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Resources and Tools for Community-Engaged Arts

You can search or browse for community arts toolkits, templates, reflections and stories, best practices, and more. You can find resources organized by category or through a keyword search. If you’re new to this field, you can check out our ‘Getting Started’ collection.

The resources in this section have been developed and generously shared by artists and cultural workers in Canada through the course of their work. If you have a resource you would like to share, please contact us. All contributors are provided with full credit and a website link.

These resources have been collected in order to share knowledge and support the ongoing efforts of artists and cultural workers. If you wish to adapt or re-use work, please contact the original creator for permission. The resources and tools on this site should not be considered a replacement for legal advice.

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Access and Inclusion

Content focused on accessibility, very special arts, and disability arts and artists.

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Admin & Organizations

Staff, volunteers, boards, collectives, nonprofit structures, policy documents, procedures, handbooks, etc.

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ArtBridges Resources

A collection of resources created by ArtBridges; includes the Tips and Tools series, networks guide, funding guide, and more.

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Arts Practice & How-To

Arts practice, materials, techniques, how-to, arts instruction, etc.

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Equity & Capacity-Building

Equity, human rights, safe space, capacity building, anti-racism, anti-oppression, etc.

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Strategic planning, business planning, evaluation, etc.

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FNMI, Northern & Rural

Content focused on First Nations, Métis & Inuit artists, and northern, rural and remote communities.

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Grant writing, donor relations, sponsorships, fundraising, social enterprise, etc.

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Getting Started

A collection of resources for people starting a new community-engaged arts initiative, or for people new to the practice.

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Marketing & Engagement

Social media, branding, marketing, PR, presentations, outreach, etc.

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Programs & Workshops

Program ideas, event and program planning, scheduling, icebreakers, facilitation techniques, etc.

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Reflections & Stories

History and traditions, personal stories and reflections from the field of community-engaged arts.

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Research & Publications

Research updates and reports, statistics, maps, charts and graphs, journal articles, critical discourse, etc.

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Resources related to engaging and empowering seniors.

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Social Impact & Statistics

Making the Case: statistics and evidence on the impact of community-engaged arts.

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Resources related to engaging and empowering youth.

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The Art of Inclusion - Seven Steps; A Guide to Developing and Delivering Accessible and Inclusive Programs within Arts and Cultural Organizations

Originally developed for the art education experiences provided by the McMichael Canadian Art Collection, this guidebook outlines “seven steps to accessible and inclusive programs” that can be “benef...

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From the Heart of a City

"...A growing number of artists might be more accurately described as “resident artists” – artists who have made a conscious decision that their inspiration, their “canvas,” their venue, the...

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Building Bridges Across Generations: Redefining intergenerational spaces for girls' empowerment

"Girls Action Foundation has compiled practices and reflections to share with other groups that are creating intergenerational spaces for social change. We hope that our experience and expertise can c...

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The Bridge Tip Sheet: Working with Immigrant Girls and Young Women to Support Girls' Empowerment

"As part of the Bridge Project: Build, Exchange, Collaborate for Immigrant Young Women, Girls Action Foundation has compiled the following tip sheet. These tips come from our own practice and from oth...

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Our Communities, Our Words

"Our Communities, Our the documentation of the best practices, reflections on programming, stories and experiences that have been shared by our Community Colleagues who are working for and ...

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Laughing Allowed: A how-to guide for making a physical comedy show to build neighbourhood resilience

A hands on guide for community groups to create a collaborative physical comedy show.

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Art Communautaire Militant - Projets 2013-2014

"Ce deuxième livre documente sept projets d’art communautaire militant (Montréal et Alma) soutenus par le programme ROUAGE d’Engrenage Noir en 2013-2014.
Ces projets ont porté les revendi...

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Creating a Workshop: A 4-step guide to making engaging workshops

"This toolkit provides a step-by-step process of planning an effective workshop for any audience. A workshop done right has the potential to create spaces for brainstorming, interactive learning, b...

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The Benefits of Music Education

Infographic about the benefits of music education.

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Rural Community Action Guide

"This Community Action Guide is part of a larger project, which shines light on the potential of rural girls and young women to contribute to community development. The project engages youth and rural...

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Northern Reflections: Looking back and moving forward for girls' empowerment

"This publication is a celebration of what girls and women are doing in their communities. Northern Reflections is an informative and inspirational tool for anyone who wants to support girls’ and yo...

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Enhancing Cultural Capital: The Arts and Community Development in Winnipeg

"This research highlights the contribution that community-based arts organizations are making in Winnipeg's inner city. The project reveals that there is not only a wealth of artistic and cultural res...

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