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DAREarts Attawapiskat: Walking for Peace

“On National Aboriginal Day, a group of youths from Vezina High School in Attawapiskat First Nation reclaimed their voice by releasing an original music video. Called Walking for Peace, the work addresse...

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Conseils et outils de la ToileDesArts no1 : Guide pratique pour les artistes séjournant dans une communauté des PNMI

Quelles sont les responsabilités des artistes invités dans une communauté qui n’est pas la leur ? Comment se préparer pour tenir ce rôle de façon respectueuse ?


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ArtBridges’ Community Arts 101 Audio Series: Cathy Elliott (DAREarts First Roots)

Artbridges’ Community Arts 101 Audio Series features voices from different initiatives as they share what they have to say about community arts and what is means to them.

The voice you hear ...

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Artful Anti-Oppression: A toolkit for critical and creative changemakers (Vol.1: Roots)

"The arts can also be used as teaching tools to explore critical equity concepts in a way that is accessible & engaging for diverse learning styles & needs....This resource has been assembled ...

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Dancing, Singing, Painting, and Speaking the Healing Story: Healing through Creative Arts

"This report describes the results of a study by the Aboriginal Healing Foundation (AHF) in the use of creative arts in healing programs. The formal research question guiding this study was, What hap...

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ArtBridges Tips and Tools: Tips from the DAREarts Practical Guide for Artists Visiting Remote FNMI* Communities

What are the responsibilities of artists as guests in communities that are not their own? What can guest artists do to prepare for and to be respectful of this role?

ArtBridges asked DARE...

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Roots: Glossary

A glossary of common terms related to racism and anti-racist work, created by Calgary Anti-Racism Education.

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The Way Forward

A reflection on the 2015 Truth and Reconciliation (TRC) Report and the role the arts play in reconciliation, from Cathy Elliot of DAREarts.

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Attawapiskat Spring: Posts from another place, another time

This is a reflection and backgrounder on Cathy Elliott’s music workshop with DAREarts students in Attawapiskat in 2012. To learn about the 2014 return visit, see 'Attawapiskat Spring 2'.

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Attawapiskat Spring 2

Reflections by Cathy Elliot on a 2014 spring visit and video project in Attawapiskat, a follow up to the 2012 visit documented in 'Attawapiskat Spring'. The music video can be viewed at

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Good Glue

Cathy Elliot of DAREarts reflects on arts-based programming, isolation and loss, healthy relationships, and continuity through the lens of her experiences with the Northern community of Ogoki.

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Nee-tum-ochi-bek: First Roots and Sustainability

Reflections on the short term and long term impacts of the arts, healing and trust, and the importance of sustaining programs and relationships over time. Written from the perspective of DAREarts artist fa...

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