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PerSIStence Theatre: Paid Theatre Mentorship Opportunity – BIPOC (St. John’s)

Have you always had an interest in theatre, but perhaps don’t like getting up in front of people as a performer?
PerSIStence Theatre is looking to hire an interested person for an entry-level production mentorship for our Fall 2020 season who identifies as Black, Indigenous, or a Person of Colour. 
Our season will consist of the production and digital recording of four (4) one-woman shows and we’d love to have you involved!
Our intention is to give the successful applicant a supportive opportunity to be mentored in professional theatre production with multiple departments over the course of the Fall season. 
We’ll work with you to determine the exact details of work and assignments, which we’ll develop together with you as a match of your interests and skills with the production requirements of the season. 
Department we can provide access to may include areas such as: Production Management, Stage Management, Costumes, Lighting, Sound, and/or Props.”

For more information, please visit:

-from PerSIStence Theatre

FemFest 2020: Engaging Community (SarasvĂ ti Productions)

“SarasvĂ ti Productions is thrilled to announce the eighteenth annual festival of life-changing theatre for everyone. Running from September 19-26, FemFest 2020: Engaging Community will showcase talent from across the country, as well as celebrate local playwrights and emerging talent. This year’s line-up is filled with diverse performances, workshops, readings, and a cabaret.

We’re excited to offer virtual and live events in accordance to COVID-19 protocols. If you’ve missed Fringe and other great theatre events, you can be sure to experience the magic of theatre at FemFest 2020: Engaging Community.

Check out our FemFest website for all of this year’s programming. Keep checking back for updates on how and where components will be delivered. You can also check out the brochure to get a full sense of the festival we imagined months ago and are committed to seeing through in unique and exciting ways!”

For more information, please visit:

-from SarasvĂ ti Productions

Black Magic: tonight – An Online Conversation with Black Artistic Directors in the Canadian Theatre Industry

“In this time of pandemic-induced uncertainty and cultural reckoning, the future of theatre is on the brink of a seismic shift. What does it mean to be a Black A.D. — particularly in this moment? Join Kimberley Rampersad, Associate Artistic Director of the Shaw Festival, in a spirited, candid discussion with the heads of Canada’s five most prominent theatre companies with Black artistic leadership.

Tune in on Friday at 7:30PM!
Black Magic: A Conversation with Black Artistic Directors in the Canadian Theatre Industry. Co-presented by Cahoots Theatre and Obsidian Theatre
Join in on the conversation by using #ADBlackMagic”

Watch here:

-from Cahoots Theatre

TO WORK OR NOT TO WORK: Interactive Theatre for Dialogue

“As restrictions lift, will we still be allowed to keep working from home? Does the system ask us to choose between our careers and our family’s health? How can we support each other when we’re asked to return to the office?

TO WORK OR NOT TO WORK is an interactive theatre presentation that seeks answers to these questions. You will experience an adapted format of Forum Theatre that is rooted in anti-oppression work as is interactive. This style of theatre compels audience members to develop real-time strategies for dealing with social and personal issues. Let’s come together to explore solutions and possibilities to what lies ahead for us all.

WHEN: July 23, 2020, 7:30 PM ET

WHERE: Online via Zoom. Receive the Zoom Meeting Link by registering for the event.

REGISTRATION: This is a Pay What You Can Event. Please register here:

For the play synopsis and more about our style of theatre visit:

-from Mixed Company Theatre

Call for Black or Indigenous Playwright & Curator Submissions (Alley Theatre, Vancouver)

“As a settler led organization, we have been listening to and witnessing the courage and resilience in Black and Indigenous communities in the face of appalling violence, racism and white supremacy.

Black Lives Matter. Indigenous Lives Matter.

And we’ve been searching for ways to take action that amplifies this. Within our current means, this is an action we are taking:


For our upcoming “Site-Reading Play” we are inviting submissions only from PLAYWRIGHTS and CURATORS who identify as Black or Indigenous.


We can offer a $1,000 fee to a playwright who identifies as Black or Indigenous, is a resident of what is now called Canada, and has an existing play which would benefit from being read in a site-specific or site-inspired location. Submissions will be curated (see below) by an experienced Black Artist and an experienced Indigenous Artist, and one play will be chosen. Alley Theatre would produce a public reading of this play for our annual “Site-Reading Series”.

This is not a commission. The $1,000 is a playwright royalty for the public reading of an already existing play. Plays can be unproduced, in development, or previously produced.

The selected playwright will have final say in choosing a director (local to Vancouver) for the reading and can collaborate with the director on casting the reading. Alley Theatre will produce the reading with a modest production budget and all artists involved (actors, director, stage manager etc) will be compensated above CAEA minimum fees. An anti-racism facilitator will be engaged to promote safety and justice for artists involved.


We are seeking submissions from Black or Indigenous persons residing in what is now called Canada who wish to be Curators for the above submissions. We are able to hire two curators (one Black, one Indigenous) and each curator will receive a $750 honorarium.

Curators would review synopses of the plays, then select and read a shortlist of plays, and have full autonomy over selecting the play.”

For more information and submission details, please visit:

-from Alley Theatre

Call for Commission Proposals from Black and Indigenous Artists Working in Music, Dance, and Theatre (Nightswimming Theatre)

“We are living in a world where white supremacy is the “norm” – where Black and Indigenous lives are stolen from their families due to violence, racial injustice and systemic racism. We won’t and can’t continue to let this happen.

As a company that is devoted to commissioning and developing new Canadian plays, musical works and dance, we believe that stories, and the artists who tell them, can change the world. We recognize and are committed to changing the systems of oppression that obstruct access for and impede the advancement of Black, Indigenous and people of colour.

This is why we’ve chosen to commission a Black and/or Indigenous artist to create a full-length work.

We invite proposals for the creation of a new performance work. Nightswimming will work with the commissioned artist to design a process to develop it in full collaboration and with a focus on ensuring that the commissioned artist is empowered to work how they wish, with whom they want, and in the ways that are essential to its creation. Because Nightswimming does not self-produce the works we commission, we devote all of our time and resources to supporting the unique creation process of each new work. We commit to establishing, in consultation with each artist, partnerships with producers to ensure each work reaches the audiences you want to impact.

What Nightswimming can offer

  • A custom designed creation and development process from inception to premiere, free from the pressure of production deadlines
  • An interdisciplinary environment in which we welcome projects in theatre, dance, music and forms that cross over and integrate those disciplines
  • On-going dramaturgical support designed for and in collaboration with the creator
  • A commitment to long-term creative relationships
  • Access to a community of artists whose work we support dramaturgically on every level
  • Opportunities for readings, workshops and/or studio sessions to develop your work with other artistic collaborators including but not limited to performers, designers, or musicians
  • $20,000 commission fee

Who can apply?

  • Creators who self-identity as Black or Indigenous (First Nations, Inuit, or MĂ©tis)
  • Artists creating in any performance discipline including but not limited to: music, dance, and theatre
  • Emerging, mid-career, and established creators
  • Artists who are currently a Canadian resident

What we’re looking for in your proposal

  • Ideas that embrace exploration and aim to achieve something you’ve never attempted before
  • Projects that could not happen in any other scenario; it might be a dream project that you never thought someone would support; or a large scale piece that is generally considered beyond the means of most organizations; or content that other organizations would not stand behind; or a piece that you don’t know how to make but are driven to create
  • Exploration of dramatic forms and interdisciplinary approaches that stretch dramaturgical boundaries; we are particularly interested in ideas that integrate performance and music, including vocal music, and acknowledge the audience as an active participant in the event
  • A commitment to long-term creation processes and collaboration
  • We are asking for the idea you’ve always wanted to explore but never had the opportunity to pursue. Rather than seeking works-in-progress and drafts of existing projects, we are seeking ideas for a new work that you can develop from the very beginning of the process.

We strongly encourage applications from Black and Indigenous folx who also identify as LGBTQ2S+ or persons with a disability.”

For more information, please read the full Call for Proposals here:

-from Nightswimming Theatre

Video: The Ripple Effect/Effet d’Ă©cho – 4th Line Theatre

“The #RippleEffect is the Ontario Arts Council’s series of short videos exploring how, beyond their intrinsic qualities, publicly funded arts activities add value in communities across Ontario. To learn more, visit:

Every summer, the outdoor theatre company, 4th Line Theatre brings history to life and tourists to Peterborough and the Kawarthas. 4th Line’s focus on community stories is part of what makes their work unique – and part of why the Ontario Arts Council has supported its work from the beginning. “When other granting bodies struggled to understand our work, the Ontario Arts Council was a real cheerleader,” explains Blackwell. “Right from the beginning, it was our community-based nature that the Ontario Arts Council ‘got’ and supported. It’s a really big reason why we’re about to go into our 28th season.” Read the full story here.

#Effetd’Ă©cho du Conseil des arts de l’Ontario est une sĂ©rie de courtes vidĂ©os qui explorent comment, au-delĂ  de leurs qualitĂ©s intrinsĂšques, les activitĂ©s artistiques financĂ©es par les fonds publics ajoutent de la valeur dans les collectivitĂ©s de l’Ontario. Apprenez-en plus :

Chaque Ă©tĂ©, la compagnie de thĂ©Ăątre en plein air 4th Line Theatre fait revivre l’histoire pour le bonheur des touristes de la rĂ©gion de Peterborough et des Kawarthas. Une des raisons qui caractĂ©risent le travail de 4th Line, c’est l’accent que la compagnie met sur la communautĂ© – et c’est aussi une des raisons pour lesquelles le Conseil des arts de l’Ontario a soutenu son travail depuis le dĂ©but. « Alors que d’autres bailleurs de fonds avaient de la peine Ă  comprendre ce que nous faisions, le Conseil des arts de l’Ontario ne cessait de nous encourager, explique Blackwell. DĂšs le dĂ©but, il a compris et a soutenu notre nature communautaire. Si nous sommes sur le point d’entamer notre 28e saison, c’est en grande partie grĂące Ă  ça. Â» Apprenez-en plus.”

-crĂ©dit: Ontario Arts Council / Conseil des arts de l’Ontario

Video: The Ripple Effect/Effet d’Ă©cho – Workman Arts

“The #RippleEffect is the Ontario Arts Council’s series of short videos exploring how, beyond their intrinsic qualities, publicly funded arts activities add value in communities across Ontario. To learn more, visit:

For more than 30 years, Workman Arts has been empowering people with mental health and addiction challenges by providing a refuge for creative exploration and the chance to become active in a vibrant artistic community. Through their three decades of experience, the organization knows first-hand how both of these play an integral role in facilitating recovery and maintaining health.” Read the full story here.

#Effetd’Ă©cho du Conseil des arts de l’Ontario est une sĂ©rie de courtes vidĂ©os qui explorent comment, au-delĂ  de leurs qualitĂ©s intrinsĂšques, les activitĂ©s artistiques financĂ©es par les fonds publics ajoutent de la valeur dans les collectivitĂ©s de l’Ontario. Apprenez-en plus :

Depuis plus de 30 ans, Workman Arts donne aux personnes qui ont des problĂšmes de santĂ© mentale et de dĂ©pendance la possibilitĂ© de surmonter leurs difficultĂ©s en leur offrant un refuge oĂč elles peuvent explorer leur crĂ©ativitĂ© et trouver leur place dans une communautĂ© artistique dynamique. GrĂące Ă  ses trois dĂ©cennies d’expĂ©rience, l’organisme sait de premiĂšre main Ă  quel point ces deux Ă©lĂ©ments jouent un rĂŽle essentiel dans le rĂ©tablissement et le maintien de la santĂ©.” Apprenez-en plus.

-crĂ©dit: Ontario Arts Council / Conseil des arts de l’Ontario

Made in Exile: Theatre & Storytelling Program (youth-led community arts initiative, Toronto)

About the Program

Made in Exile’s Theatre and Storytelling is a free community theatre program for Tibetan youth (29 years old and under) to explore stories of Tibetans in the diaspora. Participants will get the opportunity to:

  • gain knowledge and exposure to theatre through workshops led by local guest artists
  • work towards creating their own performance piece
  • get the opportunity to perform and share their work with their family and friends
  • attend a field trip to see a local play with fellow participants


The program is dedicated to honouring the unique experiences accumulated by Tibetans navigating life in exile. As a creative outlet for Tibetan youth, community theatre helps young Tibetans express their feelings, thoughts and aspirations, while also affirming Tibetan spirit and community. Oral storytelling and performance has always been a strong aspect of Tibetan culture; Made in Exile is a space for Tibetan youth to renew our cultural treasures as they work through the complexities of being the exile generation.


The program will have 12 sessions, each 3 hours long that will happen during the span of 2.5 months. In addition there will be a dress rehearsal and final performance. The first 8 sessions will be the workshop phase with local guest artists, the next 4 sessions after that will be the creation phase and the last two sessions will be dedicated to rehearsal and final showing of pieces created in the program. After the program is done, the whole team will go out to see a local play in Toronto to celebrate the hard work of all the participants.

For more information or questions please contact Rinchen Dolma at madeinexiletheatre[at]

This project is funded by the Ontario Trillium Foundation’s – Youth Opportunities Fund.”


-from Made in Exile

Forum Theatre Workshops (Mixed Company Theatre, Toronto)

Forum Theatre 101 Introductory Workshop

“Forum Theatre is an interactive & participatory style of theatre designed to address social issues and inspire actionable change.

In this intensive all-levels workshop led by award winning Forum Theatre artist Simon Malbogat, participants will learn how this social justice-based theatre style can be used to spark community dialogue and empower grassroots advocacy.

Artists will explore how Forum Theatre techniques of participation, intervention, and improvisation can help build tool kits for character development, devised creation, and audience engagement.

Community organizers, social workers, and educators will learn how they can use Forum Theatre in their everyday practice to initiate vital conversations, engage in critical inquiry, and create social change in their communities.

Date + Time: Saturday February 8th, 2020, 10:00AM – 5:00PM
Location: 157 Carlton St, Toronto, ON
Cost: $130.00+HST (-20% CAEA; 50% Student/Underwaged)
Prerequisites: None!

Register here: “

Forum Theatre Playwriting Workshop

“Facilitated by Mixed Company Associate Artist Luciano Iogna, this one-day workshop will take participants through the entire process of Forum Theatre script development.

Participants will learn how to use theatre games and techniques as research tools, how to ask explorative yet respectful questions, how to develop oppressive and oppressed characters, and how to care for the community knowledge which informs Forum Theatre script development.

Writers and creators with previous Forum Theatre knowledge or experience will use their heightened understandings of important social topics as a basis for scripting targeted, impactful, and uniquely interactive theatrical plays and scenarios which address various types of oppressive conflict.

Date + Time: Saturday February 15th, 2020, 9:30AM-5:30PM
Location: 157 Carlton St, Toronto, ON
Cost: $150.00+HST (-20% CAEA; 50% Student/Underwaged)
Prerequisites: Previous Forum Theatre knowledge or experience (if you’re new to Forum, be sure to also register for our Forum Theatre 101 workshop on February 8th — and receive a discount bundle price of $250.00 for both workshops!)

Register here: “

-from Mixed Company Theatre
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