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Célébrer la Collaboration: Art Communautaire et Art Activiste Humaniste au Québec et Ailleurs

“Premier ouvrage bilingue à aborder aussi exhaustivement la problématique de l’art communautaire et humaniste activiste, Célébrer la collaboration réunit des témoignages expérientiels et des ana...

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Educator's Equity Companion Guide

The Educator’s Equity Companion Guide from Harmony Movement is a practical tool designed to equip educators and community service providers with the knowledge, language and skills to create more equitabl...

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Documenting Engagement: A Video Suite

A set of short films created in a project called Documenting Engagement: a community artists institute which ran in 2004. The compilation includes: Something from Nothing (Cathy Stubington), 1001 Cups of T...

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Affirming Collaboration – Community and Humanist Activist Art in Québec and Elsewhere

Focused on Quebec, this 764 page volume (half in English, half in French, with different images for each language) includes a DVD of 5 videos. "In addition to the DVD compilation entitled Documenting ...

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