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Celebrating Port Hardy through Community Arts

"During the winter of 2011, Judith Marcuse and colleagues from the Social Planning and Research Council of BC (SPARC) visited Port Hardy, BC, to work with a local group on ideas for community developm...

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Indigenous Artists' Needs Assessment Report Launch

"On Wednesday January 13th, ACI Manitoba lauched its' Indigenous Artists' Needs Assessment Report.

The Manitoba-wide survey of Indigenous artists yielded a wealth of responses which helps...

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4Cs Foundation Art Bikers Program Design and Review

"This document has been created to reflect some of the history, design and learning of the Art Bikers program. The Art Bikers program is unique in Canada and is valued and loved by the citizens of Hal...

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Toronto Arts Stats 2017

"Toronto Arts Foundation released the results of their Arts Stats 2017 in partnership with Leger. Arts Stats 2017 brings together the results from a public opinion poll and a survey of arts administra...

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Toronto Arts Stats 2016

"Toronto Arts Stats 2016 asks questions about arts engagement. For the third consecutive year, the impact of the arts on quality of life in Toronto is supported by the research results. The report tou...

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Grant Writing: Top Tips

"This video features top Grant Writing tips from local artists, community leaders, and funding representatives from across the City of Toronto, including The Real Sun, Andrea Zammit, Tre Armstrong, Ma...

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Impressions of the Impact of the Arts on Quality of Life and Well-Being in Ontario

"'Impressions of the Impact of the Arts on Quality of Life and Well-Being in Ontario', the Nanos Research report based on a random survey of 1,004 individuals, found that a large majority of Ontarians...

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Impressions de l’impact des arts sur la qualité de vie et le bien-être en Ontario

"'Selon Impressions de l’impact des arts sur la qualité de vie et le bien-être en Ontario', rapport de Nanos Research fondé sur un sondage aléatoire de 1 004 personnes, une vaste majorité d’O...

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Creative Publics Final Report (Dec 2015)

"'Can art-making foster political engagement?'

This was the question behind Creative Publics, a roving, pop-up, voter engagement project that brought together artists, students and commun...

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Report: Transforming Communities Through the Arts

"The Toronto Arts Foundation, in partnership with OCAD University, York University and community arts pioneer ArtStarts, conducted a pilot project from 2011 to 2013 to examine the importance of art in...

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New Connections Report : Newcomer Artists

"On July 14, 2011 the Neighbourhood Arts Network and Working Women Community Centre brought together artists, community workers and arts groups for a community conversation.

This document...

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Social Enterprise & the Arts

"Event Report that includes insights and resources gleaned from a Neighbourhood Arts Network event investigating social enterprise in community arts."

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