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ArtBridges Tips & Tools Series #8: Training for Artists Working with Seniors in the Deaf or Disability Communities


"ArtBridges asked the H’art Centre to share tips & tools, inspirations and reflections about their new and unique training program for artists working with seniors in the...

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Picturing Disability in Contemporary Art: First Friday Lecture by Danielle Fenn and Zana Marie Lutfiyya

By surveying portrayals of disability in contemporary art, Fenn and Lutfiyya will address the intersection of art and disability studies. Tensions exist between how the social sciences and the art world re...

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Choreographic Play: Investigating Dynamic Choreographic Engagement with all Bodies

"Choreographic Play: Investigating Dynamic Choreographic Engagement with all Bodies is informed by the burgeoning trend to include multi-ability bodies in the practice of contemporary dance. An import...

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ArtBridges Tips and Tools: Integrated Arts and Dance

"We, Heath Birkholz and Harmanie Taylor, have been given this great opportunity to share knowledge about integrated dance. We thought hard on what we each could offer for Tips and Tools about disabili...

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A statement of participant rights created by Chrysalis Advocacy Group participants on behalf of all Chrysalis participants. This statement is publicly displayed in the Chrysalis space in Calgary. Chrysalis...

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Time River Blue Mouths Infinite Absence: Madness, Grief, Art

"This thesis explores social conceptions of madness, drawing on theorists such as Tobin Siebers, Sara Ahmed, Lynne Huffer and Ann Cvetkovich, and engaging with works of art by people who have been inv...

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Deaf Artists and Theatres Toolkit: DATT

"The Deaf Artists & Theatres Toolkit (DATT) serves as a resource to increase the feasibility of collaborations between professional theatre companies and Deaf artists as well as to increase engage...

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Empowerment, quality of life and art with adults with disabilities, a descriptive analysis of an holistic arts approach

An examination of links between community arts, empowerment and quality of life for adults with disabilites.

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8 Things Everyone Needs to Know About Art and Disability

Eliza Chandler in conversation with Canadian Art; a list of eight key things to know about art, disability, and accessibility. Also includes some information about contemporary Canadian artists working in ...

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Expanding the Arts: Deaf and Disability Arts, Access, and Equality Strategy

"With the Canada Council for the Arts’ publication of the Moving Forward: Strategic Plan 2008-11, disability was named as a new area of exploration within Direction 3: Equity. Soon after, the Equity...

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ArtReach Self Care Toolkit: Caring for Yourself is a Radical Act

This guide is designed to support people who work in community with tips, stories, ideas and hands-on tools to support their emotional, psychological and physical wellbeing. Self Care is a Radical Act &quo...

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Focus on Disability and Deaf Arts in Canada

A broad overview and introduction to Canadian Deaf and Disability arts, including discussion of historical contexts, concepts and language. Also includes a listing of related organizations and associations...

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