ArtReach 2016 Granting Period Open! (Toronto)


« ArtReach is a funding program designed to support youth arts initiatives in Toronto that foster youth engagement and provide high quality arts opportunities. $270,000 in grants are available to support youth arts projects, thanks to our amazing partnership with the Toronto Arts Council. Click here to learn more!

ArtReach aims to increase meaningful youth engagement of Toronto youth (13-29), who have experienced and/or are experiencing exclusion from quality arts opportunities.

How To Apply

The 2016 granting round opens March 1st, 2016 and the deadline to apply is April 15th, 2016. Please contact to request an application after you have read the program guidelines to ensure your eligibility no later than April 11th.

What Kinds of Projects Do We Fund?

ArtReach wishes to support innovative youth projects that may not be supported elsewhere. ArtReach is about access, reducing barriers and increasing opportunities for youth and other active and interested organizations, individual artists and collectives to create or continue quality arts projects or programming. New and emerging art forms will be considered, and are encouraged.

To be eligible for funding, projects must have all of the following key features:

Increase access to quality arts opportunities that encourage creative expression and involve meaningful engagement of youth (ages 13 – 29) in Toronto.

  • Applicants must be living and providing project activities within the City of Toronto
  • Projects must promote social inclusion and provide opportunities for youth to develop leadership skills, capacity, and opportunities within their communities and the initiatives they lead
  • Projects must provide opportunities for youth to benefit from both the intrinsic (e.g. personal enjoyment, creative expression) and instrumental value (e.g. community engagement, skills development, social change) of the arts
  • Projects must involve youth in project development, implementation and evaluation
  • Projects must involve artist(s) with relevant experience and reach into participating communities

Who Can Apply?

Funding priority will be given to:

  • Projects by youth-led organizations, collectives, and groups
  • Individual young artists leading new or existing projects that provide opportunities for youth
  • Applicants housing youth groups within larger not-for-profit or charitable organizations*
  • Applicants providing arts training opportunities to youth facing severe barriers*

* Note: Proposals from applicants that are not youth-led initiatives will be considered where the barriers being faced by the youth participants are severe. In these cases, there must be a strong youth engagement model in place, and a plan for supporting youth to play meaningful leadership roles. If this applies, please contact the program manager to discuss. »

-from ArtReach’s newsletter
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