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Allyship and Equity

"'Being an ally is not an identity, it is a process' - Sister Outsider

Over the last week the media has flooded with one name: Rachel Dolezal. An American civil rights activist who recent...

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Youth Engagement

A collection of resources that relate to youth engagement; includes allyship and involving youth in decision making.

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Artful Anti-Oppression: A toolkit for critical and creative changemakers (Vol.3: Systems)

"The arts can also be used as teaching tools to explore critical equity concepts in a way that is accessible & engaging for diverse learning styles & needs....This resource has been assembled ...

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Decolonizing Social Justice Work

This guide is a collection of reflections, stories, and tips created to ‘support organizations, facilitators, and youth working against oppression’. The guide includes sections on allyship, facilitatio...

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