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Workshop: Financial Management 101 (ArtReach, Toronto)

Are you running a community project or involved with a larger organization? Already an ace at event management, social media, or youth engagement, but run in the other direction when you have to deal with money? Want to know how to manage grant funding when it affects your taxes?

As artists and community planners we are fiercely dedicated to mastering our creative practice which sometimes tends to leave us putting our administrative and financial organization on the back burner. In this workshop we will look at how to budget, keep track of your finances and what records you should be keeping for taxes. We will also look at what you need to claim for your taxes, which forms you need to fill out, and understanding how different sources of income (like receiving a grant) can impact your taxes.

Participants will also get hands-on time with Microsoft Excel spreadsheets and Google Sheets, supported by our expert facilitators who will show you how to get the most out of these powerful financial management tools!

Date: Wednesday, August 8th 2018
Time: Networking and food at 5:30pm, workshop runs 6:00pm-9:00pm.
Location: Urban Arts, 5 Bartonville Avenue East, Toronto ON, M6M 2B1
Facilitators: Robert Watterson and Patrick Warner
Details: This workshop is targeted to youth 13-29 years old. Space for this workshop is limited so register today! Food and refreshments will be provided. Participants are encouraged to bring their own laptops or tablets.”

For more information, please visit:

-from ArtReach

CultureShock Community Arts Festival & Forum (Aug 7-11, Toronto)

“CultureShock Community Arts Festival & Forum
August 7 – 11

In it’s 13th year running, CultureShock Community Arts Festival is a FREE all-ages multi-day festival hosted by UrbanArts each August in Central West Toronto. CultureShock provides a forum and a space for artists across the city to connect, collaborate, and showcase their talents.

Check out ALL the happenings at CultureShock this year on our website!
All events, activities & workshops are FREE!”

For more information and upcoming announcements about the festival, please visit:

-from CultureShock Community Arts Festival

Profile Highlight: Margaret’s – Expressive Arts

As ArtBridges’ Community-Engaged Arts Directory grows, we realize that it’s a bit overwhelming to read through all of the profiles. We’re hoping that by occasionally highlighting some profiles on our blog, you may learn about an initiative that you may not have initially seen in the directory. Also, if you know of a Canadian community-engaged arts for social change initiative that isn’t in our directory, but should be, please let us know! We love and need your input/feedback in building this resource! -Lisa, Content Coordinator at ArtBridges.

“Since 2014, Margaret’s Expressive Arts Group has held space for modelling healthy relationships through community building activities such as creative writing, table top plays, call and response songs about our day, dance challenges, community painting, banner-making to celebrate diverse cultures/events, art exhibitions and the drumming group. In the walking group we pay attention to the changes in the neighbourhood, seasons and ourselves as we head to other Drop-Ins to visit. We have partnered with the Toronto Animated Image Society on an animated movie. We support community projects as well.”

To read more about Margaret’s Expressive Arts Group, please see their profile in ArtBridges’ Community-Engaged Arts Directory and Map

Project Management 101 Workshop (ArtReach, Toronto)

ArtReach Project Management 101 Workshop
Are you running a community project or are involved with a larger organization? Want to take your project management skills to the next level? Are you interested in learning more about being certified as a project manager and how your current experience can be transferred?

Many of us have become project managers by default as we are thrust into the field through creation of projects for our communities, often with little formal training ourselves. This Project Management 101 workshop will take participants through the basics of Project Management, as referenced by the Project Management Institute.

Participants will be introduced to project management language and concepts as used in the project management field in order to be able to transfer their experience into the larger field of project management. Tools and templates will be provided to support participants in running community projects more efficiently.

Date: Thursday, July 5th, 2018
Time: Networking and food at 5:30pm, workshop runs 6:00pm-9:00pm.
Location: Nia Centre for the Arts, 524 Oakwood Avenue, Toronto ON, M6E 2X1
Facilitators: Paulina O’Kieffe and Fonna Seidu
Details: Space for this workshop is limited so register today! Food and refreshments will be provided

This workshop is presented in partnership with Nia Centre for the Arts

For more information, please visit

-from ArtReach’s newsletter
Read ArtReach’s profile in ArtBridges’ Community-engaged Arts Directory & Map

Welcome to this Place (MABELLEarts)

Welcome to this Place is a national project, produced by MABELLEarts, involving high-impact organizations and professional artists in Toronto, Montreal, Halifax, Winnipeg and Vancouver. Together we’re creating a series of collaborative projects and events that promote urban parks and public spaces as places of arrival where newcomers to Canada can find friendship, cultural and creative expression, connection to their new country and to more established Canadians.

Follow along through July and August 2018, and be part of this national conversation on the promise of Canadian parks and public spaces as places of community connection and belonging.

Welcome to this Place est un projet national, produit par MABELLEarts, impliquant des associations à fort impact et des artistes professionnels à Toronto, Montréal, Halifax, Winnipeg et Vancouver. Ensemble, nous créons une série de projets et d’événements collaboratifs qui promeuvent des parcs urbains et des espaces publics comme des espaces d’arrivées où les nouveaux arrivants au Canada peuvent trouver l’amitié, l’expression culturelle et créative, le lien avec leur nouveau pays et les Canadiens plus établis.

Suivez notre voyage en juillet et août 2018 et participez à cette conversation nationale sur la promesse des parcs et espaces publics canadiens comme des lieux de connexion et d’appartenance communautaires.”

For more information, please visit:

 -from MABELLEarts
Read MABELLEart’s profile in ArtBridges’ Community-Engaged Arts Directory and Map

BABEL-O-DROME : la promenade immersive multilingue du collectif BUS 1.2.3.

Babel-o-drome est une pièce de théâtre déambulatoire qui vous promène de scène en scène explorant la relation entre langage, identité et communication.

Au cœur de la pièce, la question centrale se pose: quelle est notre propre réalité dans ce monde actuel, où fiction et réalité s’entrechoquent?

Ce spectacle participatif aborde la question en combinant poésie, humour et fantaisie afin de créer un événement théâtral et choral unique.

Au plaisir de vous voir à Babel-o-drome!

Babel-o-drome is a play that takes you on a fantastical walk through scenes exploring the relationship between language, identity and communication.

The core of the piece asks the pivotal question: what is our own reality in today’s world where fiction and reality collide?

This participatory show tackles the question by combining poetry, humour and fantasy to create a unique theatrical and choral event.

Looking forward to seeing you at Babel-o-drome!

Volunteers/Bénévoles :

The collectif bus123 is looking for volunteers to help with the show.”

Information diffusée par Collectif Bus 1.2.3, Crédits affiche: Collectif Bus 1.2.3
Lire le profil de Collectif Bus 1.2.3 dans notre répertoire et carte de l’art communautaire au Canada

Call for Nominations: TD Community Arts Award (Toronto Arts Foundation)

“TD Community Arts Award* is a $10,000 cash prize sponsored by TD Bank Group. This award celebrates an arts organization that has made a significant contribution in Toronto by working with, in and for communities, while creating access and inclusion to arts and culture.

We invite you to submit nominations for the TD Community Arts Award by July 2nd, 2018 at 11:59pm”

For more information and to apply, please visit Neighbourhood Arts Network’s website.

-from Neighbourhood Arts Network’s website
Read Neighbourhood Arts Network’s profile on ArtBridges’ Community-Engaged Arts Directory and Map

Call for Participants: The Placemaking Project (Art Starts, Scarborough)

Art Starts is looking for youth ages 15 to 22 interested in visual arts living in North Scarborough!

The Invitation

The Placemaking Project will bring together youth from North Scarborough to work with experienced artists to animate two public footways in north Scarborough. Growing out of a community consultation process, each artistic project will inject a burst of colour, intrigue and warmth into areas identified by the community as dull concrete places – leaving behind prominent, long-lasting public art installations that will insert a sense of fun and beauty into the neighbourhood.

A fun, festive ribbon cutting celebration, with land acknowledgement by Indigenous Storyteller Maria Montejo, will take place after the culmination of the project. See website for more details.

Youth Participants

The Placemaking Project will see youth and professional artists consult, design and craft 2 permanent public art installations within the (Scarborough) Cultural Hotspot boundaries. To ensure local excitement, resonance and a high-quality outcome, the installation locations, type and lead artist/s will be determined following community and stakeholder consultations.

Creative initiatives may include long, colourful sidewalk murals, funky signage, stair décor, etc. Professional artists will work with 6 youth (YOU). The artists will mentor YOU in the conceptualization, design, crafting and implementation processes.

Together they will consult with local representatives (e.g city councillor, residents) and spend over 40 hours conceptualizing, designing and crafting murals that animate and beautify.


*This is a paid training opportunity for local youth to learn employment-ready skills, illustration, practice collaboration and creative thinking with a professional Visual Artist and senior Special Projects Manager.

6 Youth Artists will be paid $15 an hour for x 48 hours for a total of $720 per participant
8 days of work from June to July 2018 (exact TBD)

About Art Starts

Art Starts is an award-winning charitable, non-for-profit organization that uses arts as a vehicle to encourage social change in Toronto’s underserved neighbourhoods. The organization brings professional artists and communities together to work in and across all artistic disciplines. Art Starts understands the arts are a medium for engaging residents, creating a shared sense of identity, identifying challenges and collectively working to overcome them. Founded in 1992, the organization has pioneered community-engaged arts practices in Ontario.”

-from Art Starts & Cultural Hotspot
Read Art Starts profile in ArtBridges’ Community-Engaged Arts Directory and Map

Workshop: Stories for the Next Generation (Scarborough)

Stories for the Next Generation is a free intergenerational storytelling workshop series for seniors ages 55 and older to share with their families and communities.

Over the course of the series, senior participants will work with a professional storyteller to create enticing creative writing pieces. Participants will record their stories with their children and grandchildren to create a collection of audio-stories and will also work with an artist to create a visual companion to their stories. All items will be published into a compilation of stories.

This free series is hosted every Wednesday (1-3PM) from June 13 to October 31 at ACSA – Dorset Park Hub (1911 Kennedy Road, Unit #105, Scarborough).

For more information or to register, visit:

-submitted by Next Generation Arts

Profile Highlight: UforChange (Toronto)

As ArtBridges’ Community-Engaged Arts Directory grows, we realize that it’s a bit overwhelming to read through all of the profiles. We’re hoping that by occasionally highlighting some profiles on our blog, you may learn about an initiative that you may not have initially seen in the directory. Also, if you know of a Canadian community-engaged arts for social change initiative that isn’t in our directory, but should be, please let us know! We love and need your input/feedback in building this resource! -Lisa, Content Coordinator at ArtBridges.

UforChange started in 2009 as a response to the increasing need for youth arts programs in the St. James Town neighbourhood. Since then, UforChange has been mentoring young people in the pursuit of their artistic passions through a spectrum of arts programs and workshops. Our programs are unique in the sense that we provide youth not only with foundational skills, but also access to: professional mentors, industry volunteer and employment opportunities, a sense of community, education support, and more. Initially serving young people from St. James Town, UforChange has grown to serve Regent Park and the Greater Toronto Area.”

To read more about UforChange, please see their profile in ArtBridges’ Community-Engaged Arts Directory and Map