CUE: Grants for New-Generation Artists Living and Working in the Margins (Toronto)

« CUE is a radical arts initiative dedicated to supporting new generation artists who live and work on the margins.

Throughout history, some of the most innovative artwork has been created by artists who experience marginalization and face systemic barriers, and who have been excluded by conventional arts and cultural institutions. We recognize that arts funding agencies have struggled to keep up with growing social, cultural, and economic inequality.

In response, CUE has designed an accessible funding program offering not only financial support for art projects, but also consultation in preparing project proposals, support throughout the production process, and opportunities for public exhibition.

Founded in 2008, to date CUE has provided over $350,000 to support the creation of more than 350 art projects in multiple disciplines.

Artists must meet with CUE before submitting an application.
Apply for up to $1000 to produce a project in any discipline

For more information please visit »

-from CUE Art Projects

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