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2019 Workshops with Mixed Company Theatre: Rainbow of Desire and Masks of Manipulation! (Toronto)

Mixed Company Theatre is excited to announce our lineup of annual workshops for artists, educators, and community leaders!

Rainbow of Desire (March 9th 2019, 10AM-5PM)

What happens when you take apart a single moment of conflict to explore every possible desired action?

In this experiential workshop led by Simon Malbogat, participants will employ Augusto Boal’s Rainbow of Desire techniques to broaden perspectives and reframe situations by focusing on the inner thoughts and impulses of the individual. Through storytelling and performance, participants will gain a deeper understanding of their conflicting and co-existing desires, which will enrich their work onstage and in community settings.

Masks of Manipulation (March 16th and 23rd 2019, 9:30AM-5:30PM)

The “Masks of Manipulation”, an invaluable character development and conflict-resolution process designed by Simon Malbogat and co-facilitated by Peter Jarvis, gives face to each of the manipulative forces we encounter both onstage and in daily life.

This workshop draws on Commedia dell’Arte-inspired masks to help participants acquire a deeper awareness of manipulation and oppression: how and why it happens, what it looks and feels like, and how to de-escalate it.
Participants will also take away from this two-day workshop a Mask of their own creation, which they will learn to use as a physical touchstone in processes ranging from character development to community mediation.

Forum Theatre Performance + Creation (July 19th and 20th 2019, 10AM-5PM)

In this all-levels workshop, we will explore how Forum Theatre techniques of participation, intervention, and improvisation can help performers, educators and community leaders build tool kits for character development, conflict resolution, and catalyzing change in their own circles.

This workshop, which acquaints participants with Augusto Boal’s pedagogy and applied theatre techniques, is a great opportunity for artists who are looking to hone their performance creation skills as well as for educators, social workers and health professionals, and any and all practitioners of community engagement.

Through learning and practicing Forum Theatre under the guidance of Simon Malbogat, participants in this workshop will receive the skills to become better facilitators, conflict resolution mediators, artists, community leaders, and more socially-aware educators.

For more information and full workshop descriptions, please visit:

20% Discount for CAEA Members, and 50% Discount for Students and Arts Workers who identify as under-waged.
Bursaries also available upon request!

-from Mixed Company Theatre
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Forum Theatre Performance and Creation Workshop (Nov. 9-10, Mixed Company Theatre, Toronto)

“This all-levels workshop is a great opportunity for artists who are looking to hone their performance or theatre creation skills, and/or interested in creating social justice-minded theatre.

Forum Theatre is also a great tool for educators, mental health professionals, and any or all practitioners of community engagement for facilitating conversations, critical inquiry, and action in their respective communities. Based on the principles of Theatre of the Oppressed, our intensive 2-day workshop will give participants an introduction to the artistic practice of Forum Theatre and how it can be used to inspire and empower community dialogue and grassroots advocacy.

Bursaries and discounts are available.”

For more information, please visit

-from Mixed Company Theatre
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Mixed Company: Forum Theatre In-Class Workshops and Touring Show 2018-2019 (Toronto)

“We are so excited to introduce you to our educational programming for the 2018-2019 school year!

This year we will be touring a BRAND NEW Forum Theatre show to schools across the GTA! From acclaimed playwright Luciano Iogna, IN YOUR HEAD takes us into the relationship of Rayna and her brother Sam as they deal with the increasingly complicated world of high school and “growing up.” How can they be there for each other? Is there anyone else that can help out? IN YOUR HEAD is about the importance of mental health allyship and how we all have a role to play in combating mental health stigma.

For the first time ever, we are offering our “LIGHTNING FORUM” presentations to schools! Lightning Forums are our scenario-based theatrical presentations that gives you more choice in topics and scheduling while maintaining the high quality of engagement our shows are known for. Available topics this year include: anti-bullying, anti-discrimination and inclusion, building healthy relationships, and gender-based harassment and violence.

After great feedback from schools last year, we are pleased to offer our customizable Forum Theatre IN-CLASS WORKSHOPS again this year. These are a great economical option for teachers who want to give their students a more hands-on look into the creation of theatre for change from master facilitator and MCT Artistic Director Simon Malbogat.

Contact to bring MCT and Forum Theatre into your classroom!”

-from Mixed Company Theatre
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Mixed Company Theatre Community Workshop Series: Elder Care Workshops

Mixed Company Theatre, with the support of the Government of Ontario Senior Community Grant Program, is bringing our popular community-based workshops to seniors across the GTA this fall and winter.Facilitated by our Artistic Director, Simon Malbogat, our Elder Care Workshops seek to empower senior citizens and address the pressing issue of elder abuse in our communities. In these workshops, participants will be led through a series of exercises and activities developed from Theatre of the Oppressed/ Forum Theatre methodology that will provide seniors with the tools to express and address issues relating to elder care and abuse. The Elder Care program is also designed to address diverse groups of seniors, including newcomer/refugee groups.

To bring our Elder Care workshops to your organization, please contact:

For more information, including workshop descriptions, please visit:

-from Mixed Company Theatre
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Theatre for Action Workshops for July! (Mixed Company Theatre, Toronto)

Mixed Company Theatre is bringing back their popular Forum Theatre workshops this July! Theatre for Action is our week-long series of intensive workshops conducted by renowned Forum Theatre creator and Mixed Company Theatre Artistic Director Simon Malbogat.

Forum Theatre give communities the agency to develop their own grassroots solutions and the ability to envision the positive outcomes of inspiring social change. The techniques of Forum Theatre facilitation are transferable to a wide range of community engagement arts initiatives. Theatre for Action participants will receive the skills to become better facilitators, artists, community leaders, and more socially-aware educators.

For more information, including workshop descriptions, please visit:

-from Mixed Company Theatre
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Spring Moon / 春明 connecting seniors and youth in culturally diverse communities across Toronto (Mixed Company Theatre)

Spring Moon - Poster “Mixed Company Theatre Presents

春明 Spring Moon
Written by Diana Tso
Directed by Karthy Chin

Mixed Company Theatre is pleased to present the second installment of their InterGEN Project, Spring Moon. Based on the real-life experiences of the Toronto Chinese community, Spring Moon tells the story of a resilient immigrant peoples through the eyes of three Chinese grandmothers who survived hardships and crossed oceans to give their granddaughters a better life. Although separated by differences of language, culture, and distance, the unconditional love that exists between grandmothers and their granddaughters is a connection that cannot be broken.

Spring Moon reveals that to find out who we are, we will have to understand where we come from.

Spring Moon plays from April 20th to 23rd at The Citadel: Ross Centre for Dance (304 Parliament Street). The show will be performed in Cantonese, Mandarin, English, and French with Chinese and English surtitles. Written by acclaimed playwright Diana Tso (Comfort, Red Snow Collective) and directed by emerging artist Karthy Chin (The Enchanted Loom, Cahoots/ Factory Theatre), Spring Moon is an exploration of Chinese intergenerational relationships in Toronto and features Asian community performers and emerging artists from the GTA.

Spring Moon was created with the input of Chinese youth and seniors from Eastview Community Centre, Scadding Court Community Centre, Broadview Manor, The Phoenix Arts Academy, and Toronto Community Housing. Speaking about the process of creating Spring Moon, playwright Diana Tso raves “The seniors are full of surprises! I loved watching them practice Chinese folk dancing and being a part of their circle as they sang. The youth in the play…their input and sharing of their personal lives were very valuable.”

Spring Moon is the second production produced under The InterGEN Project, a three-year initiative generously funded by the Ontario Trillium Foundation to connect seniors and youth in culturally diverse communities across Toronto. Community participants were invited to share their stories, family and cultural traditions in a series of workshops held throughout the last three years. These tales of family, migration, and cultural displacement were then collected and developed into two full-scale theatrical productions by renowned Toronto artists. The first production, Shelf Life, was brought to life on stage by Luciano Iogna with the direction of Artistic Director Simon Malbogat in December 2016.

Founded as an artist-run collective in 1983, Mixed Company Theatre produces innovative, socially relevant plays as a tool for positive change. Today Mixed Company Theatre is committed to inspiring schools and community organizations across Canada to create social change through theatrical practice. In addition to producing Spring Moon, they are also currently touring their hit teen show Half Full, on anxiety and mental well-being, to schools across the GTA.

“Mixed Company has created community-engaged work with various groups and in our discussion with Scadding Court we wanted to give voice to the intergenerational Chinese community which is under-served. I believe the only way for theatre as an art form to remain relevant is to connect with that community so people see themselves reflected on the stage.” – Simon Malbogat (Artistic Director, Mixed Company Theatre)

CBC coverage of The InterGEN Project:

春明 Spring Moon
Written by Diana Tso
Directed by Karthy Chin
April 20 – 23, 2017
The Citadel: Ross Centre for Dance (304 Parliament Street)
Thursday April 20th – 7:30 PM
Friday April 21st – 7:30 PM
Saturday April 22nd – 2:00 PM
Saturday April 22nd – 7:30 PM
Sunday April 23rd – 2:00 PM
Tickets: $10 Available online at:
We are committed to making theatre financially accessible for everyone. For discounts and group rates, please contact or call 416-515-8080.

Betty Chou
Juvally Chan
Ashley Chan
Susan Chou
Angela Sun
Shasha Huo
Mikaela Cordero

Creative Team
Playwright – Diana Tso
Director – Karthy Chin
Stage Manager/ Production Manager – Becky Wong
Assistant Production Manager – Calvin Wong
Choreographer/ Movement Coach – Julia Hune-Brown
Set/Props Designer – Echo Zhou
Lighting Designer – Alan Trumble
Music Composer/ Pianist – Alice Ho
Costumer Designer – Laura Delchiaro
Poster Designer – Wenting Li”

For more information, please visit Follow us on Instagram and Twitter @MixedCTheatre and #SpringMoonTO

-from Mixed Company Theatre newsletter
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Workshop: The De-construction of Individual Myths (Mixed Company Theatre, Toronto)


The De-construction of Individual Myths

In the Workshop we will explore our habits, norms, traditions and passed experiences who have left traces in our unconcious and made us who we are today.

What will be explored in the workshop ?
Participants will learn to devise theatre; transforming their personal experiences into creative theatrical materials, build a collective and under the umbrella of collective creation, share their personal narratives. We will learn to change our perspectives, using our past experiences and our histories to tap into ourselves. Sign up for MCT’s New Workshop – August 18th & 19th

What will participants gain ?
We will learn to build community. This workshop will allow participants to assume their individuality in the group while learning how to be part of a collective. They will also develop their presence on stage. They will build confidence in using their voices to speak directly in order to be authentic.

For more information, please visit the De-construction of Individual Myths section on our website

Location : 157 Carlton Street, Toronto
Date : Thursday August 18th & Friday August 19th 6-9pm
Cost : $5
Reserve your spot ! Call us at 416-515-8080 or e-mail us at info[at]
For more information about MCT and their workshops, visit:

-from Mixed Company Theatre newsletter
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Mixed Company Theatre 2015 Forum Theatre Training (July 10-17, Toronto)

mixed company - ocic

Mixed Company Theatre has announced the dates for our annual 2015 Forum Theatre Training which takes place this July. We’ve included a new workshop – Playwriting for Communities taught by MCT associate artist and award winning playwright, Rex Deverell.

mixed company - workshop brochure 2015-1

Workshops offered:

Introduction to Forum Theatre – July 10 2015

Learn to build trust through games and interactive techniques, including storytelling, theatre exercises, and building images. Clarify and strengthen your facilitation skills through development of the fundamentals of creating and activating Forum Theatre scenes. Explore the multiple perspectives these techniques provide when used as tools for positive problem solving.

Playwrighting for Communities – July 11 2015 (NEW)

Developed by Artistic Associate and award winning playwright, Rex Deverell, this new hands on workshop will explore the whole process of developing a community play from concept, mobilizing participation, initial research, sources and resources, selecting characters and story lines to the final format. Participants will discuss ideas for community projects.

Masks of Manipulation – July 13 & 14 2015

Invaluable tools for character development and the conflict-resolution process. Developed by Artistic Director, Simon Malbogat, these Commedia dell’Arte-style masks help define our recognition of different external manipulative energies. Each mask presents the face of a universally-recognized emotional response to a series of manipulative energies. The participants in this workshop learn to develop an acute understanding of manipulation: how and why it happens and what to do about it.

Facilitator/Joker* Workshop – July 15-17 2015

The participants within the workshop become awake, aware and alert to our own negative patterns, and that in turn allows us to be a more effective and neutral facilitator. MCT creates a safe, unique and supportive environment which helps to develop and refine your ability to find your authentic voice and express yourself. After taking this workshop participants will be well acquainted with the process of developing Forum Theatre scenarios. As a Joker you will be able to identify the key questions to catalyze your spect-actors to want to change the outcome of the play/scenes…

For more information please visit our website:

mixed company - workshop brochure 2015-2

-submitted by Erin McCluskey, Mixed Company Theatre
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Theatre of the Oppressed: Rainbow of Desire Workshop, Mixed Company Theatre (Toronto)


“Rainbow of Desire was developed by Augusto Boal is a therapeutic ability to use theatre to liberate individually and change lives. Boal discovered that the types of oppressions he encountered came from inside the individual rather than an outside manipulator. These oppressions were different, they were deeply imbedded things that happen in our mind. Rainbow of Desire was developed to explore inner conflict and what happens when an incident occurs and we have multiple and conflicting desires.

This workshop uses Theatre of the Oppressed games and techniques to look at a person’s personal oppressions. Through storytelling and performing, the group examines moments of conflicting desires. This workshop is a part of the arsenal of Theatre of the Oppressed techniques.


This workshop is ideal for actors, educators, councilors, social workers, community leaders and organizers. Whether it is to learn to better see other’s perspectives, become more empathetic, gain a deeper understanding of a community, or give more colours to the development of a character, Rainbow of Desire techniques focus in on the individual and help us to understand a little more of what is going on inside.
Facilitator Simon Malbogat has been teaching Theatre of the Oppressed including Rainbow Desire techniques for over 20 years.

Maximum 20 students. No prerequisites required.
March 16, 2015 10-5 pm
Regular $120 / Students $90
At Mixed Company Theatre

-submitted by Erin McCluskey, Mixed Company Theatre
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Forum Theatre: Old Age Ain’t for Sissies (Mixed Company Theatre, Toronto)

Mixed Company Theatre - Old Age Aint for Sissies Poster

If you’ve never experienced a piece of forum theatre, this is your chance to see how it works. This interactive play invites the audience to come on stage, take on the role of one of the characters and explore possible options to the issues presented. The skillful facilitators of Mixed Company Theatre will engage the audience to bring hope and light into what could otherwise be a crisis of despair.

Getting old can be hard, tough even. What to do when you’re actually old enough to retire. Ah, sweet retirement. The one thing you’ve been waiting for… but what are you going to do with all this time on your hands? Don’t be scared, everyone knows Old Age Ain’t for Sissies!

Come check out Mixed Company Theatre’s forum theatre production, Old Age Ain’t for Sissies, playing at the Tarragon Theatre from November 26th- December 1st. Directed by Simon Malbogat, the play follows the Cline couple into their retirement as it highlights the unsettling change when one is not prepared. The couple will experience all the pitfalls and frustrations which confront older adults in their retirement years. Will they negotiate the shoals and reefs successfully? Will their marriage survive? Will they survive?

The drama is punctuated with songs resonating with the determination of seniors who want neither to be dismissed, nor forgotten. Dora Award winner, Marsha Coffey has written the music for the play. Old Age Ain’t for Sissies was written by, Chalmers Award winner, Rex Deverell and created in consultation with over 150 seniors across Toronto and the GTA. The drama is punctuated with songs resonating with the determination of seniors who want neither to be dismissed, nor forgotten.


To buy tickets call the Tarragon Box Office, (416) 531-182 or go online, . For further information regarding the show please contact Mixed Company Theatre or email:

Show Dates & Times
Nov 26 @ 8:00PM- Preview- $10
Nov 27 @ 8:00PM – $20 per ticket
Nov 28 @ 8:00PM – $20 per ticket
Nov 29 @ 8:00PM – $25 per ticket
Nov 30 @ 8:00PM – $25 per ticket
Dec 1 @ 2:30 PM – $20 per ticket”

-submitted by Emma Bulpin, Outreach Coordinator
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