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Regent Park Focus Youth Media Arts Centre

  • Statut:
    Organisme sans but lucratif, Incorporated 
  • Principal public desservi:
    Adolescents et jeunes adultes, Enfants, Itinérance jeunesse, Personnes itinérantes, Children and Youth residing in and around the Regent Park Area. 
  • Territoire d’action principal:
    Ontario, Regent Park area in Toronto 
  • Langue(s) utilisée(s):
  • Disciplines artistiques:
    Media Arts 
  • Principales activités d’art communautaire, d’art engagé ou d’art pour le changement social:
    Programs include: Print Magazines, Graphic Arts, Television Broadcasting and Video production, Radio Production, Music Recording, Photography 
  • Énoncé de mission:
    Regent Park Focus is motivated by the belief that community arts and participatory media practices play a vital role in building and sustaining healthy communities. Regent Park Focus seeks to increase civic engagement and inspire positive change by giving youth the tools and support to create artistic works and media productions.
    Youth are encouraged to work collectively to develop resources that explore issues of relevance to them and their communities. These resources, along with the process of creating them, increase personal well-being, contribute to community health and address systemic barriers to equitable social participation. 
  • Nom du contact principal:
    Adonis Huggins, Program Director 
  • Téléphone:
    (416) 863-1074 
  • Courriel du contact principal: 
  • Site Web:
  • Adresse principale (locaux):
    38 Regent Street
    Toronto, ON  M5A 3N7 

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