CBC Development Workshop for Diverse Creators – Deadline to apply July 11


Volume 3: Short-Form Digital Videos, Unscripted

The CBC Development Workshop for Diverse Creators is a training series designed to help emerging creators who identify as part of an Indigenous, disability or visible minority community to sharpen their professional skills, expand their network, and bring new perspectives and ideas to the CBC. The third in this series will be a program for creative storytellers with a special interest in short-form digital videos (unscripted).

Over four full-day workshops, participants will be connected with CBC decision makers, in-house producers and our partners in production, who will provide guidance as well as tools and resources to help participants develop their own pitches and production plans for original programming. At the end of the workshop select participants whose projects best align with the CBC’s programming mandate will be offered an opportunity to produce a digital short for CBC Arts or CBC Docs: Short Docs.

Up to twelve applicants will be selected to attend the Workshop on the basis of the following submissions:
– Letter of interest and intent, attaching three original story ideas;
– Two video samples of recent work;
– Curriculum vitae;
– Letter of reference.

Please see more details on submissions below and in the Terms and Conditions.

The goals of the CBC Development Workshop for Diverse Creators are:
– To provide emerging, diverse creators with practical knowledge to help them advance as producers of compelling digital video content.
– To connect CBC with the most exciting diverse storytellers across the country who have the potential to produce content for CBC Arts and CBC Docs: Short Docs.
– To connect rising and diverse creative talent with experienced Canadian content makers.

Four-day Workshop – September 14-17, 2016
The workshop will provide an introduction to the mandates of CBC Arts and CBC Docs: Short Docs, followed by intensive sessions with industry professionals with a focus on short-form video storytelling for a multi-platform audience.

The Workshop will take place at the CBC Broadcast Centre in Toronto (250 Front Street West). Out-of-town creators are encouraged to apply and if selected, participants, travelling in excess of 100 kilometres will be reimbursed for travel (economy class airfare from nearest airport, or train station or gas/mileage with receipts). All participants will be responsible for their own lodging and all other costs and expenses to attend the Workshop.

We are interested in developing diverse film and video makers from across the country who can deliver original, creative short videos that tell stories about Canadian issues, arts and culture… and have the potential to be highly shareable in the digital space.

About CBC Arts
We are looking for story pitches that showcase fresh, innovative Canadian artists and cultural producers. Our idea of “the arts” is inclusive and contemporary: our ideal story pitches explore less traditional art forms like digital arts (e.g. GIFs), web series, podcasting, urban culture, street dance, and the intersection of the arts & social media. They feature fresh, diverse, irreverent, and distinct artists – and are highly shareable. Check out previous stories at our site cbc.ca/arts, but surprise us with something we’ve never seen or done before!

About CBC Docs: Short Docs
We are looking for stand-alone, short-form documentary concepts on a wide range of subjects. Our ideal short docs are character-driven, modern and focus on a single, unified, strong narrative, less than 10 minutes in length. They have active, unfolding story-lines, have the potential to provoke conversation and to be highly shareable in the digital space. For more information see our guidelines at cbc.ca/independentproducers/genres/cbc_docs_shorts and our site at cbc.ca/shortdocs

Emerging to mid-level creators with a special interest in short-form digital content (unscripted). Eligible applicants must:
– Identify as part of an Indigenous, disability or visible minority community.
– Be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident and reside in Canada.
– Be over the age of majority in their province of residence.
– Be able to commit to four full day-long sessions at the CBC Toronto Broadcast Centre and other activities required as part of the Workshop.
– Demonstrate in their submissions an understanding of the fundamentals of short form digital video production.
– Demonstrate access to the subject(s) of their story ideas.

1. Application and Submission Release Form – See the explanation below in the “TO APPLY” section.
2. A letter of interest and intent that outlines why this program is a good fit for you and attaching at least three original story ideas. Please describe your background (as part of an Indigenous, disability or visible minority community) and comment on how you feel this influences your approach to creative digital video storytelling. Please also describe how you have access to your story ideas.
3. Two samples of video work (Must be sent as links. See the explanation below in « Frequently Asked Questions »).
4. A curriculum vitae that includes relevant education and training, and any screen credits.
5. A current letter of reference (no older than January 2016).

– Are you creative, experimental, on the cutting edge of digital storytelling, for example, video artists and digital video innovators?
– Do you have the ability to produce, shoot, direct and edit your own work?
– Experience – Do you have a special interest in creative storytelling with some demonstration of experience in video production
– Emerging to mid-level career – Do you have two to five years of experience and have samples of work to submit as a reflection of current skills?
– Recognition – Does your work display potential reach and impact?
– Quality of Work – Does the work reflect some understanding of professional standards? Does it exhibit excellence? Is there attention to detail? Has careful consideration gone into how the final product is delivered?
– Goal/Objective – Are your goals/objectives in line with CBC’s needs?

1. Download the fillable Application and Submission Release Form here.
2. Complete the form, filling out all fields.
3. Print a copy of your completed fillable forms and provide a handwritten signature in the spaces provided (you will have to agree to the Terms and Conditions, found here.)
4. Scan and save using the naming format of Lastname_Firstname_Forms.pdf.
5. Compile and save your support material as a Word document in the following order: letter of interest/intent, curriculum vitae, letter of reference, links to samples of work. Save using the naming format of Lastname_Firstname_SupportMaterials.doc.
6. EMAIL both your PDF and your Word document to: cbcdiversity@cbc.ca, with « Application » as the subject, no later than Monday July 11th, 2016 at 9 a.m. EDT.

PLEASE NOTE: Incomplete applications or incorrect file types/formatting will not be considered. »

For more information, visit: http://www.cbc.ca/independentproducers/diversecreators

Posted with permission from Helen Kugler

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