Member Spotlight: All Nations Healin’ Thru Artz (Regina)

All Nations Healin’ Thru Arts wrapped their 2013/14 program with their 6th Annual Talent Show performance this past April. Since 2008, ANHTA’s after-school program has been providing Regina’s at-risk youth with free multi-arts programming that includes everything from dance and voice training to creative writing, beading, photography and more. Throughout the eight months, youth participate in life-skills classes, employment training and cultural teachings and as an added bonus, transportation and dinner are also provided.

Many of the youth live in North Central, an area plagued by high levels of violent crime, drugs, prostitution and gangs. At one point, Macleans magazine called the community ‘Canada’s worst neighbourhood.’ Founder Monica Fogel says « We’re not here to be a saviour. We can’t change their lives for them. But we can give them opportunities to see another avenue… »

This documentary by Lucas Frison chronicles the eight month program with commentary from ANHTA instructors and youth participants.

Click here to watch the documentary

Eagleclaw Thom is a new media instructor at the Saskatchewan Institute of Applied Science and Technology and is just one of the qualified instructors who has committed their time and talent to working with ANHTA. This year he taught a 3-month photography and documentary film-making course. The youth had access to point-and-shoot cameras and were encouraged to record video diaries as a means of self-discovery and for discussing challenges they are facing in the community. Watch a short documentary about the photography and film-making class below and then check out some of the photographs taken by the youth.

Click here to watch the mini-documentary

Click here to watch the slideshow

Registration for next year’s program starts in September. Check the All Nations Healin’ Thru Artz Facebook page for more information.

– Cora, Indigenous Community Arts Coordinator & Communications Assistant, ArtBridges
Posted with permission from Monica Fogel, ANHTA

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