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Social Circus: The Cultural Politics of Embodying "Social Transformation"

"In the later decades of the 20th century, principles of cultural democracy became prominent in discourses of community art (see Goldbard 2006; Graves 2005) in the hope that this approach could redres...

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L’art à part entière : Stratégie d’accès et d’égalité pour l’avancement des pratiques des artistes handicapés ou sourds

"Dans le document Cap sur l’avenir – Plan stratégique 2008-2011, le Conseil des arts du Canada a fait de l’appui au secteur « art et handicap » un nouveau domaine d’exploration dans le cadr...

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Expanding the Arts: Deaf and Disability Arts, Access, and Equality Strategy

"With the Canada Council for the Arts’ publication of the Moving Forward: Strategic Plan 2008-11, disability was named as a new area of exploration within Direction 3: Equity. Soon after, the Equity...

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Engaged in Learning: The Art Smarts Model

"This paper develops ArtsSmarts' theory of learning centred on the concept of student engagement.  Compiling the results of approximately a dozen internal research studies on student learning and pro...

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