacter.

Dates du festival : 28 septembre – 1 octobre
Lieux : Kagawong | Gaagigewang, Île Manitoulin | Mnidoo Mnising

Exigences relatives à la demande :
Les artistes émergents intéressés peuvent soumettre les exigences ci-dessous en un un seul fichier PDF, avec comme objet « Proposition Artiste émergent – EF 2017 » à
1. Nom au complet, adresse et coordonnées; site web (le cas échéant)
2. Une brève description du projet proposé (1 page ou moins)
3. Un bref énoncé de la part de l’artiste (1 paragraphe).
4. Le CV de l’artiste (2 pages ou moins)
5. Une liste d’images, de titres, dates et de tout autre détail pertinent.
Veuillez également soumettre les éléments suivants dans un fichier PDF séparé :
6. Un maximum de 5 images de bonne qualité ou un petit film vidéo de votre travail avec une série d’images en rapport avec la vidéo (les images ne doivent dépasser 1Mb).
7. Les frais de dossier de 10 $ doivent être envoyés par transfert électronique ou par chèque au bureau de 4e. Ces frais seront utilisés pour financer le festival. Veuillez nous contacter si vous penser être dans l’impossibilité de payer ces frais de dossier.”

-from 4elements Living Arts facebook
Read 4elements Living Arts’ profile on ArtBridges’ Community-engaged Arts Directory and Map

Profile Highlight: Firelight Lantern Festival (Picton, ON)

As ArtBridges’ Community-Engaged Arts Directory grows, we realize that it’s a bit overwhelming to read through all of the profiles. We’re hoping that by occasionally highlighting some profiles on our blog, you may learn about an initiative that you may not have initially seen in the directory. Also, if you know of a Canadian community-engaged arts for social change initiative that isn’t in our directory, but should be, please let us know! We love and need your input/feedback in building this resource! -Lisa, Content Coordinator at ArtBridges.

“The annual Firelight Lantern Festival features live music, puppetry and a community parade, preceded by a series of lantern-making workshops throughout the community of Prince Edward County, Ontario.”

To read more about Firelight Lantern Festival, please see their profile in ArtBridges’ Community-Engaged Arts Directory and Map

The Touching Ground Festival (Jumblies Theatre, Toronto)

“This spring Jumblies is producing the Touching Ground Festival – a suite of new works on a common theme – the culmination of many activities with many people over the past three years of inhabiting this brand new and ancient location – now called CityPlace, in this place now called Toronto. During our time here, we have delved into the Indigenous and layered histories and current sounds, sights and voices of the area, while also making connections across the city and the country. Threads from all of these explorations appear in our activities over the coming weeks.

As many of you already know, starting on Saturday May 13th, until the end of June, Touching Ground events will be taking place in three main areas: The Ground Floor (132 Fort York Blvd), Evergreen Brick Works (555 Bayview Ave.), and Historic Fort York (250 Fort York Blvd). In addition, Jumblies will be collaborating with our partners elsewhere in Toronto.

Click on each event for more information about some of our Festival highlights:

Plus: three short films, a giant turtle quilt, comics, a new musical in-progress, workshops, exhibitions, celebrations, and more!

For more information, including a full list of festival events, schedule, workshops, and how to get involved visit

-submitted by Jumblies Theatre
Read Jumblies’ Profile on ArtBridges’ Community-Engaged Arts Directory & Map

Scarborough Worldwide Film Festival Seeking Volunteers!


Scarborough Arts invites you to volunteer for this momentous 5th year of the Scarborough Worldwide Film Festival! The festival runs from June 6th to 11th, 2017, and this year is promising to be the best one yet, with a variety of film programs, parties, concerts, industry meetings, guests, and of course more films!

The Scarborough Worldwide Film Festival is only made possible by our amazing volunteers. This festival was founded as a volunteer driven project to bring international stories to the borough of Scarborough, uniting residents and guests under the lights of the screen. We are tremendously grateful for the time and dedication of our volunteers. We sincerely hope that you consider joining the volunteer team this summer!

As a volunteer you will be meeting and interacting with all kinds of new people, developing and sharing your unique skillset while participating and supporting the arts. For volunteering with the festival you will receive free access to all screenings. You will also be provided with a t-shirt, training sessions and volunteer appreciation events!

To apply for a volunteer position please complete this application form.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to email volunteer[at]”

-from Scarborough Arts website

The 18th Dawson City International Short Film Festival (April 13-17)


“We are thrilled to announce our exciting line up!
Opening with a special screening of FROZEN TIME: DAWSON CITY, the feature film made with restored footage from the Dawson Film Find. Filmmaker Bill Morrison will be in attendance to introduce his work and host a Q&A after the screening along with two of the film’s subjects and key researchers, Kathy Jones-Gates, Director, Dawson Museum 1974-1986 and Michael Gates, Curator of Collections, Parks Canada 1977-1996.

Come out and see over 90 short films which include a massive line up of works from Yukon filmmakers, including, Lulu Keating, Suzanne Crocker, Alan Code, Daniel Janke, Krista Davis, Kelly Milner, Naomi Mark, Vivian Belik, Chris Healey, Blair Douglas, Veronica Verkley, and the winner of the Yukon 48 Film Challenge, HOT NUTS!

Join our fabulous guests for exciting and interactive workshops. Jay Bulckaert and Pablo Saravanja (aRTLeSS Collective) from Yellowknife, Gail Maurice (last year’s audience choice winner), Max Fraser along with our current artist in resident Sarah Gignac, will be sharing their vast experiences with our audience.

Check out our website for all the programming details and for ticket info.

-from Klondike Institute of Art and Culture newsletter
Read KIAC’s profile on ArtBridges’ Community-Engaged Arts Directory and Map

Call for Artists: Vancouver Outsider Arts Festival (Community Arts Council of Vancouver)


“Attention artists who practice outside the mainstream – this festival is for YOU!

The Community Arts Council of Vancouver is very excited to share that we will be hosting the first-ever Vancouver Outsider Arts Festival, August 11-12, 2017.

Once known as Art Brut, Outsider Art refers to the work of any artist who has little or no contact with the mainstream art world, often including low-income, visionary, folk, and aboriginal artists, and artists with mental health diagnoses.

Major cities around the world hold outsider art fairs and festivals, and the CACV team feels that Vancouver outsider artists are ready to join them on the global stage.

We are seeking applications for this first-ever festival by mail or by email until May 1, 2017.

We are proud to say that 100% of sales from this festival will go to exhibiting artists, and performing artists will receive fees for showcasing their work.

Artists facing visible or invisible barriers are invited to apply.

Organizations working with socially excluded artists are encouraged to contact us about group exhibition space.

Application requirements include a 500-word description about you, your practice, and how you view yourself as an artist. There are also specific requirements for the two artist categories: visual artists and performing artists.

CACV will also be hosting four outreach workshops to provide guidance to artists about their applications.

Click here to view the full details about the festival, the outreach workshops, and the application requirements.”

-from CACV website
Read Community Arts Council of Vancouver’s profile on ArtBridges’ Community-Engaged Arts Directory & Map

Call for Submissions (Dec 12th): Mayworks Festival of Working People and the Arts 2017


Mayworks Festival of Working People and the Arts is an annual multidisciplinary arts festival that celebrates working class culture. As the longest-running labour arts festival in Canada, Mayworks continues to forge new links between artists and workers, encouraging art to inspire labour and labour to incite art.

For our 32nd festival taking place in May 2017, Mayworks welcomes submissions that respond to today’s landscape of precarious work and shared struggles for decent wages and healthy working conditions. From the $15 and Fairness movement, Justice for Migrant Workers’ Harvesting Freedom campaign, to Whippersnapper Gallery’s Do What with Less? research project, we encourage submissions for art projects that address this theme of solidarity against precarity from all disciplines: visual art, film and video, digital media, music, dance, theatre, performance art.

Mayworks provides a platform for emerging artists and established cultural workers to produce new forms of creative resistance that strengthen labour movements and mobilize around ongoing struggles.

Mayworks’ artistic vision commits to diverse programming that includes First Nations people, people of colour, queer and trans people, people with disabilities and young people as audiences and artists. To that end, we highly encourage applicants from members of these equity-seeking groups.

Application Process
Download the 2017 Mayworks Festival Submissions Form 
Send complete submission form and digital support material to: Support material that must be mailed must be sent to our office: 25 Cecil Street, Toronto ON, M5T 1N1.

Deadline for submissions: Monday, December 12, 2016.”

-from Mayworks newsletter

The 8th Annual Mummers Festival (St. John’s)


“The Mummers Festival runs November 26th to December 14th with events leading up to the Mummers Parade on Saturday, December 10th! Don’t just watch the Parade, be in it! Get yourself dressed up or come to our Rig Up an hour before the Parade to fashion yourself the perfect disguise. The Pot ‘n’ Pan Kitchen Jam teaches mummers some simple beats to play at the Parade. Show up an hour before the Parade for your free lesson.

The Parade ends at our Scuff ‘n’ Scoff party with live music, Purity syrup and sweets. You might want to stuff an extra pillow in your pants to stay warm! The event will feature live music with “Russells in the Corner” and a traditional dance lesson from the Mistress of Misrule! Expect lots of hard stompin’.

If you really want to spice up your disguise this year, the Festival is hosting three different workshops: make an ugly stick, build a hobby horse, or fashion yourself a ribbon rig costume.

Other events include “Exploring a Changing Tradition”, a presentation on the evolving nature of mummering; “Plankin’ ‘Er Down”, a talk about traditional dance in NL with a dance lesson included; “Mummers, Wrens, and Hobbies”: a talk about the Irish and NL connection to mummering; and “King of All Birds” a public forum about the wren tradition.

That’s 15 events between November 26th and December 14th for you to choose from! Get your mummer on!

For more information and a full listing of events visit

-submitted by the Mummers Festival

SPARK Disability Art Festival (Nov 28 – Dec 2, Calgary)


In-Definite Arts & Studio C are proud to present the 2016 SPARK Disability Art Festival, running November 28 to December 2 in different venues across Calgary. SPARK this year will include five juried exhibitions across Calgary, two satellite shows at the University of Calgary and a jam-packed closing reception with three guest speakers.

SPARK is excited to present a series of visual art exhibits that will ignite the mind & spark the imagination. This year’s Festival features over 140 pieces of art in all media from Canadian artists pan-disability. Exhibits will be hosted at ACAD, Arts Commons, In-Definite Arts, Loft 112 and Studio C Nov.28 – Dec.2.

In addition to SPARK’s juried exhibitions, In-Definite Arts and Studio C are pleased to partner with the University of Calgary to present new SPARK art exploring ability, disability and mental health. U of C students will be exhibiting sculptures on the theme of Adapt Ability Disability, as well as collaborative drawings created through partnered expression, where U of C students pair with disabled artists from the In-Definite Arts Society to create jointly rendered drawings.

Both series of artworks will be featured together at the U of C Art Building under the shared title “Creative Growth”. The exhibits will be on display November 28 through December 2, and the reception will occur November 30 from 4 to 6pm. All are welcome.

Attend the Closing Reception at In-Definite Arts December 2 from 6 to 8pm and enjoy keynote presentations from three Calgary artists with a disability. This year SPARK is proud to partner with Tony Goodison, Mary Salvani and Shawn Belanger for a series of thoughtful discussions on subjects relating to art, diversity, and disability.

For more information, please visit:

-submitted by In-Definite Arts
Read In-Definite Arts’ profile in ArtBridges Community-Engaged Arts Directory and Map