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Resonance - Culture Days Podcast Episode 1: Interview with Jean Grand-Maître, Artistic Director, Alberta Ballet

"Jean Grand-Maître, Artistic Director of Alberta Ballet is considered one of the most successful Canadian choreographers of his generation. Acclaimed for his creative programming at Alberta Ballet, J...

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May I have this dance? Teaching performing and transforming in a university-community mixed-ability dance theatre project.

"Doolittle, L. Makoloski, C. Chasse, C. Boyd, P. and Yassi, A. (2016)

“May I have this dance? Teaching performing and transforming in a university-community mixed-ability dance theatre...

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Dancing change / changing dance | Anne Flynn at The Walrus Talks

"From Enbridge Presents The Walrus Talks What is Art, Anyway? Recorded May 30th, 2016 in Calgary.

Anne Flynn, a former professor of dance at the University of Calgary, has worked as a da...

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Resources for Social Justice Education

"An important component of the Arts for Social Justice project is the creation of a teaching tool and resource for pre-service teachers that explores and elucidates how to teach civil liberties and so...

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Preparing Effective Support Material for Theatre, Dance and Performance-Based Multi and Inter-Arts

Produced for the Ontario Arts Council by Powerline Films

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Ontario Arts Engagement Study Launch

The Ontario Arts Council (OAC) commissioned the research firm WolfBrown to conduct a study of how Ontarians participate in the arts. On October 13, 2011, lead researcher Alan Brown presented h...

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Claudine Majzels Wendy Wersch Memorial Lecture

Claudine Majzels delivered her Wendy Wersh Memorial Lecture "Dance, Art & Women's Bodies" on October 4, 2009

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Social Work Through Hip Hop

"Stephen Leafloor: Social Work Through Hip Hop

Stephen Leafloor (Buddha) is dedicated to working creatively with youth around the world to empower them with a sense of control and hope in...

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Choreographic Play: Investigating Dynamic Choreographic Engagement with all Bodies

"Choreographic Play: Investigating Dynamic Choreographic Engagement with all Bodies is informed by the burgeoning trend to include multi-ability bodies in the practice of contemporary dance. An import...

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ArtBridges Tips and Tools: Integrated Arts and Dance

"We, Heath Birkholz and Harmanie Taylor, have been given this great opportunity to share knowledge about integrated dance. We thought hard on what we each could offer for Tips and Tools about disabili...

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State of the ART: A report on art for social change in Canada

"Data presented in this interim report emerges from multiple sources. Seven ASC! Project field studies, including in visual arts, dance, theatre, video and social circus, have explored a range of topi...

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Survey of the Social Impacts of Dance Organizations in Canada

"The Canada Dance Mapping Study is a multi-year study that has been undertaken on behalf of the dance field in Canada by the Canada Council for the Arts (Canada Council) with an addit...

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