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Artists’ Health Talk Series starts today! (Artists’ Health Alliance)

“Starting October 17, world-class researchers take the stage for our free Research for Practice (R4P) Talk Series.

Bringing decades of clinical work and research, our speakers will share their hard-earned insights into the forces which shape artists’ health. The focus lies on practical applications of their research, bridging the gap between what researchers discover and how artists work.

All talks are free of charge.
Registration is open! To learn more and register, go to

-from Artists’ Health Alliance website
Read Artists’ Health Alliance’s profile on ArtBridges’ Community-Engaged Arts Directory and Map

Profile Highlight: Dancing with Parkinson’s (Toronto)

As ArtBridges’ Community-Engaged Arts Directory grows, we realize that it’s a bit overwhelming to read through all of the profiles. We’re hoping that by occasionally highlighting some profiles on our blog, you may learn about an initiative that you may not have initially seen in the directory. Also, if you know of a Canadian community-engaged arts for social change initiative that isn’t in our directory, but should be, please let us know! We love and need your input/feedback in building this resource! -Lisa, Content Coordinator at ArtBridges.

Dancing with Parkinson’s delivers “dance classes to those living with Parkinson’s disease throughout the GTA.

Our mission is to provide a safe fun and artistic environment where those living with PD can celebrate the artistry and potential of their own movement.”

To read more about Dancing with Parkinson’s, please see their profile in ArtBridges’ Community-Engaged Arts Directory and Map

Resource Highlight – Creative Engagement Through the Arts as Health Care for Older People: Potential and Problems Provoked


Creative Engagement Through the Arts as Health Care for Older People: Potential and Problems Provoked
University of Toronto, T-Space | ON | 2011
Ezra Houser

“Programs that use the arts to engage older people promote health, foster community, and give voice and legacy to participants. Creative practice in health care settings facilitates emotional, mental, and physical wellness for participants and staff, while improving the culture of care. Yet there is resistance to arts-in-medicine as a legitimate tool of health care. The predominant biomedical paradigm privileges quantitative assessment methods over qualitative studies which may accept anecdotal, arts-informed, or “common sense” evidence. Successful creative programs face challenges translating their benefits when evaluated inappropriately. This arts-informed inquiry uses creative writing to address multiple dimensions of knowing, integrating autoethnographical insights from work as a caregiver, artist, educator, and administrator of collaborative art. Serendipity and imagination in research were employed to explore how collaborating artists can facilitate creative engagement for elders, embodying preventative, community-based medicine to successfully address and transform myriad challenges and opportunities as the population continues to age.”

Click through the Resource Portal to access the document.

Community arts and health go hand in hand / L’art communautaire et la santé vont bien ensemble!

If you haven’t seen ArtBridges’ latest newsletter yet, have a look! This summary was compiled by Sonya Young, ArtBridges Outreach Coordinator.

Community arts and health go hand in hand. Art can have a positive impact on mental and physical health and can build confidence. From the sounds of musicians playing for people in hospitals, to artists of all abilities collaborating in the community, to artists with dementia painting together, community art improves quality of life for Canadians. Here is a sample of community-engaged arts and health initiatives on ArtBridges’ radar.

To learn more or let us know about a community-engaged arts and health initiative that you know about—reach Sonya at

Read ArtBridges’ full latest newsletter here.

L’art communautaire et la santé vont bien ensemble!

L’art communautaire et la santé vont bien ensemble. L’art a un impact favorable sur la santé mentale et physique, il peut aussi renforcer la confiance. L’art communautaire améliore la qualité de vie des gens, qu’on parle de musiciens qui jouent dans les hôpitaux, d’artistes ayant des handicaps qui font des projets au sein des collectivités ou d’ateliers de peinture pour les personnes atteintes de démence. Voici un échantillon des projets alliant l’art communautaire et la santé répertoriés par ToileDesArts.

Cet aperçu a été compilé par Sonya Young, l’agente de liaison communautaire de ToileDesArts. Pour en savoir plus ou pour nous informer d’autres projets d’art communautaire reliés à la santé, communiquez avec elle :

Lire la suite : Infolettre – L’art communautaire et la santé vont bien ensemble!

Profile: Arts Health Network Canada

Arts Health Network Canada

Profile: Arts Health Network
Status: Charity, Non-profit
Communities Served: Adults, All Ages, Children, Seniors, Youth
Catchment Area: Canada-wide
Languages: English
Arts Focus: All art disciplines
Main Arts Activities: The Network engages arts/health users, organizations, decision makers, and the broader public to understand and support the connections between health and arts-based activities, as well as the multitude of ways that the arts can contribute to lowering costs, increasing effectiveness, and supporting the sustainability of our public health care system. We are also the primary source of arts and health information and resources in Canada, providing a platform for arts and health knowledge translation.
Mandate: The goal of Arts Health Network Canada (AHNC) is to bring arts and health activities into the mainstream of Canadian life so that all Canadians are able to engage in the arts to enhance their health, well-being, and improve their quality of life.
Artbridging: Other community-engaged arts initiatives are invited to become community participants and gain access to our resources.
Main Contact Name: Nicki Kahnamoui, Executive Director
Phone: 1-877-352-3670
Address: Suite 2000, 1188 W Georgia St. Vancouver, BC V6E 4A2

– Nicki Kahnamoui, Executive Director, Arts Health Network Conada

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Videos: BluePrintForLife, Mental Health Outreach & Social Work Through Hip Hop and Traditional Culture

Check out these recent videos about social work through hip hop organization, BluePrintForLife, and their work with Inuit youth in Arctic Canada. So far, BluePrintForLife founder, Stephen ‘Buddha’ Leafloor, has visited 4000 Inuit and First Nations youth, creating links between their ancestral traditions and hip hop as a means of addressing important issues related to mental health, violence, drugs and alcohol, abuse and suicide.
(Cora, ArtBridges)

The French version of the above video is available

Watch APTN’s feature on BluePrintForLife here.

– Posted with permission from Stephen Leafloor,

To read other ArtBridges’ posts about BluePrintForLife, please click here.
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