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Become a Member of ArtBridges!

As you know, ArtBridges is a hub and forum for connection for anyone interested in or active in community-engaged arts and arts for social change in Canada.

Membership fees help to support the work of ArtBridges all year!

As a Member, you will be a vital partner in ArtBridges’ important work by helping us to raise awareness, connect people to community-engaged art initiatives, gather and share resources, and highlight what’s going on in the practice and field.

Become a Member!

Last year was an exciting one for ArtBridges! Some highlights were:

  • ArtBridges changed its organizational model! After 10 great years of growing and developing with the strong support and mentorship of Tides Canada, ArtBridges was designated as a Registered National Arts Service Organization and became a registered charity by Canadian Heritage and the CRA. Thank you to Tides Canada for incubating and building ArtBridges from charitable project, a seedling, into a new organization!
  • ArtBridges staff went on 55 site visits in Ontario (marking over 250 site visits across Canada in past 3 years!) to meet community partners and see community-engaged arts initiatives in action. This provided us with enormous insight into how regional location, availability of resources, community needs & issues, culture, and leadership affects why an initiative comes to be and how it is sustained. There are so many inspiring projects and organizations out there! Call us to learn more or connect you!
  • We connected with over 395 (and growing!) community-engaged arts initiatives across Canada and added over 40 initiatives to the Map and Profile Directory. Learn more about these amazing initiatives from coast to coast to coast on the Map and Profile Directory and update your initiative’s organization profile any time.
  • We uploaded over 250 resources on – Learning and Resources, and commissioned community partners to write about their unique experiences to share in our Tips and Tools series: “The Stuff of Community Engagement” by Annalee Adair; “Training for Artists Working with Seniors in the Deaf or Disability Communities” by Peter Wolf, H’Art Centre; “Creating Indigenous Art Spaces in the City” by artists Aura and Chief Lady Bird.
  • We worked hard to keep the information flowing on a daily basis about what’s going on in the field via with daily blog posts, Facebook & Twitter, and helped people with special requests—assisting with finding mentorship, connections, supplies, resources, and writing letters of support, all year!
  • As a community partner, ArtBridges assisted the ASC! Project (Arts for Social Change) with research about community-engaged arts across Canada, so that they could conduct advocacy to increase visibility and resources for initiatives working in the field.
  • ArtBridges held its 4th Annual Recognition Awards for Remarkable Community-Engaged Arts! There were over 75 submissions for this juried award.

As an ArtBridges Member, you or your arts initiative can:

  1. Have your website reviewed for accessibility, mobile responsiveness and clarity in a one-hour professional consultation
  2. Recognition Awards: Nominate your own community arts initiative, or another for ArtBridges’ Annual Recognition Awards based on remarkable innovation, resiliency, and creativity. Each of the three winning initiatives receive a donation of $250.
  3. Member Spotlight: Have your community-engaged arts initiative featured on ArtBridges’ Canada-wide Community Blog
  4. Receive consideration for a letter of support for your initiative from us.
  5. Take advantage of the Events and Classifieds sections of our website by having announcements and opportunities featured at the top of the pages for up to 3 times a year.
  6. Be listed under Membership Recognition on the ArtBridges website.
  7. Receive a Membership card: become a card-carrying member!

Join our Membership today! Please fill out the Membership registration form online at Your membership fee will cover from now through to the end of 2019.

Thank you for believing in this work!


Tiffany Nyklickova
ArtBridges Membership Developer

& Seanna Connell

Award winners for ArtBridges First Annual Recognition Awards! / Félicitations! Les premiers prix honorifiques annuels de ToileDesArts

We are pleased to announce the award winners for
ArtBridges First Annual Recognition Awards!

The awards showcase remarkable work in community-engaged arts in Canada in three categories: Innovation!, Resiliency! and Creativity!

The award process: In late 2014 we did a call for ArtBridges annual fee-paying Members to participate in award nominations. All of the entrees were compelling and demonstrated amazing work. The awards jury was comprised of three active leaders in community arts in Canada from Vancouver, Halifax and Toronto who are not Members of ArtBridges. Three wonderful and generous sponsors each donated $250 for the awards.

Nous avons le plaisir de vous présenter les lauréats des premiers
Prix honorifiques annuels d’ArtBridges/ToileDesArts!

Ces prix soulignent un travail remarquable dans le domaine de l’art communautaire au Canada. Il y a trois catégories : Innovation, Résilience et Créativité.

Le processus de sélection : À la fin de 2014, nous avons invité les membres cotisants d’ArtBridges/ToileDesArts à soumettre leur candidature pour les prix honorifiques. Tous les dossiers qui ont été soumis étaient intéressants et témoignaient d’un excellent travail. Le jury était composé de trois personnes très dynamiques dans le milieu de l’art communautaire au Canada; elles venaient de Vancouver, d’Halifax et de Toronto et n’étaient pas membres d’ArtBridges/ToileDesArts.

Les trois prix de 250 $ remis aux lauréats ont été gracieusement offerts par trois généreux commanditaires.

Congratulations to / Félicitations aux lauréats! :


The Remarkable Innovation! Award to / Le prix soulignant une innovation remarquable est remis à : Arts for Children and Youth

“Working with community partners, we provide opportunities for children and youth in under-resourced communities and schools to engage meaningfully and actively in hands-on, high quality arts education.” (Mission)

The Mandel Surprise-Me Award for Innovation is sponsored by the Ruth Mandel – WHO GIVES Fund.

« En collaboration avec des organismes communautaires, nous offrons l’occasion à des enfants et des jeunes issus de milieux défavorisés de participer pleinement à des ateliers d’arts plastiques de haute qualité. » (Mission [notre traduction])

Le prix Mandel « Surprenez-moi! » pour l’innovation est commandité par le Ruth Mandel – WHO GIVES Fund.


The Remarkable Resiliency! Award to / Le prix soulignant une résilience remarquable est remis à : DAREarts

“DAREarts empowers Canadian children who are challenged by life circumstances to unlock their potential using the arts. Armed with confidence, courage and leadership skills, they ignite change in their lives and in their communities.” (Mission)

A sponsorship has been made by Degeneration X Investments Inc.

« Par la voie des arts, DAREarts redonne à des enfants qui vivent des situations difficiles le pouvoir de libérer leur potentiel. Armés de confiance, de courage et d’habiletés de leadership, ces jeunes suscitent des étincelles de changement dans leur vie et dans leur milieu. » (Mission [notre traduction])

Ce prix est commandité par Degeneration X Investments Inc.


The Remarkable Creativity! Award to / Le prix soulignant une créativité remarquable est remis à : The Sustainable Thinking and Expression on Public Space (STEPS) Initiative

“We use art to connect people to public spaces by: engaging diverse communities, building youth capacity, enabling grass roots initiatives, revitalizing public spaces, and creating new opportunities for public art” (Mission)

A Sponsorship has been made for this award in recognition of Majengo Canada for The Majengo Children’s Home in Tanzania.

« Nous utilisons l’art pour créer un lien entre les personnes et les lieux publics, notamment en interpellant différentes communautés, en renforçant les capacités des jeunes, en favorisant les projets issus de la base et en créant des occasions qui font de la place à l’art public. » (Mission [notre traduction])

Ce prix a été commandité en l’honneur de Majengo Canada, qui soutient l’orphelinat Majengo Children’s Home, en Tanzanie.

We will be calling for nominations for our Second Annual Recognition Awards this Autumn.

Please sign up yourself or your community arts initiative as a Member, to participate!

Membership fees help to support the work of ArtBridges all year! As a Member or Member Organization, you will be a vital partner in ArtBridges’ important work by helping us to raise awareness, connect people to community-engaged art initiatives, gather and share resources, and highlight what’s going on in the practice and field.

Please contact us toll-free: 1-877-278-3002 or, if you have any questions and to learn more.

Nous lancerons cet automne une invitation à soumettre des candidatures pour les deuxièmes Prix honorifiques annuels.

Devenez membre d’ArtBridges/ToileDesArts (en tant qu’individu ou en tant qu’organisme) pour pouvoir participer!

La cotisation des membres soutient le travail d’ArtBridges toute l’année! Devenir membre d’ArtBridges/ToileDesArts, c’est participer à faire connaître l’art communautaire, au réseautage des organismes et personnes actives dans le milieu, à la mise en commun des ressources et à la diffusion des nouvelles et des activités pertinentes.

Pour en savoir plus ou si vous avez des questions, communiquez avec nous : (sans frais) 1-877-278-3002,

– Tiffany Nyklickova, Membership Developer / responsable de la campagne d’adhésion,

ArtBridges’ First Annual Recognition Award Nominations are happening now through November!!!


For the first time, ArtBridges/ToileDesArts will be presenting three Recognition Awards to community-engaged arts initiatives or community artists that are (annual fee-paying) Members of ArtBridges/ToileDesArts. (Become a Founding Member now if you are not one already!)

These awards will showcase remarkable work in community-engaged arts in Canada. There are three categories:

1) Innovation
2) Resiliency
3) Creativity

One award will be given in each category. Each award-winning organization or artist will receive a $250 gift as well as recognition on the ArtBridges hub. You can apply for one, two or all three, award categories.

You are eligible to nominate your organization, another organization (or yourself—if you are an individual member) for the awards! To be considered, please fill out the online ArtBridges Recognition Award Nomination form by November 30th, 2014.
Please contact us toll-free: 1-877-278-3002 or, if you have any questions!

Membership fees help to support the work of ArtBridges all year!

As a Founding Member, you will be a vital partner in ArtBridges’ important work by helping us to raise awareness, connect people to community-engaged art initiatives, gather and share resources, and highlight what’s going on in the practice and field.

Membership Registration forms received before December 31st will enable you or your organization to still be considered a “Founding Member of ArtBridges”. Your membership fee will cover from now through to the end of 2015.

Friday Morning Coffee: Become a Member of ArtBridges!


Hi, my name is Tiffany Nyklickova. I’ve had the great privilege of working with ArtBridges/ToileDesArts for the past few months getting the new membership program up and running. This is exciting for ArtBridges because the new membership program will help us to expand our network with community arts initiatives in Canada.  Membership also means that you believe ArtBridges can help represent your interests. In my experience, memberships take organizations to the next level, they also create a greater sense of community.

To ensure ArtBridges was in the best position to launch a Membership Program we did extensive research. We reached out to organizations nationally and around the world to learn about membership within other community arts networks including Community Arts Network Western Australia, Community Arts Council Vancouver and the Manitoba Arts Network. Because of the impact that community arts has had in Western Australia, we learned, many other government agencies and sectors have taken notice including the Ministry of Social Services, Department of Aboriginal Affairs and Health.

We have met great people, learned about fascinating projects, and established valuable partnerships. Most importantly we learned that community-engaged arts initiatives are doing incredible things for communities and individuals; the leaders of these initiatives are eager to share what they’ve learned to drive community arts initiatives to new places; and through collaboration, active participation, and support ArtBridges can be a valuable resource for community-engaged arts initiatives. Membership helps projects like ArtBridges have a stronger voice.

This is an exciting time for ArtBridges and I’m honoured to be part of this endeavour!

We hope that you or your community arts initiative will become a founding member of ArtBridges.

Contact me if you have any questions at:

-Tiffany Nyklickova, Membership Developer

ArtBridges/ToileDesArts sponsor