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Sarasvàti Productions: Community-Based Theatre Creation

Sarasvàti Productions is experimental and transformative theatre that presents significant social issues; engages in community collaboration; and supports emerging artists. We are an independent theatre company that has been in existence since 1998, in the North End of Winnipeg since 2000, and a registered charity since 2003. We produce FemFest (an annual festival of plays by women for everyone currently approaching its 14th year), a wide range of plays that address topical issues, community tours, and workshops to support emerging artists.

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    Homeless Youth, Youth 
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    Sarasvàti Productions has developed a unique method of community-based play creation over the last fifteen years of work in Winnipeg. The process includes partnering with an organization to address a topic in order to allow the wider public to gain a new understanding. We work with those affected by the issue; those who are rarely heard are given a voice, allowed artistic expression, validated and empowered. The process transforms those who participate. The stories, research, and other materials gathered are then used to create a play. We then produce the play at a theatre and at a series of community venues in order to make theatre accessible to a wider community. Audiences are transformed by seeing things played out before their eyes and being able to fully understand another person’s experience. In order to reflect the reality of the community, diverse actors are used and provided with training opportunities. In this way the artists are also transformed and provided with a launching pad for professional careers. Sarasvàti Productions is not traditional theatre but a hybrid of art and transformation. We’ve been so successful with this approach that we are now approached by multiple community groups wanting to work with us.

    We bring performances and guest speakers out into the community throughout our entire theatre season, including pieces and speakers from FemFest and International Women's Week Cabaret of Monologues. 
  • Mandate/Mission:
    Our vision is to transform society through theatre.

    Sarasvàti Productions’ mandate is to establish and operate a theatre company for the purpose of:

    1. Promoting social change and human understanding

    2. Supporting and educating emerging artists

    3. Experimenting with new forms of theatrical presentation

    4. Operating a repertory company that will work as a collaboration of artists creating work and performing new works for a public audience. 
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    Hope McIntyre, Artistic Director 
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    242 Cathedral Ave
    Winnipeg, MB  R2W 0X3 

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