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ArtBridges runs an annual Membership Program. Please join us as a Member or renew your annual membership to ArtBridges/ToileDesArts!

As an ArtBridges Member, you or your arts initiative can

  • Receive a one-year subscription to Canadian Art magazine*.
  • Qualify to receive a Recognition Award: This year ArtBridges will present awards to a community artist or community-engaged arts initiative member based on remarkable innovation, resiliency, and creativity
  • Be featured on ArtBridges’ Canada-wide Community Blog in our Membership Spotlight feature.
  • Receive consideration for a letter of support for your initiative from us
  • Take advantage of the Events and Classified sections of our website by elevating your announcements to the top of the page (limit of 3 times a year)
  • Be listed on our Membership Recognition page
  • Become a card-carrying ArtBridges Member
  • New! Have your website reviewed for accessibility, mobile responsiveness and clarity in a one-hour professional consultation

*I understand that $12 will be applied to my one-year subscription to Canadian Art magazine and is nondeductible from my dues.

You will be a vital partner in ArtBridges’ important work

Since 2009, ArtBridges, through a free Canada-wide hub, has been

  • Identifying community-engaged arts initiatives across Canada
  • Informing Canadians, their communities and artists
  • Connecting people to community-engaged arts
  • Sharing the benefits of arts for social change

Membership fees help to support the work of ArtBridges all year!

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Thank-you for believing in this work!