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Music From Hope

The Music From Hope program is structured to help participants reflect their culture, find the common points, and integrate with the culture from their new home or community through music.
Our facilitators are trained to establish positive communication, sympathy and empathy with all participants; understanding the group's needs and reflecting the needs into the program's planning and activities.
Music From Hope was established in Canada and supported by Sounds of Change Netherlands. Both follow the same structure and planning, with one target, to bring happiness and joy using music as an instrument of healing.

  • Status:
    Artist Collective 
  • Main Communities Served:
    Children, Youth 
  • Main Catchment Area:
  • Languages:
    English, Arabic 
  • Main Community-Engaged Arts / Arts for Social Change Activities:
    We aim to play a positive role in helping children who are migrating from all over the world, who--for the first while can only be afraid, shocked of the new culture, languages, and can only see what sets them as different from their peers, to come together, work together in a safe group setting, find positive commonalities between them and others, build bridges, share stories and positive memory from home, share music/art from home that best conveys their culture and they can relate to, with others in the group that are not necessarily from the same culture or speak the same language. Yet, they are from the same age group and have the same emotional needs and have gone through relatable experiences that will help in the healing, integration process, and allow members of the group to build bonds, trust each other, find the positive, common objective between each other.

    In this program we aim to:
    *provide a sense of community, social connection, artistic engagement and contribute to building a sustainable connection between group participants
    *reduce barriers between participants with each other and between the participant and arts/music
    *simplify music-making and increase access to arts for newcomer children in their hosted communities
    *expand our knowledge and understanding of how to use music therapeutic activities in community building. 
  • Mandate/Mission:
    It is an artistic collective that uses music as therapeutic activity that aims to help participants (children) find sanctuary, resilience, strength, and expression through using music/musical instruments in an interactive group setting as a medium. We use music as creative tools to boost creativity, work with chaos control, improve compassionate communication, build trust, confidence to work in groups. The program, in a welcoming centre site in Toronto, helps newcomers’ children from different backgrounds who are in the same-age group with similar developmental needs, to express themselves, build connections, and network with their peers. The programs urge participants to overcome personal barriers, to share their own culture, experiences, and artistic backgrounds in a fun playful manner. We use our experience from previous workshops to update and improve our plan. We always study the group, upgrade plans to include accommodating activities that meet a group's needs, enrich their artistic experience, facilitate workshops on site and prepare and provide any materials needed for these workshops.

    Our mission is to provide a sense of community, social connection, artistic engagement, reduce barriers between participants with each other and between arts/music, simplify music making and increase access to arts for newcomer children in their hosted communities. 
  • ArtBridging Section:
    Music from Hope has collaborations with many other NGOs like Cost and North York Community House. They have a long history in working with newcomer families, facilitating and helping these families with the integration process to Canada.
    We collaborate with them to help kids of these families to build positive memories and associate music with positiveness and happiness.
    Developing their creative mind is a necessity. It brings hope, connection, empowerment.
    By working with others helps them to be cooperative, communicative, relaxed in their new home.
  • Additional Info:
    CBC article about Music From Hope:

    Video/article credit : Lise Hosein/CBC

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  • Main Contact Name:
    Nour Kaaddan, Co-Founder 
  • Secondary Contact:
    Tarek Ghriri, Co-Founder 
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  • Address:
    425 Broadview Ave
    Toronto, ON  M4k 2M9 
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    425 Broadview Ave
    Toronto, ON  M4k 2M9 

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