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Allyship and Equity

"'Being an ally is not an identity, it is a process' - Sister Outsider

Over the last week the media has flooded with one name: Rachel Dolezal. An American civil rights activist who recent...

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Re-approaching community development through the arts: a ‘critical mixed methods’ study of social circus in Quebec


Community arts projects have long been used in community development. Nevertheless, despite many liberatory tales that have emerged, scholars caution that well-meaning organizat...

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Boundless: Deaf Artists, Artists with Disabilities and OAC

"Learn about the experiences of Deaf artists and artists with disabilities who have applied for grants or participated in juries.

Deaf artists and artists with disabilities were identifie...

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Arts Equity Video Series: Principle #1, Flexibility & Adaptability

"In this 1st video in a series of 5, learn about how flexibility and adaptability as an overarching principle to applying an arts & equity lens in your work and creative practice.


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Arts Equity Video Series: Principle #2, Reflexivity & Relationships

"The 2nd video in a series of 5 speaks to how reflexivity and relationships starts with critical self-reflection; reflecting on how our own position fits with those we aim to work with. This sort of r...

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Arts Equity Video Series: Principle #3, Relevance and Representation

"In this 3rd video in a series of 5, learn how to make art more relevant to individuals and communities. Art can be a tool for social change! Be inclusive, relevant and representative of your communit...

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Arts Equity Video Series: Principle #4, Embeddedness

"In this 4th video in a series of 5, learn how to be rooted within existing community contexts and initiatives. Consideration of community priorities and a clear benefit for participation is key!

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Arts Equity Video Series: Principle #5, Sustainability

"In this 5th video in a series of 5, learn how inclusive and mutual support can sustain individuals and collectives in community arts practices.

Visit http://www.neighbourhoodartsnetwork....

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Resampling Gender in Music Production: Community Development and Participatory Learning at Play

"This paper outlines Resampled’s mission and pedagogical approach, including its goal of working toward social justice through empowerment, community development, and participatory learning. After t...

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Figuring the Plural Report

This report is an exploration of the needs and supports of Canadian and US Ethnocultural Arts Organizations. The report is accompanied by a map of ethnocultural arts organizations, which can be accessed th...

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Northern Reflections: Looking back and moving forward for girls' empowerment

"This publication is a celebration of what girls and women are doing in their communities. Northern Reflections is an informative and inspirational tool for anyone who wants to support girls’ and yo...

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8 Things Everyone Needs to Know About Art and Disability

Eliza Chandler in conversation with Canadian Art; a list of eight key things to know about art, disability, and accessibility. Also includes some information about contemporary Canadian artists working in ...

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