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…. jobs, volunteering, spaces for sharing, art materials, wish lists, professional services needed, awards available…

This is a forum for exchange of art materials, space and job/volunteer opportunities, awards/bursaries and other unique opportunities relating to community-engaged arts practice in Canada that can benefit under-serviced or under-resourced communities.

This “Classifieds” section is dedicated to ‘Steve.’ Steve would go ‘dumpster diving’ and bring ‘artmaking treasures’ to a Toronto inner city arts centre to share with his peers. Together they would make art from funky picture frames, reams of newsprint discarded from a major newspaper, wood for stretching canvasses. Steve reminded us that “One person’s trash is another person’s treasure.”

Arts-Related Stuff : arts supplies/instruments/props/media, new or gently used.
For example:
“I have boxes full of arts supplies that my kids don’t use any more. Plus some great easels. Could an arts program use them?”
“I upgraded my computer, where could I donate my older one? It’s still in good shape. Is there a digital arts program that could use it?”
“We need some cameras for an after-school photography project.”
“We need a piano for our music program… can I post that here?”

Human Resources: jobs, volunteer & internship opportunities available or needed.
For example:
“Our arts organization needs new Board members.”
“We are seeking a program coordinator for our media arts program with youth.”
“I’m in art college and need work experience, can I post that I am looking for volunteer work teaching art?”

Awards, Bursaries, Scholarships, Contests, Unique Opportunities.
For example: 
“We are holding a Canada-wide logo contest, can we let people know about it here?”
“We have an annual bursary for youth who need access to music lessons.”
“We have an opportunity for youth to participate in a free leadership training workshop in arts.”

Studio space, venues for art exhibits or performances available/needed.
For example:
“I have a wall at a coffee shop that needs art and I’d like to support a local community arts initiative.”
“Our arts studio is vacant until 3:00 everyday, as we only run after-school and evening programs; can we post that we are looking to sublet our space to a similar type of community arts group here?”

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