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Nous vous invitons à faire un brin de lecture sur ce qui se passe au Canada dans le domaine de l’art communautaire et de l’art pour le changement social, et à contribuer au blogue. Nous publions ce qu’on nous soumet ainsi que les découvertes de l’équipe de ToileDesArts. Vous y trouverez toutes sortes d’information :
  • Colloques, ateliers, séminaires de formation, programmes d’études
  • Événements
  • Prix et concours, possibilités de financement et de subvention
  • Outils, trucs et astuces, idées et nouveautés, présentation de projets, ressources (y compris des livres et des rapports)
  • Histoires inspirantes
  • Présentation des nouveaux profils d’initiatives d’art communautaires

Envoyez-nous votre histoire, votre truc ou astuce, votre annonce… en bref, toute information liée à l’art communautaire que les autres du milieu pourraient apprécier.

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  • Nous publions les articles en fonction de l’échéance des événements annoncés, de la diversité des régions représentées et de la langue.
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Volunteer Opportunity: Join the Empathy Squad! (FiXT POiNT)

« Gather Oral Histories To Foster Empathy And Build Your Podcasting Skills.

Check out to see our work so far!

Volunteer Opportunity (Future Leaders Age 18-30)

Volunteer for the Empathy Squad to make a difference in your community through the power of storytelling. In the midst of global upheaval, isolation, and the search for social, class, and racial justice, we are looking for volunteers to generate empathy-building dialogue through the collection of stories and interviews.

Oral-storytelling forges connections between people and ideas, makes information more accessible, and helps us understand the ties that bind us. Oral-history nuances the stories of the past and present, helps us understand how communities experience the forces of history, and allows us to learn together on the path towards a shared future. 

Amplify voices, centre overlooked stories, and celebrate the unsung heroes in your community. You’ll have the chance to collect stories, learn podcasting skills, meet new people from different walks of life, and collaborate with future leaders across the country. Come spark change, one story at a time.

Participants Will:

  • Discover artful ways to volunteer in their community
  • Learn interview and recording techniques, narrative shaping and audio editing skills
  • Gain skills in community engagement through oral-history collection
  • Enhance readiness for leadership roles and community participation
  • Grow empathy from coast-to-coast through community-building dialogue

Program Details:

Approximately 12 hours a week of commitment for 12 weeks total. The 4th cohort starts September 7th, 2020 and will be delivered virtually. Cohorts 5&6 are yet to be determined »

For more information and to apply, please visit:

-from FiXT POiNT

Call for Applications: Toronto Artscape Foundation Launchpad Bursaries

Call for Applications for Toronto Artscape Foundation Launchpad Bursaries now open!

As part of the Together for Artists initiative, Toronto Artscape Foundation has released a new call for applications for the 6-month Launchpad Bursary program to support creatives in need. Fashion designers, jewellers, woodworkers, digital and electronic artists, and more are invited to apply to receive full access to Artscape Daniels Launchpad’s five Creative Studios, thriving creative community, Launchpad online learning programs and wellness events. A total of 250 Bursaries will be awarded. The deadline for applications is August 17.

For more information, please visit:

Community Project Space Call for Submissions 2021 (Lakeshore Arts)

« Lakeshore Arts is seeking project proposals to activate our Community Project Space in our 2021 programming season.

Deadline to apply:​ ​August 17​, 2020


Lakeshore Arts is a nonprofit community arts organization dedicated to engaging all peoples using multidisciplinary art forms as a way of enriching lives and strengthening Toronto’s communities. We believe in fostering collaboration and building inclusive relationships with community partners in order to share resources, support local artists through advocacy and employment, and develop unique and innovative programming.

Lakeshore Arts’ Community Project Space (CPS) is a storefront programming and exhibition space, used for regular and occasional programs and events, as well as ongoing site activations. CPS activations often engage with community knowledge and involve collaboration and/or participation as core components of the work. Past CPS activations have focused on community assets, neighbourhood artifacts, housing, the opioid crisis, geopolitical borders and climate change and involved partnerships with community organizations such as Daily Bread Food Bank, LAMP Community Health Centre and Polycultural Immigrant and Community Services.

For the upcoming 2021 programming season, we are looking for projects that incorporate significant participatory elements, can be engaged with actively or passively, are designed to evolve over time through interaction with the community and include free public events that further activate the projects and create opportunities for connection building and knowledge sharing.

We are accepting proposals from applicants that respond broadly to the following thematic prompt:

With varying degrees of influence, systems shape and govern fundamental aspects of our lives: our bodies, relationships, environments, movement, identities, access, resources and opportunities. Yet these systems are often obscure to the public and designed and administered inequitably. As a global pandemic and anti-racism protests bring focus to the inequality of the systems we interact with, we are presented with an opportunity to observe and scrutinize these systems as well as imagine alternatives. With this opening in mind, we are inviting applicants to develop a project that examines the form, purpose and consequences of human systems including political, economic, justice, information, education, transportation, and health (plus any others) and considers some of the following questions:

  • How are systems expressed?
  • How do we experience systems and how do our experiences of these systems differ depending on our social location?
  • How has a system succeeded or failed at its expressed or tacit objectives?
  • How are systems made opaque and for what reasons?
  • How do existing systems harm or help, exploit or nurture us and how does this differ depending on our social location?
  • How are systems influenced by their environments and environments influenced by systems?
  • How do human made and biological systems interact with and influence each other?
  • What alternative systems can we imagine?

Acknowledging this subject is expansive and complex, we aim to present projects that are thought provoking while remaining accessible and engaging for community members of different ages, abilities and experiences and offer layered points of entry that can accommodate those differences.

Updated project timeline:​ Selected projects are planned to run for 2-3 months each from early spring 2021 to December 2021. »

For more information, please visit:

-from Lakeshore Arts

ArtSpace: A Space for Meaningful Interactions, Community Conversations & Creating Art (Ribbon Rouge Foundation, Alberta)

« Limited spots available! Register by August 8th!

Are you African, Caribbean, Black? Looking for a space to build community and form connections? Looking to express yourself?

ArtSpaces are events designed for meaningful interactions and community conversations with African, Carribean, Black individuals, with the intention of building relationships and forming social networks. It is a space for culturally relevant meaningful interactions, community conversations, & creating art.

To Register:« 

-from Ribbon Rouge Foundation

Call for Community Consultants: Digital Projects (Tangled Art + Disability)

Do you follow Tangled Art + Disability? Then we may need your help!

« Tangled is conducting paid interviews with artists and audience members as part of an evaluation and exploration of our online presence, accessibility, and community. We, along with everyone else, are feeling the impacts of the shut down. Along with many other arts organizations we are working to shift our programming in response to the shifting habits (and experiences) of our artists and community members. We would like your input to assist us with this shift.

You do not need to be an artist to participate in this call. The only requirement is that you interact with Tangled Art + Disability online and identify as Deaf, Disabled, Mad, or Neurodivergent. We are looking to speak with community members with a wide range of access needs.

Interviews will be conducted remotely, either over the phone, or video call. They will take up to two hours in total, and you will be paid $200. Support workers and ASL interpretation can be booked for interviews through Tangled and the costs will be covered.

If interested, please follow the link to submit a form indicating your interest by August 9, 2020. We will get back to you by August 14, 2020.
Form: Community Consultants: Digital Projects Form

If you require any accommodations to fill out the form, or would like to fill it out over the phone/video call, or if you have any questions about accommodations/access please contact victoria[at] »

For more information, please visit:

-from Tangled Art + Disability

Calls for Proposals: Research on funding for Indigenous artists, arts groups, and arts organizations (ArtsNL, Newfoundland and Labrador)

« ArtsNL is reissuing the request for proposals from individuals willing to travel to the territories of the province’s five main Indigenous groups in order to help ArtsNL determine the best way to deliver funding within its mandate that targets the specific needs of Indigenous artists, arts groups and arts organizations in those territories. The successful candidate will contact the Qalipu, Miawpukek, and Innu First Nations, as well as the NunatuKavut and Nunatsiavut governments, for permission to conduct this research, and set up public meetings with interested community members. Some research will also be conducted in St. John’s and Corner Brook with artists who self-identify as Indigenous.

To determine the specific needs of the project, the consultant will:

  • Meet with the ArtsNL’s Indigenous Advisory Committee to draft a list of questions and discussion points that can be brought to the artists, arts groups, and arts organizations in their communities;
  • Contact Indigenous governments to set up travel and meeting schedules, according to what makes best sense for the communities and the travel budget;
  • Meet again with ArtsNL’s Indigenous Advisory Committee before conducting site visits;
  • Travel and conduct meetings, interviews, community forms/focus groups. This will require site visits to approximately 12-15 communities in Newfoundland and Labrador. Travel expenses incurred with these site visits will be paid for by ArtsNL;
  • Write a draft research report and make recommendations to ArtsNL based on the feedback gathered through the consultation process;
  • Meet with the ArtsNL Indigenous Advisory Committee to discuss the draft research report;
  • Make an in-person presentation of the final approved report to ArtsNL. »

For more information, please visit:

-from ArtsNL

Online Roundtable – Artists’ Response in Uncertain Times (Mural Routes)

« 2020 has shown us that mural artists can be looked to as the cultural “First Responders” in Uncertain Times. Join us online as this panel of speakers share examples of how individual artists, collectives, and organizations can creatively pivot and negotiate the margins, and lead with creative solutions during these uncertain times.

Date: Wednesday, July 29 2020, 6:30 – 8pm (Eastern Standard Time)

Location: Online (details will be emailed)

Cost:  Free of cost. Registration is required.


Jieun Kim, Painter and Muralist

Tara Dorey, Arts Educator and Project Manager

Javid Jah, Street Artist and Designer

Andrea Curtis, Director of Operations at the Vancouver Mural Festival

For more information and to register, please visit:« 

-from Mural Routes

TO WORK OR NOT TO WORK: Interactive Theatre for Dialogue

« As restrictions lift, will we still be allowed to keep working from home? Does the system ask us to choose between our careers and our family’s health? How can we support each other when we’re asked to return to the office?

TO WORK OR NOT TO WORK is an interactive theatre presentation that seeks answers to these questions. You will experience an adapted format of Forum Theatre that is rooted in anti-oppression work as is interactive. This style of theatre compels audience members to develop real-time strategies for dealing with social and personal issues. Let’s come together to explore solutions and possibilities to what lies ahead for us all.

WHEN: July 23, 2020, 7:30 PM ET

WHERE: Online via Zoom. Receive the Zoom Meeting Link by registering for the event.

REGISTRATION: This is a Pay What You Can Event. Please register here:

For the play synopsis and more about our style of theatre visit:« 

-from Mixed Company Theatre

Call to Indigenous artists, authors, and media makers: Create to Learn@Home (imagineNATIVE & TakingITGlobal)

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is imaginenative-createtolearn-1024x1024.jpeg

Develop a Create to Learn Series!

« TakingITGlobal’s Create to Learn program has launched an at-home training initiative in partnership with imagineNATIVE to support students who are interested in learning digital skills through our online video database or through our Create to Learn App.

We are looking for Indigenous artists, authors, and media makers who have skills related to creativity and/or digital content production to share in tutorial videos! We are offering a stipend of $250 per video for an individual video or a series of 2 or 4 videos sharing your skills with students and youth who will be inspired by your talents!

Videos will remain your property, but by participating in this initiative you also give TakingITGlobal and imagineNATIVE perpetual, royalty-free rights to reproduce and share your video(s) free of charge with youth across Canada for learning purposes. By participating, you agree to post/share your videos on Instagram and/or Facebook using the #CreateToLearn hashtag and tag @create2learn + @takingitglobal + @imaginenative. You can create and share tutorial videos as soon as you receive an acceptance e-mail, and all videos must be posted/shared by August 17th, 2020 by midnight EST. »

For more information and to apply, please visit the Create To Learn online form.

-from imagineNATIVE