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Get Involved with ArtBridges/ToileDesArts by Donating or Sponsorship

You can get involved in the important work of ArtBridges/ToileDesArts by making a donation or by sponsoring a feature of the ArtBridges/ToileDesArts website.

Donations help to support the work of ArtBridges all year!

As a donor you will be a vital partner in ArtBridges' important work by helping us to raise awareness, connect people to community-engaged art initiatives, gather and share resources, and highlight what's going on in the practice and field.

ArtBridges is a hub and forum for connection for anyone interested in or active in community-engaged arts and arts for social change in Canada.

When you give generously today, you are a partner in ArtBridges' important work

Art is a vehicle for healthy community development. Art-making, creativity and art expression brings children, youth and adults together in community studios that combine recreation, education, life-skills building, economic development and leadership. Benefits to everyone include: safer and more vibrant neighbourhoods, improved mental and physical health, greater success in education and employment, community engagement and neighbourhood revitalization.

Thank you for believing in this work! We couldn't do all this without you!


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Every gift has a tremendous impact. When you give generously, you are a partner in ArtBridges/ToileDesArts' important work. Your contribution will help to nurture community-engaged arts across Canada focused in under-resourced and under-served communities.


When you become a sponsor, you are a partner in ArtBridges/ToileDesArts’ important work. Several sponsorship opportunities exist to support ArtBridges/ToileDesArts’ activities and to connect your organization, business, program or event with us.

For more information on sponsorship, contact us.