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DAWN : L’Art et le handicap / Art & Disability – Panel & Performances

“Du 31 mai au 6 juin, c’est la Semaine Nationale de l’accessibilitĂ© (SNA). C’est une semaine dĂ©diĂ©e aux Canadiens et Canadiennes pour promouvoir l’inclusion et l’accessibilitĂ© dans nos communautĂ©s et lieux de travail, pour cĂ©lĂ©brer notre progrès, et pour ĂŞtre inspirĂ©es pour dĂ©truire les barrières d’accessibilitĂ©. Nous avons besoin de changer notre manière de penser, de parler et d’agir Ă  propos des obstacles Ă  la participation et Ă  l’accessibilitĂ©; et nous avons besoin de le faire du dĂ©but et non après coup. Un Canada inclusif, c’est un oĂą tous les Canadiens et toutes les Canadiennes peuvent participer et avoir des opportunitĂ©s Ă©gales pour rĂ©ussir dans leurs lieux de travail et dans leurs communautĂ©s. Le but de la Semaine Nationale de l’accessibilitĂ© c’est d’amener ces perspectives au premier plan pour les Canadiens et Canadiennes, et mettre en Ă©vidence les initiatives importantes que le gouvernement et ses partenaires entreprennent pour le changement.

Le 5 juin, pour culminer les événements de la semaine, DAWN Canada accueillera des artistes en situation de handicap pour un panel Zoom sur l’Art et le handicap suivi par des performances. S’il vous plaît, Joignez-vous à nous !

Notre panel va accueillir en conversation 4 artistes en situation de handicap suivi par une heure de performances. Nous mettons en vedette le travail de poètes, de scĂ©naristes, de danseurs, et de musiciens formidables.  

Véronique Leduc, Musicienne et professeure dans le Département de communication sociale et publique de l’UQAM
Juanita Marchand-Knight, d’audio et professeur.e au Schulich School of Music de McGill
Tara McGowan Ross, Poète
Corrina Hodgson, Scénariste
Modéré par Nelly Bassily de l’équipe de DAWN Canada


Noël Vezina, Danseuse contemporaine
Malek Yalaoui, Poète
Bára Hladik, Poète
Blxck Cxsper, Pappeur.e
Renée Yoxon, Auteur.e-compositeur.e-interprète
Et une lecture de la pièce de théâtre, “Sex Garage”, de Corrina Hodgson avec acteurs Willow Tioti et Karuna Vellino

Le panel et les performances auront des interprètes ASL et LSQ et du sous titrage en français et en anglais.

Inscrivez-vous maintenant :

Pour en savoir plus : DAWN Canada

“From May 31 to June 6 is National AccessAbility Week. It is a week for Canadians to promote inclusion and accessibility in our communities and workplaces, to celebrate our progress and to be inspired to further break down accessibility barriers. We need to change the way we think, talk and act about barriers to participation and accessibility and we need to do it right from the start, not as an afterthought. An inclusive Canada is one where all Canadians can participate and have an equal opportunity to succeed in their workplaces and communities. National AccessAbility Week aims to bring this perspective to the forefront for Canadians, and highlight some of the important initiatives the government and its partners are undertaking to bring about this change.  

On June 5th, DAWN Canada will be hosting a Zoom panel on Art & Disability and performance showcase to culminate the weeks’ events. Please join us! Register now!

The panel will feature four artists living with disabilities and be followed by an hour of live performances over Zoom! We will be showcasing the work of incredible poets, playwrights, dancers, and musicians.


Véronique Leduc, Musician & Professor at UQAM’s Département de communication sociale et publique
Juanita Marchand-Knight, Audio Technician & Professor at McGill’s Schulich School of Music
Tara McGowan Ross, Poet
Corrina Hodgson, Playwright
Moderated by DAWN’s Nelly Bassily


Noël Vezina, Contemporary Dancer
Malek Yalaoui, Poet
BĂ ra Hladik, Poet
Blxck Cxsper, Rapper
Renée Yoxon, Singer/songwriter
And a reading from a work by Corrina Hodgson featuring actors Willow Tioti and Karuna Vellino

The panel and performances will both feature ASL and LSQ interpretation and French and English closed captioning. English to French and French to English translation will be provided.

Register Now:

For more information: DAWN Canada

-from DAWN Canada

Livestreaming May I Take Your Arm? performance

Yellow and white text on a photograph of a handcrafted small world that features a paper person using a white cane.

May I Take Your Arm? livestream
Friday June 12 2020 | 7:30 p.m. EST, CANADA
FOLDA – Festival of Live Digital Art

May I Take Your Arm? (MITYA) – created by Alex Bulmer, Anna Camilleri, Tristan Whiston, and Katie Yealland, with creative access support from Becky Gold – emerged from audio-recorded walks between blind performer Bulmer and strangers who provided sighted guide in a downtown neighbourhood in Toronto. It evolved into a theatre piece that integrates live performance, immersive audio, live video animation, tactile installation, and interaction. Reimagined as a livestream performance, May I Take Your Arm’s exploration of interdependence and how we turn space into place into home is more poignant than ever.

MITYA is a Red Dress Productions project. 

FOLDA Access Statement

The Festival of Live Digital Art is committed to improving accessible opportunities for all people to participate in a variety of events and performances at the festival. Access support is available by request through the workshop registration. Should you have any questions please contact the festival team at producer[at]”

-from Red Dress Productions

Sarasvàti Productions presents Songide’ewin

Songide’ewin, SĂ´hkitĂŞhĂŞwin, Neljedghile, Shoohkitayhew, Kapiasungitoaluk, Waditaka, Courage. 

Reconciliation comes alive through music, dance, theatre and visual art! Join SarasvĂ ti Productions for this unique experience that shares the stories of over 70 Indigenous youth and their view of reconciliation. The performance includes an interactive art walk, a stage performance, and the opportunity for dialogue while feasting on traditional food.

Beginning in early 2019, seven local organizations partnered with SarasvĂ ti Productions and guest artists to offer a creative and supportive space for Indigenous youth. Through these workshops, over 70 youth examined the theme of reconciliation. Sharing stories about how they interact with the world around them and how the world in turn interacts with them.

Now, a team of professional artists has compiled the art and stories the youth have offered into a unique piece of theatre, presented outdoors at The Forks this spring. Utilizing a multi-media performance style including music, dance, drumming, theatre and a promenade, this collaboration brings together youth, elders, artists and audiences to honour the feelings and experiences of Indigenous youth in Winnipeg.

Each performance will include feasts and conversation circles to engage the audience; all are welcome to join in the dialogue.  Please join us in the spirit of Reconciliation and support the voices and stories of Winnipeg’s Indigenous youth!

Dates/Times â€“ May 21 1pm & 7pm; May 22 1pm & 7pm; May 23 7pm; May 24 1pm

Location – The Forks

Tickets – $20 Regular; $15 Student/Senior
204-586-2236 |

-submitted by SarasvĂ ti Productions

Call to Artists for Participation: Inkling Enacted (Red Dress Productions, Toronto)

Red Dress Productions invites artists to participate in Inkling Enacted: a collaborative creative process to develop themes, design, and a call for proposals for a festival of new performance works and works-in-progress that will take place at the Theatre Centre in May 2020, in Toronto.

Inkling is a series of workshops and events that centre disability and equity within collaborative artmaking.

We’re seeking Deaf, hearing, disabled and enabled artists interested in collaboratively developing a framework for a festival of new performance works emerging from diverse artistic traditions including theatre, music, dance, performance art, circus arts etc.

When & Where 

February 1, 8, and 15, 2020 from 1:30 p.m. – 3:30 p.m.

Jumblies Theatre at  132 Fort York Blvd, Toronto.

Access notes:

Artists will receive a participation honorarium. The venue is wheelchair accessible.  ASL interpretation will be provided.  We aim to be a scent-free environment.

RSVP by Friday January 24 via email tristan[at] with responses to these questions: Which dates will you participate in?  Do you have food sensitivities, allergies, or other considerations? What access supports or provisions would enable your participation?

We gratefully acknowledge our funding partners: Toronto Arts Council (Strategic Funding), Ontario Arts Council, and Ontario Trillium Foundation.

Red Dress Productions (RDP) creates interdisciplinary art, performance, and visual public artworks.

-from Red Dress Productions
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Spotlight Prologue: Live Arts for Children and Youth

“Join us in celebrating the power of the performing arts in schools at Prologue to the Performing Arts’ Annual Showcase, Spotlight Prologue: Live Arts for Children and Youth.

Each year Prologue celebrates the vital role the performing arts play in inspiring, empowering and sparking the imaginations of children and youth through an accessible showcase open to young people, families, educators and friends. Join us on Wednesday, June 5, 2019  at Young People’s Theatre as we present Prologue artists:

Ballet Creole
Kuné: Canada’s Global Orchestra
Mahlikah Awe:ri
UNITY Charity
Hosted by Prologue spoken word artist Britta B!

Get your tickets here!

All attendees will have the chance to win a Prologue performance through a special draw!  Pre-registration is required – this event is a Pay What You Can admission.”

For more information, please visit

-from Prologue
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Call for Participants: Like Mother, Like Daughter (SarasvĂ ti Productions, Winnipeg)

“As part of SarasvĂ ti Productions’ FemFest, we are excited to welcome Why Not Theatre and their production Like Mother, Like Daughter. They will be bringing together mothers and daughters who were born outside of Canada (newcomers, as well as those who may have immigrated many years ago) as well as Indigenous mothers and daughters, in order to create and perform in a participatory project whose 2016 Toronto premiere was described as “delicate, generous, inspiring, warm, funny, and in moments, heart-rending.” (Sprockets & Greasepaint)

Directed by Rose Plotek, Like Mother, Like Daughter weaves together stories from 12 pairs of mothers and daughters into a performance of unscripted conversations performed by the mothers and daughters themselves. At the end of each performance the audience is invited to join the mothers and daughters for a meal– to continue the conversations.

No performance experience necessary! We’re looking for real stories!

We’re looking for mothers and daughters who…

  • Are either Indigenous, or have migrated to Canada (at least one member of each mother-daughter pair must have been born outside Canada)
  • Feel comfortable conversing and answering questions in English
  • Span a variety of ages/generations (minimum age requirement: 14 years old+)

Selected mothers and daughters will be paid an honorarium for their participation, and will be expected to participate in all rehearsals, workshops, and performances:

  • 6 workshop/rehearsal sessions, between September 7-17
  • 3-4 selected performances, between September 19-21

All interested mother/daughter pairings are asked to submit an expression of interest to admin[at] by June 15th.

For more information please visit our website or contact our administration team at admin[at]”

-submitted by SarasvĂ ti Productions
Read SarasvĂ ti Productions’ profile in ArtBridges’ Community-Engaged Arts Directory and Map.

Outside Looking In’s 12th Annual Indigenous Youth Dance Show

“Please join us for Outside Looking In’s 12th annual performance on Thursday, May 23rd at the Sony Centre for the Performing Arts in Toronto!

Come and support Indigenous youth as they showcase dances they have been working hard to master since the fall. For our 2019 performance, we will have 150 youth onstage (our largest number yet!) from 13 communities, representing 4 provinces and 1 territory from across Canada.

In addition to the dance performance, each community will be highlighted through multimedia presentations, revealing the rich culture, beauty, resiliency and strength of Indigenous communities.

We look forward to seeing you at the performance!”

For more information and ticketing details, please visit

-from Outside Looking In
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SA Moves Workshop: Spirit of Africa (Scarborough Arts)

Spirit of Africa is a fun, exciting, interactive workshop that uses dance movement, music, and song to tell the story of the African people. Participants will learn about how the everyday lives of African people transfers through the arts, where examples of their daily activities, values and customs are portrayed. This workshop consists of a series of movements and song and drum rhythms from different parts of West Africa, followed by a formal instruction of a traditional dance piece, and ending with a “cookup”, where participants are able to freely express themselves. Participants should dress comfortably, be prepared to dance barefoot, and ready to have fun!

*Please note that this is a WORKSHOP SERIES and that participants who would like to attend are HIGHLY ENCOURAGED TO REGISTER AND ATTEND ALL sessions of the workshop* 


Born on the island of Trinidad and Tobago, Lesley Waldron started her journey in dance at the tender age of 5. She has trained in Modern, Caribbean Folk, and African Dance. In 1993, she joined the Ghanaian group Sankofa Drum and Dance Ensemble. In the Twi language, “Sankofa” means “go back and retrieve”; which is exactly what Lesley did, travelling to Ghana in 2007 to obtain a degree in West African dance and community development. Today, Lesley’s goal is to use the arts as a tool to educate young minds and inspire youth to elevate themselves.

This workshop is part of Scarborough Arts’ SA Suite of Programs — 2019.
For more workshops like this, visit″

-from Scarborough Arts

The Wishing Tree (H’art Centre, Kingston)

“In Prince Edward County, there stood a 700-year old sugar maple that some believed had magical powers to grant wishes. For 200 years, people would kneel beneath her canopy holding the branches and the leaves close to their hearts and make wishes that ultimately came true. Until one day, the tree was struck by lightning.

Inspired by stories and legends of Prince Edward County, The Wishing Tree is a storytelling concert performed by H’art School artists and local performers.

Featuring traditional and new songs, The Wishing Tree’s musical style ranges from folk, gospel, polka and more. H’art artists have created new illustrations, paintings, props, and sets to bring the story of resilience, community and healing to life.

About H’art Centre
We are a non-profit, charitable arts hub that provides people with disabilities and those facing barriers with opportunities to create, study and produce works in the arts.”

For more information on The Wishing Tree, please visit H’art Centre’s website

-from H’art Centre website
Read H’art Centre’s profile in ArtBridges’ Community-Engaged Arts Directory and Map

Pitch Opportunity for Young Audience Performers (Northern Ontario)

“The Ontario Arts Council, the Department of Canadian Heritage and Ontario Presents/Ontario Contact are a hosting pitch session for Ontario-based young audience performers, taking place in St. Catharines, Ontario on September 16th, the day following Ontario Contact 2018.

6 to 8 applicants will be selected to pitch new and upcoming projects to an audience of presenters and industry professionals, from Northern Ontario and beyond. Projects from all performing arts disciplines are welcome. Successful applicants will receive professional coaching to develop their pitching skills, as well as travel support and a complimentary 1-day registration for Ontario Contact.

This project has been developed as part of the Ontario Arts Council’s commitment to increase the quality and diversity of performances available for young audiences in Northern Ontario.

All applications must be received by July 19th, 2018 to ceilidh[at] All applicants will be notified if their application has been successful by August 3rd, 2018.

For more information, please read the full call for applications here.
If you have questions or wish to discuss applying, you may contact Ceilidh Wood at ceilidh[at]”

-submitted by Ontario Presents