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Resources and Tools for Community-Engaged Arts

You can search or browse for community arts toolkits, templates, reflections and stories, best practices, and more. You can find resources organized by category or through a keyword search. If you’re new to this field, you can check out our ‘Getting Started’ collection.

The resources in this section have been developed and generously shared by artists and cultural workers in Canada through the course of their work. If you have a resource you would like to share, please contact us. All contributors are provided with full credit and a website link.

These resources have been collected in order to share knowledge and support the ongoing efforts of artists and cultural workers. If you wish to adapt or re-use work, please contact the original creator for permission. The resources and tools on this site should not be considered a replacement for legal advice.

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Access and Inclusion

Content focused on accessibility, very special arts, and disability arts and artists.

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Admin & Organizations

Staff, volunteers, boards, collectives, nonprofit structures, policy documents, procedures, handbooks, etc.

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ArtBridges Resources

A collection of resources created by ArtBridges; includes the Tips and Tools series, networks guide, funding guide, and more.

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Arts Practice & How-To

Arts practice, materials, techniques, how-to, arts instruction, etc.

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Equity & Capacity-Building

Equity, human rights, safe space, capacity building, anti-racism, anti-oppression, etc.

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Strategic planning, business planning, evaluation, etc.

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FNMI, Northern & Rural

Content focused on First Nations, Métis & Inuit artists, and northern, rural and remote communities.

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Grant writing, donor relations, sponsorships, fundraising, social enterprise, etc.

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Getting Started

A collection of resources for people starting a new community-engaged arts initiative, or for people new to the practice.

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Marketing & Engagement

Social media, branding, marketing, PR, presentations, outreach, etc.

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Programs & Workshops

Program ideas, event and program planning, scheduling, icebreakers, facilitation techniques, etc.

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Reflections & Stories

History and traditions, personal stories and reflections from the field of community-engaged arts.

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Research & Publications

Research updates and reports, statistics, maps, charts and graphs, journal articles, critical discourse, etc.

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Resources related to engaging and empowering seniors.

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Social Impact & Statistics

Making the Case: statistics and evidence on the impact of community-engaged arts.

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Resources related to engaging and empowering youth.

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OAC Geographic Regions Maps

Map of Ontario; map is broken down into Ontario Arts Council's Geographic Regions: central, east, far North, northeast

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Tags: map, Ontario

The Arts Ed 'Slim' Kit

Zine created to give artists working in schools information on creating partnerships that are rewarding for teachers, themselves and most importantly learners. Includes information, tips and checklists des...

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The Arts and the Quality of Life: The Attitudes of Ontarians

The Ontario Arts Council (OAC) commissioned Environics Research Group to conduct a survey exploring Ontarians’ views on the arts and the quality of life. Designed to update similar research undertaken in...

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Quick Stats on the Arts

Statistics on public participation and support for culture, economic and social contribution of culture, and 'pocket stats' on funding and arts activities in Ontario.

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Ontario Arts Profiles: Ontario's Dance Sector

A profile of dance in Ontario, including demographics, sources of revenue, programming impacts, financial health, and human resources. Part of a continuing series describing the arts sectors and regional a...

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Tags: dance, Ontario

Artists by Region in Ontario

This study provides an in-depth examination of artists in various regions of Ontario, including regions, counties, districts, local municipalities and postal areas.

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Artists in Small and Rural Municipalities in Canada

Artists in Small and Rural Municipalities in Canada, a new report from Hill Strategies Research, finds significant concentrations of artists in small and rural municipalities across Canada. The study is ba...

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A Statistical Profile of Artists in Ontario

This study provides an in-depth examination of artists in Ontario, based largely on the 2001 census. Includes statistics about artists in Ontario, specifically the number of artists, artists’ earnings, s...

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Ontario Arts Profiles: Ontario’s Visual and Media Arts Sector

A profile of visual and media artists in Ontario; includes information on demographics, sources of revenue, financial health and human resources. Part of a continuing series describing the arts sectors and...

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The State of Theatre for Young People in Ontario: Voices from the Field (Executive Summary)

A portrait of the state of Theatre for Young People in Ontario in 2004, including significant information about the structure, impacts, challenges and needs of the sector. The report, based on findings fro...

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The Status of Women in Theatre: The Ontario Experience

This issue of ArtFacts examines data on the participation rates of women as primary creators in professional Ontario theatre companies. It compares those participation rates for four seasons ending in 2002...

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Ontario Arts Engagement Study

A study of how Ontarians participate in the arts; examines the full spectrum of arts activities from traditional audience-based activities to personal practice activities and includes arts participation vi...

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