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Paint A Smile

Paint A Smile brings art workshops into schools, hospitals and other facilities for kids and youth who are struggling in life. The workshops are taught by professional artists and the programs are custom-made to fit the art curriculum of different grades. Art helps kids and youth develop their confidence, personal-awareness, and self expression. Our workshops allow kids and youth to believe in themselves and see life in a different way that they might not have experienced before. We provide them with a medium and an outlet to embrace their inner artist and explore their dreams.

  • Status:
  • Main Communities Served:
    Children, Dis/Abilities, Youth 
  • Main Catchment Area:
  • Languages:
  • Arts Focus:
    Visual Arts, Media Arts 
  • Main Community-Engaged Arts / Arts for Social Change Activities:
    Professional art workshops are provided to groups of young people at an affordable rate and as charity. We are currently involved in special needs classrooms in elementary schools, offering them a chance to learn art and be able to unleash their creativity and express their inner artist. 
  • Mandate/Mission:
    Support – Support kids who are suffering from illness and underprivileged
    Mentor – Help kids explore their potential and encourage personal development
    Inspire – Unleash kids creativity to let them imagine anything is possible
    Love – Love and give for kids
    Empower – Build resilience and help them survive their own lives with confidence 
  • ArtBridging Section:
    We would love to connect with community-engaged arts initiatives by learning how they have been supporting their community through art. How can we better spread our word and be able to influence more communities through art. We would love to receive sponsorships or collaboration for our fundraising events.
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  • Main Contact Name:
    Christina Chan, Public Relations Director 
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    Markham, ON   

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