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Frequently Asked Questions

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How can I find a free, affordable or accessible arts program in my community?

How do I search for something on the ArtBridges website?

Why aren’t all of the posts and content on this website translated into French or English?

What does it cost be part of this website/network?

Does ArtBridges fund projects?

Who works at ArtBridges? What is their experience?

How do you connect people?

Who writes the material for this website/network?

What is ‘ArtBridging’ ?

I am looking for like-minded groups to talk to. How can I find them?

What are community arts, social purpose arts, arts for social change, and community-engaged arts?

How can I add my community arts initiative to the Map and Profile Directory?

How did you map and identify community-engaged arts initiatives across Canada?

On your Map and Profile Directory why don’t you have filter selections for more types of communities? i.e.: homeless, LGBTQ, women, new Canadians?

How do I contribute to the Community Blog?

How can my arts organization partner with ArtBridges?

Who are the classifieds for?

Where can I find an educational program or workshops on community-engaged arts/social purpose arts/arts for social change?

Our arts initiative is reviewing our policies and manuals, do you have any examples we can look at?

Who do I contact for help/advice on starting a community arts initiative in my community?

How is ArtBridges funded?

Does ArtBridges need donations? How can I donate?

Can I or my business or organization become a sponsor and get recognition on this website?

Can I just call or email someone at your office to get information or to share ideas?