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Mural Routes

Mural Routes is the only member-based not-for-profit arts service organization in Canada dedicated to the creation, development and promotion of public wall art. We create, promote, educate, advise and link artists, organizations and others that are interested in the development of wall art. In 2016 we brought our education initiatives together into the Mural Art Learning Institute (MURALI)- a continuum of learning programs in all aspects of mural making.

  • Status:
    Charity, Non-profit, Resource, Arts service organization 
  • Main Communities Served:
    Adults, Homeless, Homeless Youth, Youth, Emerging Artists, Varies (depending on local community and those involved in each mural project) 
  • Main Catchment Area:
    Canada-wide, Ontario, Projects and programs across the GTA, connections across Canada & nternationally. 
  • Languages:
  • Arts Focus:
    Visual Arts, murals, mosaics, public art. 
  • Main Community-Engaged Arts / Arts for Social Change Activities:
    The Mural Art Learning Institute, including:
    Introduction to Mural Arts: Free learning program for all ages (14+) and skill levels (location & times vary)

    Mural Art Career Development: Intensive program for emerging mural artists (free, 18-29, Must have Grade 11 art or equivalent, runs annually May – July)
Wall Art Learning Series: Professional development opportunities for emerging and mid-career mural artists and administrators (locations & times vary)

    National Mural Symposium: Biennial professional development & networking for mural artists & administrators
On-line Resources & Networking: Through our website, blog, social media, and member network we provide free & accessible resources, work and networking opportunities & updates on mural art activities in Toronto and around the world.

Community Murals & Management: We work with communities across Toronto spark neighbourhood change through the creation of outdoor murals, and provide expertise in the development and installation of public wall art projects.  
  • Mandate/Mission:
    Our vision is to inspire the creation of extraordinary public wall art that serves as a catalyst for community building. Mural Routes is dedicated to creating, promoting, educating, advising and linking artists, organizations and others that are interested in the development of public wall art.

    Our goals:

    To work in partnership with artists and communities to produce excellent public wall art;

    To teach, learn and share valuable insights in mural art; 

    To educate, engage and enhance communities through public wall art;

    To elevate the quality and status of mural art;

    To secure a place for murals within the larger context of the arts in Canada.  
  • ArtBridging Section:
    Mural Routes often works in partnership with communities and community-engaged arts initiatives. For example, we would love to run our Intro to Mural Arts program in partnership with an arts initiative that is working towards a tangible mural project in the area. This would allow community members to participate and feel empowered to engage with local projects while connecting their learning to a tangible outcome.

    Mural Routes can also offer connections to a large network of professional and emerging mural artists. We often work with organizations and communities to link artists with projects, spread information to our network, or consult on public art project management.

    We welcome a wide range of support and partnerships; partners are often most supportive in finding suitable space for our programs, identifying communities with an interest in mural art or a specific need for programing, and connecting us with artists or volunteers.
    We are always looking for new members and partners and would love to talk with other community-engaged arts initiatives about how we could help each other.
  • Additional Info:
    For the most up-to-date news, projects and opportunities follow us on Facebook and Twitter! 

  • Main Contact Name:
    Natalie Dewan, Program Coordinator 
  • Phone:
    (416) 698-7995 
  • Main Contact Email: 
  • Website:
  • Facebook:
  • Twitter:
  • Address:
    1859 Kingston Rd.
    Toronto, ON  M1N 1T3 

Last updated on 2019-05-24 13:17:26. Photos credit of: Karin Eaton - Submitted by: Natalie Dewan, Program Coordinator, Mural Routes