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Unceded Voices

Unceded Voices : Anticolonial Street Artists Performance is a biennial convergence of Indigenous-identified women/2spirit/Queer/ and women of color street artists in Tiohtià:ke, unceded Haudenosaunee territory (also known as Montreal)since 2014. The goal of this convergence is three-fold: to develop a network of solidarity and support between Indigenous women/2Spirit/Queer and women of color street artists ; to promote anticolonial resistance through diverse street art interventions; and to foster relationships and dialogue between the collective and the broader community.

  • Status:
    Artist Collective 
  • Main Communities Served:
    All Ages, LGBTW2SA community, women of color 
  • Main Catchment Area:
  • Languages:
    English, French 
  • Arts Focus:
    Visual arts, Street art (murals, wheatpastes, stencils, graffitis, performances) 
  • Main Community-Engaged Arts / Arts for Social Change Activities:
    Unceded Voices engages public participation, which included passers-by in the streets striking up conversations with the artists, as well as more structured activities and workshops that took place in public spaces and both artist-run and community centres. All the events are always free and open to the public. In addition to the general openness of the collective to engage with the greater public, there are a few artists whose work intentionally invites the public into the process of the art-making. 
  • Mandate/Mission:
    Through street art interventions (murals, wheat pastes, stencils, graffiti, textile art, performances, etc.), the artists in Unceded Voices collective are from all over Turtle Island and express their demands, identities and histories.

    We recognize the importance of walls and structures as critical spaces to reclaim unceded Indigenous land and to aid Indigenous and WOC artists in their movement towards justice and healing for themselves and their cultures. In the space provided by Unceded Voices Collective, participants share knowledge and consider the territories we inhabit out of respect for the land we benefit from.

    Through nation-to-nation dialogue, Unceded Voices highlights and promotes the beauty in the different life stories and identities of the artists and collective members, yet it also reflects the power in the commonalities, the shared exploration of coming together, the healing of broken relationships, and the educating of future generations. 
  • Additional Info:
    You can watch our documentary series on Unceded Voices Youtube channel :
    Videos by Maxime Faure 
  • Main Contact Name:
    Camille Larivee, Main Organizer 
  • Main Contact Email: 
  • Website:
  • Facebook:
  • Address:
    5124 Clark
    Montréal, QC   

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