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Financial Policy Checklist

"The following list details where an organization may need to review or update their policy. Whether the organization is a Policy Governing Board with senior staff or an Administrative Governing Board...

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Gestion d'un organisme : Finances et administration

Ceci est un rassemblement d'articles et ressources en lien avec la finance et l'administration (comment faire un budget, déclarer ses impôts, états financiers, rapports, reçus).

Version An...

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Financial Responsibilities for Not-For Profit Boards

"Financial Responsibilities of Not-for-Profit Boards is a self-guided workbook written for the policy governing board member who has little or no financial background....Financial tools like the budge...

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Fifteen Budget Tune-Up Tips

Tips and ideas for improving budget management.

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Artscape DIY: How Do I Pay for my Project?

Tips and resources on securing funding for a capital project. Includes an overview of the four main sources of capital funding, an operating budget template, and a list of Canadian capital funding sources ...

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Artscape DIY: Operating Budget Template

This operating budget sets out the detailed, ongoing operational costs of a project, as well as the cost of any financing (e.g. mortgage payments) being carried in the project. The Operating Budget Templat...

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Brisez la glace ! Organisation d'une ligue d'improvisation

Cet ouvrage est publié avec la participation de la Ligue nationale d’improvisation (LNI) et s’adresse tout particulièrement aux enseignants, aux élèves du secondaire et aux étudiants du postsecond...

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Collecte de fonds

"L’itinéraire à suivre pour mener à bien une activité
Mode calculatrice - Dépenses vs. Revenus
Mode communication - Les bons mots à utiliser pour garder ses contacts.
Une ton...

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