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Managing an Organization: Staff Management

This is a collection of articles and resources in relation to staff management. Includes recruitment and succession, compensation and benefits, and legislation and liability. Imagine Canada highlights &quo...

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Managing an Organization: Charity Tax Tools

This is a collection of articles and resources in relation to charities and CRA requirements. Includes charitable activities, gifts and receipting, record keeping, CRA, tools on how to start a charity and ...

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Managing an Organization: Starting an Organization

Provides an overview of nonprofit and charitable organizations, and includes resources on how to incorporate an organization. Imagine Canada highlights "resources from professional literature specifi...

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Standards Program Handbook

This guide provides background info on how to navigate Imagine Canada's Standards Program.

"Imagine Canada’s Standards Program offers a Canada-wide set of shared standards for charitie...

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Shapeshifters Video Series

"Shapeshifters is a series of nine video profiles featuring Aboriginal artists in Ontario and speaks to the diversity and breadth of Aboriginal Arts in the province. The videos explore indigenous app...

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Sponsorship Marketing with Lorraine Patterson

Part of the Culture Days Webinar Series, this comprehensive webinar looks at sponsorship marketing and how it differs from traditional fundraising and philanthropy. Includes tips, trends, and example case ...

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Aboriginal Presenters Handbook: Music Events

Designed for festival and event organizers who are planning to bring musicians into northern communities, this handbook includes a sample contract, tips on budgeting and negotiating artist fees, promo idea...

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Artdata is a data visualization initiative that maps youth arts funding and impact in Toronto neighbourhoods. Pilot project created by Laidlaw Foundation with ArtReach and Manifesto. Artdata was designed '...

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Story-Struck: 8 Things You Should Know About Storytelling

Tips and ideas about how to tell your story, created by Elvira Truglia for Culture Days. Includes links to videos and resources on storytelling.

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Empower: Youth, Arts, and Activism

Empower: Youth, Arts, and Activism, is a youth-focused manual about AIDS/HIV prevention using the arts. The manual "features a diverse range of projects put forward by passionate, inspiring and fired-...

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Sponsorship Marketing: A Study in Engagement for Canadian Artists and Cultural Organizations

White paper on Sponsorship Marketing for artists and cultural organizations; includes backgrounder and trends in sponsorship marketing, valuation, relationship building and examples.


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Content Marketing: Creative Content Marketing for Canadian Artists and Cultural Organizations

Culture Days white paper on Content Marketing, or 'the art of communicating with your public without selling anything directly,' for artists and cultural organizations. This backgrounder includes key terms...

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