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Social Work Through Hip Hop

"Stephen Leafloor: Social Work Through Hip Hop

Stephen Leafloor (Buddha) is dedicated to working creatively with youth around the world to empower them with a sense of control and hope in...

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Arts Based Facilitation: Using the Arts for HIV Prevention

An introduction to arts-based facilitation, community arts, and popular education, in relation to using the arts in youth-focused sexual health peer education work. Includes questions to consider around go...

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Digital Storytelling and Youth

An introduction to digital storytelling for youth sexual health peer education projects. Includes a step-by-step guide to digital storytelling and helpful tips and points to consider. Created by the Empowe...

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Peer Education

An introduction to peer education and 'how it might be used to talk about HIV, harm reduction
and sexual health with youth'. Includes key concepts and questions to consider. Created by the Empower P...

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Empower: Youth, Arts, and Activism

Empower: Youth, Arts, and Activism, is a youth-focused manual about AIDS/HIV prevention using the arts. The manual "features a diverse range of projects put forward by passionate, inspiring and fired-...

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