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4Cs Foundation: creative connections between children and their communities

The 4Cs Foundation provides grants, education and other opportunities for community arts projects that inspire, empower, and connect children and their communities in Halifax, Nova Scotia. We believe that creating art together fosters the development of relationships, builds connections and strengthens communities.

  • Status:
    Resource, Grant-giving private Foundation 
  • Main Communities Served:
    All Ages, Children, Youth 
  • Main Catchment Area:
    Nova Scotia, Communities within the Halifax Regional Municipality, NS only 
  • Languages:
  • Arts Focus:
    Community building arts-based projects, Placemaking, Art Bikers program 
  • Main Community-Engaged Arts / Arts for Social Change Activities:
    1. Grants for community arts and arts-based community development projects. These projects bring children and other community members together to collaborate side-by-side in creating an artwork/artworks. Professional artists are a catalyst for the community in exploring possibilities of creating artwork that often reflects the stories, interests, issues or concerns of the &quot;community of participants/contributors&quot; in 4Cs projects. In 4Cs projects, the time spent creating together fosters lasting connections between the children and community members. The creation of these connections between children and others(which also strengthen the overall community) is the main goal of 4Cs projects.<br />

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    2. The 4Cs Art Bikers program - a community arts summer outreach program delivering free arts-based activities that open up a world of creativity, connection, and fun for children and other community members. The Art Bikers team are artists and artisans trained in community arts facilitation who ride bicycles pulling trailers full of artmaking materials to neighbourhoods and public areas throughout HRM to offer the program. The Program runs from May to September each year.<br />

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    3. Community capacity building through offering training workshops and by connecting and supporting individuals interested arts-based community development/ facilitating community arts projects and programs. We do this through Arts Engage! training and by hosting the Community Arts Circle network. 
  • Mandate/Mission:
    The mandate of the 4Cs Foundation is to build connections between children and their communities through arts projects in the Halifax Regional Municipality, Nova Scotia, Canada. 
  • Main Contact Name:
    Terri Whetstone, Executive Director 
  • Phone:
    (902) 422-4805 
  • Main Contact Email: 
  • Website:
  • Facebook:
  • Address:
    PO BOX 31119
    Halifax, NS  B3K 5T9 

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