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FOUR LANDS of WINNIPEG, Jan. 12 to 20, 2018
Created & Produced by Jumblies Theatre
In partnership with Creative Manitoba & the Edge Gallery and Urban Arts Centre

“How can we learn more about the places we live? What is available to the senses and what has to be reached through memory, history and imagination? How do different people sharing the same land experience it differently? Four Lands is a travelling project from Toronto-based Jumblies Theatre that explores these questions with local artists and residents. Mixing of visual arts, words, music and movement, we bring to life imaginary miniature worlds: Goodland, Badland, Lostland, and Dreamland.

For one week, Four Lands will reside at Winnipeg’s Edge Gallery and Urban Arts Centre. Here we will build an evolving and interactive gallery, as well as take activities out to community groups. The week will culminate with a Saturday exhibition, short performances, light refreshments and hands-on art activities.

Four Lands reminds us that how we experience a place depends on many things: culture, age, work, wealth, health, pastimes, relationships, histories and life experiences. This project offers fun and accessible ways to enter into complex questions and spark thought, conversation, curiosity and understanding across differing and converging perspectives.

Four Lands has so far visited Northern Ontario, the Ottawa Valley, Vancouver, Nova Scotia, Toronto, Saskatchewan, and will be travelling to Montreal and Mississauga later this winter.

Project Opening Ceremony:
with Albert McLeod
Creative Manitoba
Sacred Circle
4th floor, 245 McDermot Avenue
Friday Jan. 12 4:00 to 5:30 pm

Artmaking Drop-ins:
Edge Gallery and Urban Arts Centre
611 Main Street
Tuesday Jan. 16 – Friday Jan. 19,
2:00 to 5:00pm
Tuesday Jan. 16 – Friday Jan. 19,
6:30 to 8:30pm

Finale Presentation:
Edge Gallery and Urban Arts Centre
611 Main Street
Saturday Jan. 20, 2:00 to 5:00pm

Free, everyone welcome!

Artists: from Toronto: Ruth Howard, Adrienne Marcus Raja; from Winnipeg: Lindsey Bond, Kelly Campbell, Darla Contois, Braiden Houle, René Joshi Sims, Ted Longbottom &others.

Funders: Canada Council for the Arts, Ontario Arts Council

To find out more about the project and how to take part, please visit

-submitted by Creative Manitoba
photo by Elizabeth Lott

ArtFare Essentials 2018 (Jumblies Theatre)

January 26th – February 1st, 2018
Apply Online

What is it?

  • “An intensive workshop on the principles and practices of art that engages with and creates community;
  • A 6-day exhilarating experiential journey of learning and artmaking;
  • Everything (or many things!) you need to know to launch your own project;
  • Open to artists from all forms and traditions and others with an interest in community-engaged arts;
  • A blend of presentations, discussions, hands-on activities, creative explorations and take-home resources;
  • Lead by Ruth Howard, Artistic Director of Jumblies Theatre, with other co-facilitators and guest artists;
  • Adaptable to diverse partnerships, contexts, interests and regions across Canada.

Topics include:

  • Definitions, values & core principles
  • Guiding and safeguarding your vision
  • Project start-up & basics
  • Partnerships (cross-sector)
  • Budgets, resources and grants
  • Arts-based and oral history research
  • Facilitation
  • Aesthetics and ethics
  • Interdisciplinary collaborations
  • Creative processes
  • Cross-cultural collaboration
  • Conflict and challenges
  • History of community plays/arts
  • Evaluation and documentation
  • Legacy and sustainability
  • Others according to partners’ interests

Cost: $300
(limited sliding scale and work exchanges places available)
Snacks and some meals provided.

Accommodation: For out of town registrants, we can help you find free or affordable billets.

Certification: Attendees will receive a certificate of completion from the Jumblies Studio.

This workshop can also be adapted for other Ontario and Canadian locations.

If you are interested in attending or in bringing a workshop to your community, please get in touch with Jumblies Theatre.”

-submitted by Jumblies Theatre
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Community Arts Practice Foundations-Part 2 (Creative Manitoba)

“Are you interested in art for social change? Community Arts signifies a particular art making practice, emphasizing community involvement and collaboration, often with people who may not otherwise actively engage in the arts. Community Arts is distinct from other arts practices as it is the creative processes and relationships developed with community to make the art that defines it, not the art form or genre itself. Guiding principles are that the activity is by, with and for the communities; the artists are highly skilled; and the activities reflect the energy and qualities of the community.

From Friday to Sunday, January 12–14, we’re offering a course on how to manage a community arts project with Kerri Twigg, who is also a whiz at career development. (Look her up on LinkedIn–she has more than 3,000 followers!) Around that time we’ll be partnering with Jumblies Theatre from Toronto and The Edge Gallery and Urban Art Centre in Winnipeg to host a community arts project called Four Lands. We invite you to participate in the project to gain hands-on experience and valuable national connections. You can be an artist in any artistic discipline to participate in the course and in the Four Lands project.

This course is ideal for:

  • Artists and community members who are curious about the practice of community-engaged arts and want to learn more
  • independent artists working on current or future projects in community settings where the goal is to engage community
  • artists who want to apply to lead With Artor Youth With Art projects through the Winnipeg Arts Council
  • artists who want to gain skills for working in the Manitoba Arts Council’s Artists in Schools Residenciesand ArtsSmarts programs
  • arts or community-based organizations who want to upskill program staff responsible for arts-based community outreach or social change work
  • arts and community-based organizations  and change makers who want to learn how to collaborate to produce community-engaged  projects and programs”

For more information about the course, please visit Creative Manitoba.

-from Creative Manitoba

Resource Highlight | Using the Creative Arts For Transformational Learning

Using the Creative Arts For Transformational Learning
Jumblies Theatre, The Canadian Popular Theatre Alliance of Nova Scotia, and People Development
NS | 2015
Tessa Mendel

“Grounded in a theoretical and practical exploration of critical approaches to personal and social change, Using the Creative Arts for Transformational Learning offers educators, artists, and community workers an innovative approach to using the creative arts in their work. This comprehensive resource develops an original learning model for using the creative arts to understand and address fundamental issues in our lives and in our society.”

Published in collaboration with Jumblies Theatre,The Canadian Popular Theatre Alliance of Nova Scotia and People Development.

To learn more about this resource and to purchase a copy, please visit

Click on the ArtBridges Resource Portal listing for more details.

Image courtesy of Maureen St. Clair

Talking Treaties Spectacle & Under the Concrete (Touching Ground Festival)

Talking Treaties is a participatory multi-arts project, with the goal of artfully sharing local Indigenous knowledge and awareness. Talking Treaties engaged over 300 participants in its research and development, generating symbols, poetry, and expressive maps, which have influenced and are now featured as content in the production. This project strives to expand meaning, knowledge, and personal relationships to encompass the historical and contemporary responsibilities we share as treaty people.

Talking Treaties Spectacle
A large-scale immersive performance and installation, bringing together professional and community performers.

Under the Concrete
A choral reflection on our themes of history, questioning, learning and acknowledging for all of who now live on this land.

Friday, June 23, 6:30 pm
Saturday, June 24, 12-6 pm (installation only)
Sunday, June 25, 5 pm”

For more information about the Touching Ground Festival including the full festival schedule, please visit

-submitted by Jumblies Theatre
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The Touching Ground Festival (Jumblies Theatre, Toronto)

“This spring Jumblies is producing the Touching Ground Festival – a suite of new works on a common theme – the culmination of many activities with many people over the past three years of inhabiting this brand new and ancient location – now called CityPlace, in this place now called Toronto. During our time here, we have delved into the Indigenous and layered histories and current sounds, sights and voices of the area, while also making connections across the city and the country. Threads from all of these explorations appear in our activities over the coming weeks.

As many of you already know, starting on Saturday May 13th, until the end of June, Touching Ground events will be taking place in three main areas: The Ground Floor (132 Fort York Blvd), Evergreen Brick Works (555 Bayview Ave.), and Historic Fort York (250 Fort York Blvd). In addition, Jumblies will be collaborating with our partners elsewhere in Toronto.

Click on each event for more information about some of our Festival highlights:

Plus: three short films, a giant turtle quilt, comics, a new musical in-progress, workshops, exhibitions, celebrations, and more!

For more information, including a full list of festival events, schedule, workshops, and how to get involved visit

-submitted by Jumblies Theatre
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Upcoming ArtFare Essentials Workshops (Jumbiles Theatre, Toronto)


Dates: December 10, 11, 12, 14, 15, 16, 2016; January 14, 15, 16, 18, 19, 20, 2017
Times: 9:30 to 5:30 daily, with optional evening events and end party
Location: The Ground Floor, 132 Fort York Blvd. with excursions to other sites

What is it?
• An introduction to principles and practices of art that engages with and creates community,
• Everything (or many things!) you need to know to start your own community arts project,
• An orientation to potential future work, internships or micro-grant projects with Jumblies,
• A coming-together of artists, arts managers, cultural workers and others interested in community-engaged arts, of varied ages, experiences and backgrounds, from Toronto, across Canada and abroad.
• An integrated mix of presentation, discussion, hands-on activity, creative exploration, site visits and takehome
• A fun, inspirational, thought-provoking, immersive 6-day experience.

Topics covered include:
• Definitions, terms and guiding principles
• Project envisioning and planning
• Partnerships
• Research (e.g. arts and story-based, oral history)
• Facilitation
• Aesthetics and ethics
• Interdisciplinary and cross-cultural collaboration
• Diversity (age, culture, class, ability) and inclusion
• Navigating conflicts and challenges
• History of Jumblies, Offshoots, community arts
• Evaluation and documentation
• Legacy and sustainability

Facilitators: Ruth Howard (Jumblies Artistic Director), with other Jumblies staff and Offshoot associates, and some special guest artists and presenters.
Cost: $300 (much appreciated if you can afford it, and some subsidized places are available – please ask)
Meals: Some are provided, some are pot-luck, some are bring-your-own
Certification: Attendees will receive a certificate of completion from the Jumblies Studio
We can also support out-of-town attendees through finding free or affordable accommodation, and sometimes through travel subsidies and bursaries, connected with specific funding programs (e.g. our current Youth Artist Exchange).

This workshop is respected in Toronto and across Canada as a qualification for community arts employment and funding.

For more information please contact: or 416 203 8428″

-submitted by Jumblies Theatre
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Learn about Community Arts funding programs and experience a participatory jury process (Mississauga)


“Jumblies Theatre, Toronto, in partnership with the Art Gallery of Mississauga, hosts a Mock Jury with Loree Lawrence, Multi & Inter-Arts, Community Engaged Arts and Community Arts Program Officer for Ontario Arts Council.

Register is required as space is limited!

Friday, September 23, 5-8pm, Committee Room A, Mississauga Civic Centre, 300 City Centre Drive, Mississauga.

For more details on the Mock Jury, please see the flyer above or visit

-submitted by Jumblies Theatre
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Showing the work of 50+ Toronto Arts Council micro-grantees from this year’s Platform A (Toronto)

“In 2016, Art Starts, Jumblies Theatre, VIBE Arts, SKETCH and CUE collaborated to provide over $65,000 in grants to support the production of community-engaged and individual projects by artists who are often underrepresented in mainstream arts and culture. This collaboration, called Platform A, is a strategic initiative of the Toronto Arts Council dedicated to fostering a new generation in community-engaged arts.

The Ground Floor – Showing the work of 50+ Toronto Arts Council micro-grantees from this year’s Platform A. For a full list of artists supported, please visit:

Reception: June 23, 7 – 11pm
Gallery hours: June 24 – 27, 12pm – 4pm
Venue is fully accessible
Washrooms are gender-neutral
Admission is free, everyone is welcome!”

-submitted by Art Starts
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Platform A announces the recipients of 2016 Toronto Arts Council micro-grants


Platform A partner organizations Art Starts, Jumblies Theatre, SKETCH and CUE, and VIBE Arts, are pleased to announce the recipients of new arts grants made possible through City Council’s increase in investment to the Toronto Arts Council. This initiative has for the last three years, put grants of up to $1,000 into the hands of underrepresented, marginalized, and newcomer artists and collectives to develop new projects.

This cycle saw 149 funding submissions to Platform A partner organizations. The successful 77 grant recipients will be working on a diverse range of projects such as creating murals with women’s shelter residents, installing piñatas in public spaces across Scarborough, creating an arts-based writing workshop series to engage black youth who live with various forms of disability/chronic illness, and dozens of individual fine arts projects spanning every artistic discipline. These grants are significant as they represent support for artists who have been historically excluded from conventional arts opportunities, and artists who have not previously been able to access funding for their work. Platform A provides high-access systems for these artists to apply for funding, and the opportunity comes with intensive mentorship throughout the process of developing proposals, producing projects, and connecting with future opportunities after grant period.

“We are happy to be in a position to increase access to arts funding for newcomer and community-based artists through the Platform A initiative,” says Claire Hopkinson, Director and CEO of the Toronto Arts Council. “We extend our warmest congratulations to each of the recipients.”

The following artists received grants through this cycle of the Platform A funding program:

The works of Platform A grant recipients will be featured at a group arts exhibition in the summer of 2016.

Platform A is collaboration between Art Starts, Jumblies Theatre, SKETCH and CUE, and VIBE Arts. These organizations have all emerged from grassroots initiatives to become key community builders in Toronto’s arts sector, engaging thousands of children, young people and adults annually through diverse and accessible programming.

About Partner Organizations:
VIBE Arts is an award-winning organization whose mandate is to engage young people living in priority neighbourhoods in high-quality, accessible arts educational programs that are meaningful, relevant and collaboratively developed with community and education partners. VIBE Arts positions arts programs in schools and neighbourhood venues as a means of building community, and empowering marginalized children and youth to reach their full potential as artists and social contributors.

Art Starts
Art Starts is an award-winning charitable, not-for-profit organization that uses the arts as a vehicle to encourage social change in Toronto’s underserved neighbourhoods. Bringing professional artists and communities together to work across all artistic disciplines, Art Starts combines the best practices of hands-on community consultation with a collaborative art- making approach and sound organizational and administrative support.

Jumblies Theatre
In operation for over ten years, Jumblies is an inclusive and community-focused theatre company offering multi-year residencies, studio training, mentorships, and innovative collaborative projects. Jumblies is an award-winning organization increasingly cited as a pioneering and inspirational example of art that embraces and intertwines aesthetics with social engagement.

SKETCH is a nationally recognized, award-winning community arts enterprise based in Toronto engaging young people living homeless and on the margins, ages 16-29, coming from across Canada. SKETCH creates equitable opportunities for diverse young people to experience the transformative power of the arts, build leadership in the arts and cultivate environmental and social change through the arts.

A collaborative partner of SKETCH, CUE is a radical arts initiative dedicated to supporting new generation artists who live and work on the margins. Since 2008, CUE has disseminated over $250,000 to support the creation of more than 260 art projects.

Toronto Arts Council, an arm’s length body of the City of Toronto, funds artists and arts organizations across the city through its grants programs. In 2015 Toronto Arts Council reviewed over 2300 grant applications and awarded grants totalling $16 million to 950 individual artists and organizations.
Toronto Arts Council contact:, 416 392 6802 x 211″

-submitted by Art Starts
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