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The Acorn Arts Project

The Acorn Arts Project is a site-based community outreach art organization which runs free, weekly, drop-in arts programs for residents of 220 Oak St. as well as members of the Regent Park neighbourhood.

  • Status:
    Program, Free, weekly drop-in art-making group for residents and the Regent Park Community 
  • Main Communities Served:
    Adults, Dis/Abilities, FNMI, Seniors, Individuals living with mental health and cognitive challenges 
  • Main Catchment Area:
    Ontario, All are welcome. Currently serving residents of Regent Park and neighbouring communities 
  • Languages:
    English, French, One staff speaks French; One staff speaks Russian 
  • Arts Focus:
    Clay hand-built sculpture, firing and glazing, painting, community arts project-driven 
  • Main Community-Engaged Arts / Arts for Social Change Activities:
    A series of four-month projects, whose themes are developed in consultation between the residents and the 3 professional artists who lead the program. At the end of the project is an exhibition showcasing the artwork. 
  • Mandate/Mission:
    Planting the seeds of connection through art-making 
  • ArtBridging Section:
    Advice on strategies for running a community arts program.
  • Main Contact Name:
    Naomi Chorney, Co-Founder 
  • Secondary Contact:
    Naomi Chorney, Co-Founder 
  • Phone:
  • Main Contact Email: 
  • Address:
    220 Oak St., Suite 102
    Toronto, ON  M5A2E1 
  • Secondary Address:
    657 Balliol St., Unit 7
    Toronto, ON  M4S1E6 

Last updated on 2018-04-09 06:28:54. Photos credit of: Cota - Submitted by: The Acorn Arts Project